Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]


I did the same myself, thinking if people had that info we would generally have enough to pinpoint at least most of the scum and win from there, although I also completely forgot what Virgin did so I’m going back to my drawing board and going from there with hopefully a rationale of sense…


It only works if the Virgin is lynched. She was killed at night, so I wouldn’t bet on us being free from killings tonight. ._.


Since we have a virgin, I could see us having a jester present as well… Um, that said, what does Snowman and Toreador do?


@Salzorrah , Tyler said he physically couldn’t speak in the thread one day, so I think Silencer is confirmed as well?

Also, TeaLeaf’s last post was 3 days ago, and they didn’t vote during the last day phase. >_>


ok so I didn’t vote last day phase because I was going to vote before I went to bed that night but then I was ill so I didn’t vote in the end. Also I’ve been busy all day today. Still kind of out of it and I don’t have anything new to add right now because my “action” is giving me no information, so I’m thinking I don’t have one. just want to go to bed right now tbh so I’m going to have a proper look at the thread at some point tomorrow.

also yeah, if I’ve understood the numbers right, doc, snowman and GS definitely shouldn’t be claiming just yet unless they’re put into a position where they need to.


[lynch] tyler

I thought about it. More slip than suss, and slips are bad. Esp. when theres still mafia around that we havent done anything about. Potentially mafia trying to get good roles, considering Toreador still exists and doc is gonna be a lifesaver when he hits right.


I don’t understand Gunner or Aaron’s thinking in that it could be “helpful to the town” to claim doc or gunsmith or snowman. The gunsmith and doc will be our greatest assets if they visit correctly. Especially the doc, I don’t see why any of us should want them exposed, unless of course we want the mafia to target them???

Maybe later when they’re in danger, which is where I agree with gunner. Considering one of the key ways to scum read someone is to see if they add nothing to what we know, as Aaron did with his back to the drawing board and added on previously with his reveal comments, I’m getting a strong mafia vibe, if not third party.

[lynch] Tyler

Also we got 32 hours if anyone is wondering


I’m gonna go ahead and [Lynch] Tyler as well.


I guess I will agree with the rest then since there aren’t any for sure leads.
[Lynch] Tyler

I finally remembered to visit as well, but I wasn’t able to gain anything from it.


Rip Desox


:> @Magipika


Sometimes I wish I could read directions more often :wobbhide:


I’m actually a little bit confused, because Desox is dead, but I’m thinking that Shiny might have been onto something (although I’m not really sure why she didn’t say if that was the case…)

If you need any more reason to lynch Tyler, I got a hint that “Tyler visited Saridlin”. Although, if you want to consider this, then you also have to invalidate the fact that Tyler said he was unable to talk if he’s a potential mafia, which means that might’ve been just something to throw us off. (smh, why is it always my long trails of deduction that get yote on)
Also don’t forget to keep the flavor text in mind, which kind of hints at that too:

Actually, you know what? I just read my own post and I think I realized something… I’ve also noticed that Sari hasn’t been saying nearly as much as last game and has been making a lot less assertions as well… I suggest that if you have a gun, shoot Tyler and get it over with. (I know that you have a gun @Kitty but I don’t know when you’re coming on) If we can learn what Tyler’s role was, I’d recommend lynching Sari. Also want to note that Sari only voted for Tyler after everyone else, looks like bandwagoning to me :thonk:

Also [Lynch] Tyler, but still want to shoot him.


Well at least your hint seems like a confirmation of a second penguin besides Desox in any case.

Though it’s never for sure whether the penguin would talk about a specific visit so I’m not really sure how your argument supports the idea that Tyler and I are mafia :0? There’s many visits that happen during a night and you happened to find out about one.

The logic is also faulty in the fact that I voted to lynch Tyler, which I doubt mafia would do so early on in the game with a good chance of town still winning? Though if you consider your thinking to apply to your own as well, your vote could also be considered bandwagoning since it was done so late after everyone else’s.

And not speaking for the most part is because I don’t have any info to discuss :sadgery:


Yeah, I wanted to clarify what I said in the beginning… Despite the Penguin being dead, I still got a hint. Two people have mentioned that there might be two penguins (well kind of but indirectly):

I’m inclined to believe that since both of these people are trustworthy, but I’ll suspend judgement on you for now. I’m only suggesting shooting Tyler because we’re going to lynch him already, and if we knew he was mafia that would open a lot of doors. Although you seem pretty defensive about you and Tyler being mafia despite you voting for him, and it’s been said plenty that if the lynch looks inevitable it’s easier just to bandwagon to make yourself look more innocent, so don’t think that’s a great defense for either of us. Even a mafia would know that not voting to lynch Tyler at this point would just look more suspicious.

And if you’re pointing out that I’m voting late, I only got home around an hour ago and I hadn’t had a chance to check everything that was said.


So let’s go over this again:


Penguin - Desox DEAD
Vigilante - Ho-Oh DEAD
Virgin - Shiny DEAD
Priest - Chura
Gunsmith - ???
Snowman - ???
Doctor - ???
Penguin? - ???
Unknown - ???


Toreador - ???
Silencer? - ???
Unknown - ???

Third Party:

Monk - Johnny DEAD
Unknown - ???

So we just lost two town, and I think we’re on to something with Aaron. It’s likely if he is lynched and is mafia that he was lying about the silencer, however, I disagree with your point on Sari if this is true. Because it simply wouldn’t make sense for a member of the mafia to visit their own right? Unless they have a role that protects or is beneficial, which there is maybe one, I think? Either way once he’s lynched you’ll have some kind of an idea as to Sari’s alignment.


I agree that it doesn’t make sense, I’m just keying in extremely hard on the flavor text, but excuse me if I seem a little biased because I stared too hard at it…

Going off of what it says, it says that “one mafia player accidentally [messed up] another one and stole their shit”, so I’m not sure why that would happen but I’m inclined to believe either one or more of these points:

  • Flavor text seems to indicate that one of the mafia is a Thief or something? I looked into roles and that seems to fit the description best.
  • It says it was an accident, but that it did happen; I’m not sure why it did, but for whatever reason one mafia messed up another’s actions, which is my reasoning behind the “not making sense” part.
  • As for the part where it says it wasn’t as big of a secret as they’d hope, that’s why I think it refers to the hint I got.

I know it seems like a lot of leaps but that’s purely going off of what I’ve seen so far, but I guess killing Tyler will show us something at least.

EDIT: Don’t want to make too many posts, but I had a few more things I wanted to say (as if there weren’t enough of them already)

  • I have had reason to believe we don’t have to worry about the third party in our mafia hunt, didn’t want to say too early in case it affected anything. (i.e. Chura won’t be converted to cult, I don’t think)
  • Noticed Sari said that “it’s never for sure whether the penguin would talk about a specific visit”. Keep in mind that Dedenne was told Day 1 that Spaget visited Sari, and Spaget confirmed, so Penguins can tell about specific visits. Don’t try to deflect it ._.


I dont think a mafia would ever target a fellow mafia since they know who they are. Best thing the fuck up would do is risk getting a cop to investigate or something similar.



THIEF DOESN’T ATTEND MAFIA MEETINGS, and it would make total sense as to why a mafia stole something from another mafia!

If that’s the case, we’re in big trouble considering Thief now knows who’s mafia, and they would be surely try and contact them secretly or something

Did anyone notice who didn’t talk the previous days?

We know that there is another penguin, with Magi confirming that, and honestly my gut feels scum towards Aaron and Sari. I honestly feel like Aaron is lying and Sari managed to target Aaron who was also scum.

I honestly think that Chura should shoot the gun at Aaron, and see what he flips.

On the off chance that she doesnt, and we just decide to lynch Aaron instead, [lynch] Aaron


Did you get that hint today? Like last night phase, just want to clarify since I’m tired.

And actually @kitty Magi is on to something and that’s a flaw in my argument. There could only be 2 mafia members who attend meetings and a third who could use their action on the members of the mafia.