Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]


I forgot that I could try to visit, so no new info from me either!


I tried to visit again but nothing happened ugh

I agree that Gunner should probably hold on to the info she has, defo sounds defensive so we wouldn’t want to tell the mafia and ruin their ability.

honestly not sure what Shiny was trying to say, other than that she now knows one or two more roles that exist? Might be helpful to know what those roles are.


I’m pretty sure I’m a vanilla so it wasn’t a meeting. I don’t want to give too much information out in fear of giving Mafia too much info. (It took me like 20 minutes on how to word my comment before correctly) But I know it wasn’t a meeting of some sort.

I need to learn how to properly reply to multiple posts but… for both you and Magi

I don’t want to give too much info out since it could hurt town with this info, but I think we might have two of the same roles. I was visited by two people. I don’t think I’m a journalist role.


This is a side note but I doubt there are any immune roles (Like Granny for example)


Don’t forget to vote guys.
There’s about 20 hours left in this phase.


Well, it seems we have 8 Townies, 3 Mafia, and a Third Party member left… we probably still have a fairly sizable advantage but it remains to see if anyone else has anything useful to add… Maybe if anyone has any ideas for that person who was (potentially) made to visit themselves in the first phase or info about the “company” mentioned, we might be able to learn stuff. I’ve still got a pretty terrible interpretation of what actually happened to Shiny but I guess if someone else understands what it means, or has anything to add to that as well?

Otherwise, nothing much left to say… as for Johnny:
Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.
rest in peace (I’m sorry it was too perfect to pass up)

(You can just highlight stuff in the original post and click Quote for that)


Does this mean you have a night action? Could be a step closer to figuring out your role.

Anyways, [Lynch] Tyler

There’s still very few leads, however there’s enough to not throw a rando out because of certain person’s roles being exposed. With the information presented, many have spoken on Day 2. Except Aaron that is. :thinking:

Could change the vote later but for now.


I’m going to hold off on my vote for now but if we don’t get any discussion from Tyler, “lynch all inactives” could play a role in my decision.


I’ll be more active later tonight to decide who I will or won’t vote for.


The hired part sounds… interesting, but it says someone hired a person, meaning said someone chose said person so no hooker?

But there’s a role that can be hired and can be found on EM, the Condottiere, or Mercenary.

idk, I’m caught off guard with the nights, so I never get to, as Glitter says “go out”. Maybe I have a helpful role. I’ll try to next night.


I’ll have another proper look but man it was sure fun to watch Day 1 and not be able to do anything :XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

@Shiny do you at least know what roles/people visited you? Right now we probably have a stack of killing/protecting roles so I imagine you or they will be safe


Also guys remember to if you can use your NAs, right now we basically have what, 3 roles that are alive and confirmed? At this rate Mafia will just have easy pickings, even if they bump into a role that hinders them.

Don’t reveal necessarily exact results but if someone’s visited you then I’d let us know, items however I’d be careful with. Vest reveals means Mafia can just avoid you and it shrinks down the pool of people to kill, guns means Mafia will definitely gun [pun intended] for you, to remove that threat.


I think only the official EM roles are included in the game, so I don’t think the Condottiere can be in it.

Were you visited by a Silencer or something, or were you just busy? If we know that a Silencer or some other suppressing role exists, that might be really useful, at least for process of elimination. O_o

(Also what’s an NA)


I will assume I was visited by the Silencer, as I physically could not speak in here.


NA = Night Action


That’s a bit interesting, because so far everyone who is left alive has spoken today… that means either the Silencer must have been roleblocked then or decided not to visit tonight for whatever reason, if we’re assuming they exist. Not sure what that means, might just be a result of random visiting/non-visiting so that doesn’t tell us much.

Despite being silenced, have you been able to learn anything from your visits?


Yep I have a pretty good idea of what they are (Thanks Magi for the quote info btw!)

Its kiiind of odd that Dedenne is voting someone each night but I can also get why so its not a huge alarm bell. Just wanted to mention that.


pfft no, I just keep forgetting to try to visit if I can. I don’t know anything about myself for now.

I don’t see much to be lynching for so :0
[Lynch] Nobody


[Lynch] Abstain

I’m seriously too ill to tactical think in mafia right now, so I’ll just place a vote here now and disappear.


Well I’ll change my vote to [lynch] abstain

And hmm a silencer in the bunch? I thought that was a third party but it’s actually one of the mafia. So we have one of the mafias roles confirmed.