Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]


Huh, that’s a little weird :0
@Glitter ?


If it is the result of roles, I looked at all of the third party roles to see if it was someone who switched alignments… if it is one of them, it’s probably because of:


  • Visits one person each night to join their alignment (village or mafia).
  • Visiting third party will give the Nomad no alignment.
  • Wins with alignment.
    Leaning towards this one because they might not have an alignment to start with.


  • Vote counts twice during the day.
  • Politician will be sided with a random side at game start.
  • The Politican switches alignments every day until N2 (D3 for Daystart/Dawnstart setups). Afterwards, he switches alignments every 1.5 days.

There’s also the Old Maid, but they cause role changes with whoever they visit, and with the anonymous role thing in place I doubt that’s in because that would be absolute chaos.
Although maybe I’m just wrong about this whole thing, maybe we’ll just have to wait and see.


I do find it weird that Shiny votes me after Chura votes me but I will give her the benefit of the doubt, and think that it’s just a coincidence.

[Lynch] no one


Yeah sorry that was a miscount, I accidentally didn’t label someone on my spreadhseet. Fixed now. There are nine town.

Also time is up.


Night One

Nobody died.

@Ho-Oh as the Vigilante


Day Two
What an interesting night that was. Several people still chose to remain indoors instead of going out and exploring, although one person at least hired some company for the evening.

Elsewhere, two people showed up at the same house. They just narrowly missed each other though. That’s okay though, on the way home one of them had an interesting encounter of their own.

Perhaps the most interesting encounter however, was that between a man of religion and god. Sadly he didn’t get to make that visit on his own terms.

Johnny is dead. He was the Monk, a Third Party role.

@Ho-Oh as the Vigilante
@Johnny as the Monk


Nobody visited me


Nobody visited me either

Also there was a vote d1, so does that mean the lynch was overridden?


More people voted to abstain.


Okay so I got some information, I don’t know if this was my doing or not, but the hint that was given to me is:

[X person] has an ability but they don’t have a visit.

I know who this person is, but considering they have an ability but don’t visit, I think it’s a defensive role (a la Granny and stuff) Idk if thats the right play, but I’m withholding that info for now.

I’m still not sure what role I am honestly.


So our penguin role seems pretty much confirmed now, given this information seems to have been dropped on two different people so far and Dedenne didn’t get any information (which rules them out of having some role similar to a Dreamer).

Frankly, I’m not sure how to feel about the results of this night. On one hand, we have a guarantee we won’t get a pseudo-mafia on our case. On the other, we are also missing out on a potential townie. I guess I’ll just say that it’s ultimately a good thing, given the finicky nature of survivor-type characters and how they tend to prefer the Mafia unless they know Town has a good chance of winning.


I feel like this will make me a target for the mafia, I was the one visited last and I know at least one if not both of the roles thanks to it.


I did not visit nor wasn’t visited nor did nothing because I cannot.


I actually forgot to put in my night action, so I have nothing new either. -.-


I didn’t get any information last night either, although I’m kind of bummed that my huge discovery just turned out to be a miscount : /

What exactly did you mean by being visited last and knowing roles, Shiny? Were you in a meeting or something, since Kitty’s the one who knows the roles of those who visited.


Bby no blobsadlife

I was meant to make a reply to this earlier, but like a lot of things today, that just didn’t happen.

So far, we have a bit more to go on yesterday but not a whole lot of discussion about it. In response to Gunner, I think for the time being you probably should hold onto that information, at least until we’ve figured out a few more roles.

@Shiny I’m a little confused about your post. How do you know about the roles and whose roles are you talking about? The vistors’ roles or your own?

I also want to try and pick apart the flavour text a bit, because there’s quite a bit to unpack here.

I’m trying to figure out what this part could mean. Immediately my mind thought someone had hired another to kill, but wondered what role could even do that. Now I’m thinking it’s the Hooker visiting someone because…you know, you hire a hooker to give you a good time :eyes: But I could be wrong, if someone thinks of a better role feel free to say so.

I’m looking at the next two paragraphs, besides the “two people showed up at the same house” part (possibly thanks to Shiny’s post), and I have no idea where to start with those.


Oops, I didn’t even think to look at the flavor text (because I didn’t know it existed >.>)

For the “hired some company” part, I suppose it could be a Hooker, initially reading it I thought it might also be a Bodyguard but I think that your idea probably sounds better.

As for Shiny, I did some research and it occurs to me that Shiny might be the journalist?


  • Visits one person every night.
  • Any system messages that person receives that night are given to the Journalist as well.
  • Sided with the village.

Or maybe the watcher or something, I don’t know… if Shiny went to the “same house” as that other person she might have learned that the person she visited received something? That would explain why she knew the roles but not necessarily what went down.

Well @Shiny, I suppose I’d ask that if you’re willing to make yourself a target, you might as well tell us what you did learn? In case you do get targeted before we learn what happened, unless what you tell us puts the other person at risk too, in which case I’m not sure what the best option is. O_o

Otherwise yeah, if there’s any more fitting roles which might match what was said then I guess mention them, I’m looking these up on the fly and I probably missed something or another when trying to learn what’s in the game or not.


Oh snap, I completely forgot about the Bodyguard. You could be right about that as well. Either Bodyguard or Hooker could work with that text.

I don’t think Shiny’s a Journalist, I thought she said she was the one visited twice?


She said she was “the one visited last”, I thought that she meant she was the second one of the two to visit, but maybe not.


Oh shit wait, my mind completely disregarded what the Journalist’s role does, you could be right. I still think she was the one who was visited twice, though.

We’d know for sure if she could specify for us angryhyperzoomeyes