Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]


So, do we know if we can vote no one? :thinking:


I would assume we could, but why did you want lynch dedenne so quickly into the game :0c


It was probably a random vote. Random votes are usually used to create discussion during the first day and to see if the person getting voted reacts in a way that makes them seem scummy.

EDIT: random votes even, not lynches


@Glitter yo

We got about 16 hours, we lost a vig.
There is likely three or four mafia members.
Thirteen Members left.

We have a confirmed Priest, confirmed Penguin, anything else?


Yes you can abstain, but it must be formatted as a proper vote.


I dunno if I’m ready to vote, yet. Besides figuring out a couple of innocent roles, there really isn’t a lot of information to work on. Imagine if Ho-Oh actually used her NA, though lmao


[lynch] glitter


Well I just did a bunch of math for nothing.

I mean it was 3 seconds but still what a waste.


I think Toreador was confirmed.


Confirmed Monk as well. Both a Monk and a Toreador visited Kitty.


Confirmed Monk, Toreador, Penguin, Priest (Kitty).

So there’s three mafia, and I would hope GP would keep Toreador mafia and not pull some townie stuff with it. So there’s possibly one.

We now have 10 hours left. 7 Townies.

[lynch] Salzorrah



Just going to throw out a rando [Lynch] Desox for now. Not sure I’ll be able to post again before EoD, busy day tomorrow.


I dunno. Going to random vote.

[lynch] Salzorrah


I’m gonna

[Lynch] No one


“I’m going random vote.”
Votes for someone already with a vote :zoomeyes:

I’ll go ahead and throw a cheeky [Lynch] Magipika


narrows eyes

[Lynch] N/A

We don’t know if there’s an investigative role beyond the penguin (where it’s up to player choice if they give what secret they have, combined with how random the hints can be), and honestly I don’t have enough information to come to any conclusions myself.

If we get any more penguin hints, it’d be a wise idea to try and share them so we get more info in the game.


not much is really known so I’ll also go with a [lynch] No one


Why would I random vote someone with no votes? Then the lynch wouldn’t happen, it’d be really pointless piling up a vote because you might as well just abstain


Why would you want a random lynch to happen? A day 1 lynch could give us valuable information, but at the same time with a set up like this, it could also take out a valuable town player and give the mafia the head start they need.


Cheeky is right :wobblurk:

I only had one question, it’s probably a dumb one, but it goes on the topic of basic math too:
The ratio is 8 Town, 3 Mafia, 2 Third Party, but there’s 14 people in the game. (Zoska, Desox, Me, Tyler, Kitty, Salzorrah, Dedenne, Fawful, Ho-Oh, Johnny, Spaget, TeaLeaf, Sari, and Shiny) I also kept in mind that the ratio of people was announced on Night Zero, before Ho-oh was announced to be dead. Is this just a math error, or is there some role that might cause this that I don’t know about? :thonk:

Anyhow, [Vote] No One.