Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]


So far i know nothing of my role. But this is a great start tho


We were supposed to do something? :thonk:

I guess I’ll just keep track of the roles for now and see what I can learn…


I don’t really have any useful information, unfortunately. All I know is that A) My role is not a killing role, and B) I was not given any information, so I know that at the very least I’m not an investigative role.


I wasnt really sure how to go about investigating or trying to act on whatever role I have, but I’ll be sure to try the next night! For now I dont know anything xD


Well I don’t know why I’m being lynched but:

I know that Spaget visited Sari last night because I was given the hint.


I’m just glad the first night wasn’t super hectic trashmonkaS32x32

I’m at a loss like everyone else. I got nothing back from my NA.

What do you mean by “the hint”? Did you visit one of them or was the message sent to you randomly?


What did you learn about me Spaget?


I didn’t learn anything. : / Yeah, what “hint” are you talking about?


But did you visit Sari like the report said? Because if you didn’t, then Dedenne got a false report or one of you is lying


I did, but as far as I know, nothing came of it.


It said that someone left me a hint. I didn’t try to visit anyone last night.

Oh and it said exactly Specifice visited Sairirididjn idk how to spell either of those but it didn’t tell me if anything came from it :thinking:


Well I tried to do something during the night but I have no idea if it did anything or not.

To me, it sounds like Dedenne was visited by a Penguin.


So it seems like Dedenne was the one to have some interesting company since they left him a hint :0?
And yea, definitely sounds like a penguin from the role description!


Are there any other roles that give hints?


Everyone had something done or seen or heard…

I’ve got nothing.


Can safely assume thered be two penguins maybe
Since penguin fucks


Well, if this helps at all I’m 99% sure I’m a vanilla.


What’s a penguin do?



A lot lol


Lots of fun stuff