Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]


Hey i gotta say something important



(if you’re Mafia, give us a hint please)

On another note, is there any role that can visit themselves or maybe another role that can make it seem that way?


Ok so basically
i know the roles who visited me


Because i got it in a pm from glitter


Any leads?


There were two people who visited me

A monk and a toreador


So a third party and a mafia role. Maybe the toreador one has something to do with visiting themselves thing.


That means you visited the toreador. Shit, they might know what your role is before you do.


I dont think thats it
I think they visited me and i know what they are


But toreador makes me visit them
Idk whta happens in that case lmfao


I think that just cancels any night action you might have tried to take? Since you visit them instead of whoever the intended target was.


Idk man i just got this info

Edit: i should really check the flavour text
Gonna check em before i say anything


Oh, how could I forget! Kitty’s the priest




Hey @everyone wanna break gp’s game by knowing ur roles



[Lynch] Dedenne


So I literally know nothing! Im useless right now!


We know three (surviving) roles! That’s a lot for Day 1 lol


Something tells me that, because of that, Kitty’s gonna get targeted. I wonder if we’ll end up getting Traitors in the process. :fufu:


Unless they also wanna know their role or something


Yeah, but for some roles doesn’t “visit” equal “attack?” I guess it all just depends on what they’ve got. :tipping_hand_woman: