Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]


Also zoska


Zos was a tricky lil one, noice


Fabricator, yo :fufu:


This game does remind me of that one game I ran on PC where the cult had all the guns and won the game that way.

That game was brought up in the mafia chat at some point so I just thought I’d remind the rest of you that Overwatch Mafia existed :’)


Man, I thought we had something genius going with the Silencer play; shame that I kinda fluffed it up a bit. Sari btw you would’ve kept been visited every night until I died, so that noone else got vests tbh.

Nicely played town, we almost got there (I wonder how it would’ve gone if Pika weren’t shot and revealed as Snowman)


Not quite understanding what you said but I assume you mean I should’ve not visited every night? I only had visited during night 3 because the previous nights i kept forgetting xD
Though I guess I can see what you mean since we also had a doctor, which means my vests wouldve really muddled with the guessing if I had actually handed them out.


Meanies killing me first night smh


Overwatch Mafia you say :eyes:


I am glad that I enabled Chura to shoot the mafia tho, having her around really made all the difference


I’m glad that my being shot enabled Chura to shoot the mafia as well, maybe I should try dying more often :’)


Yeah, with Kitty being the most obviously Town and owning all the guns I really wanted to keep her alive haha