Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]


ohh I had no idea it would’ve blocked that. should’ve gone to church lol

Not that I had any idea I was a Hooker either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




I had no hope in you guys once Magi had a burning passion to kill Sari.

But rip tealeaf gj town


@TeaLeaf who did you visit really?


N0: Gunner
N1: Specifice
and then during D2 I thought I was a role without an action because I thought something in the flavour text referred to me but obviously it didn’t
and then I did the N4 kill on Specifice

basically I got confused by the whole Johnny meeting a “man of God” thing and dying, because we weren’t choosing who was carrying out the night kills at this point so GP said he would randomise it, so I thought I’d been randomly chosen to carry out the kill and that I was a Godfather. Looking back that doesn’t really make any sense because there’s no Cop or anything that would be able to view me as inno instead of maf. Should’ve just carried on using my action just in case lol


oops I did it again

Hi I just got here, didn’t know the murdering rampage would happen while I was asleep but I guess it all worked out… I’m glad to know all of my major deductions were absolutely and completely wrong haha : P I was planning on revealing when the night was over but I never got the chance, I guess we won anyways since Kitty was armed to the teeth but welp, how could I make so many bad decisions in one game…

Turns out there wasn’t a Thief, and Sari wasn’t guilty, but I don’t know why every single time I get confirmation bias, she just seemed so sus at the time but it turns out it was just from nobody knowing what was happening. Pretty convenient that she tried to visit a potential mafia and then actually did visit a mafia on the same night as that clue, which just screwed me up for the rest of the game.

My visits were:

  • N0: Nobody because I’m dumb
  • N1: Johnny, but he died somehow
  • N2: Kitty
  • N3: Gunner
  • N4: Kitty again


Also, what do you mean by a failed visit Fawful? I got the clue that Tyler visited Sari that night I think, but I have no clue why it wouldn’t have gone through; I think you were the last Penguin alive that night anyways.

If I let Sari live next game, I’m probably going to die for it but at this point it just seems like really bad karma so I’ll try to restrain myself ;3


Man 2 penguins really made this game interesting :zoomeyes:

I thought I did a good job of seeming town, but the mafia must have taken it as if I had a power role for the town or something hehe


By a failed visit, I mean that for whatever reason my action didn’t go through even though I submitted it; I just say it’s a failed visit because I’m not sure if I got hit by a roleblock or GM dun goofed or something (there was no information regarding if it went through or not)

Anyway, that was a nice, clean game despite the insanity of being completely blind beyond Maf knowing other Maf. Kinda makes me want to play again if only because it was fun deducing what role everyone had.


Wait, I never got your snowball @Magipika

Unless you gave me Denne’s doll, which I did @Glitter


I gave you the doll because I thought I was drawing too much attention to myself, I didn’t know the doll overrode the snowball though so that’s interesting…


I got a snowball hmmm


But I never visited you Spaget, how in the world did that happen… :thonk:

I guess the defining feature of this game was cluelessness anyhow :’)


I’m going to do another one soon.


It didn’t, I think your PM only said to pass the doll? Unless I misread it or something which is entirely possible.


Yours was fake, thank Zoska.


Huh, I thought that passing the doll was synonymous with visiting so I couldn’t give a snowball to someone without passing the doll as well, I didn’t know I only passed it although I still don’t know where Spaget’s snowball came from.


ohhhhh we were supposed to visit the church :V

Welp, all I have learned is to never play a game with magi in it >:0 jkjk
what an odd last day that I was alive though, at least the investigation of me led to mafia deaths :fufu:


I like how I threw Sari under the bus, and even when I was revealed as mafia, you guys still decided to off her. If she was really a Thief, I wouldn’t have bothered saying anything and destroying her only piece of defence joycancer


Actually I think I got another gun from Sari that same night since she was a BS
Uhhh my only weird thing was in N1 I received TWO guns so that’s why I thought there was two of the same roles (GS) Can someone explain?

GG everyone btw<3