Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia [Game Over]


Well, I’m not sure if snowballs send public messages, but we do have a Snowman so that might be the roleblocker, but maybe we have another as there’s still one unknown Mafia role and one unknown Town role to my knowledge.

I’m still not actually sure who has a gun, I don’t think I do but the sooner we deal with the mafia the better…

As for who we have right now:


Penguin - Desox DEAD
Vigilante - Ho-Oh DEAD
Virgin - Shiny DEAD
Priest - Chura
Gunsmith - ???
Snowman - ???
Doctor - ???
Penguin? - ???
Unknown - ???


Toreador - Tyler DEAD
Thief - Sari?
Unknown - ???

Third Party:

Monk - Johnny DEAD
Creepy Girl - Dedenne DEAD


Thief!Sari makes sense to me. I agree with Spaget, if we’re that sure about it and anyone has a gun we could shoot this day phase. We should probably give her a chance to defend herself first though.

I reckon I’m this role without a night action that Fawful mentioned, as nothing has happened when I’ve tried to use an action for the entire game. Either that or my action isn’t entirely obvious when it’s used. Idk.


I still don’t quite see how I’m thief :0c since I was never notified about having any sort of alignment, so I had assumed town as Glitter stated in the beginning of the thread


See, that’s the thing with Thief.


  • Visits one person every night.
  • Steals a random item from that player.
  • Cannot steal sheriff/deputy guns.
  • Does not attend mafia meetings.
  • Sided with the mafia.

You wouldn’t be notified of any sort of alignments because you never attend any meetings. And in a scenario like this where no one knows their roles, I can’t imagine GP taking this opportunity to mess with the town and the mafia.

That kinda blows your defence out of the window wesmart


Sari said she visited zoska
Flavour text says mafia fucked each other up
Penguin said aaron visited sari / or other way around

I have my own gut feeling, and i have the gun to prove it. Oh yeah, also a gunsmith and a doctor visited me. Again. :’)



Kitty pointed the gun at Zoska and fire without hesitation. Zoska never even saw it coming.

Zoska, the Fabricator, is dead. They were aligned with the mafia.


Fabricator, huh? I was wondering what all that hubbub about “extremely devout” meant but who knows…

At this point I don’t know who Sari visited but if all of that led to Zoska being discovered, I guess that’s all for the better…

[Lynch] Sari

Actually, what does this mean? Sari visited somebody but I’m not really sure who’s the real culprit anymore, especially since Zoska said some stuff about Thief last as well. It still sounds like the Thief is in but if majority says lynch Sari then I guess we might as well see, after all at this point we have six Town left and one Mafia so we’ve got plenty of options.


Sari is definitely confirmed Thief now. (srsly thats just like triple bamboozle from the mafia)

Either we could lynch Sari now, or @Kitty shoots Sari, either way, the game ends.

[lynch] Sari


Nice shot.

Zoska would have known that there was a mafia sided role out there that wasn’t in the mafia meeting (because there would have been two mafia in their chat at the start instead of three), but honestly with the strength of the case against Sari I wouldn’t be surprised if she was throwing Sari under the bus. I guess that backfired really hard for the mafia.

Well, I’ve got to go to work soon so I’ll just leave this here: [Lynch] Sari


Wow, good one Kitty!

[Lynch] Sari


That was a damn good play!

[Lynch] Sari


Night Four

Saridlin, the Blacksmith, is dead. They were a aligned with the Town.

@Desox as the Penguin
@Tyler as the Toreador
@Dedenne as the Creepy Girl
@Ho-Oh as the Vigilante
@Johnny as the Monk
@Saridlin as the Blacksmith
@Shiny as the Virgin


Day Five
Everyone but one person attended church that night… given their profession though, fair. Whether that will lead to mass enlightenment or greater confusion, only time will tell. One very important person never made it back home after.

Specifice, the Doctor, is dead. They were aligned with the Town.

@Zoska as the Fabricator
@Desox as the Penguin
@Tyler as the Toreador
@Dedenne as the Creepy Girl
@Ho-Oh as the Vigilante
@Johnny as the Monk
@Specifice as the Doctor
@Saridlin as the Blacksmith
@Shiny as the Virgin


@Magipika @Wrath-o-Los @TeaLeaf

I think that we’re at the stage of the game where we need to claim who we visited.

I’ll reveal mine later…

@Kitty who were the people who visited you?



I wont reveal what the penguin said just yet
I do agree that a role reveal is in order


Ok so I actually know more about my role than I’ve been letting on. Wanted to make the mafia think I was something insignificant. Here are my visits so far:

N0: Johnny
N1: Dedenne
N2: Kitty
N3: Specifice
N4: Kitty

I’m sure you can tell what I am just from that list.


Also, we cant forget about the reads. (Mafia without reads? Preposterous–)

Who do you people think is the final maf?

@TeaLeaf @Salzorrah @Magipika @Wrath-o-Los


I know exactly what my role is, and unfortunately for my ability to verify, it’s Penguin number 2. However, given my actions, I believe Desox either got the world’s worst luck with Snowman or was just simply not playing.

N0 - Dedenne
N1 - Gunner
N2 - Magipika (failed)
N3 - Zoska
N4 - Kitty

In all honesty, the only reason I didn’t roleclaim earlier is because I felt like I’d get nightkilled the very moment I opened my mouth.

In all honesty, while I’m willing to believe TeaLeaf, at the same time (IIRC) we didn’t have a gun beyond Kitty’s go off, and it’s fairly easy to fakeclaim because of that. Final Maf would have to be either Salzorrah or TeaLeaf from what I know as a result, unless we have the (very unlikely, at this point) factor that Kitty is a Gramps (knows the role of anyone who targets them; I only know what Gramps is after I looked at a couple roles on EpicMafia on my free time).

Just to confirm, are there any town roles that let you know what roles visited you at night?


Wait @Wrath-o-Los, how do you know you failed Magi’s visit?

Also, I’m apparently the Gunner (aka Gunsmith) :eyes:

N0 - Johnny
N1 - Shiny
N2 - Chura
N3 - Chura
N4 - Chura

Ngl, I thought I was the Doctor, just because Johnny and Shiny didn’t claim their guns the day after, and I thought I knew more about the game than any of you… (also it wouldve been so funny if I was considering Johnny and Shiny died the night after I visited them)

Here’s the thing, the problem we have is that there’s no real way of verifying who’s telling the truth, unless Chura’s penguin hint has more to give.

I’ll check the past posts for more, but scumreads on TeaLeaf and Magi


I’m pretty sure Kitty is pretty much a confirmed Priest - that’s also what I think the “going to church” and “extremely devout” flavour text is about.

I think Fawful and Gunner’s claims add up, so looking at Magi as the last maf right now, unless they make a good cc.

btw I’m claiming Snowman not GS @Wrath-o-Los :snowman: