Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 3 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 3 [Game Over]


You say don’t mind your messy writing, but it’s kind or hard not to… xD but I see one flaw at first glance that might have been overlooked…

Desox was Town, but he was the Bomb. He may have tried to visit Desi, but if they don’t have an NA I don’t think it does anything.


But Desi would be informed tho that a Bomb visited him even if it does nothing tho?


Also Magi did you receive ANY benefit on the second night phase (which would be… N1)?


While Town may not be told whether they have night actions or not, what each person is allowed to do is ‘attempt’ to carry theirs out, but it probably wouldn’t count as a visit.


^ How the fuck can bomb visit?


@Glitter are you allowed to reveal if the bomb’s NA choosing someone counts as a visit?


I already asked him this shit when rabi died and desox claimed he visited me and I thought there were 2 drunk


When you say ‘benefit’, do you mean did anything happen to me? Nothing got sent to me by PM, no… Spaget never said anything good or bad happened to her between D1 and D2 either, I think.

What’s a Gunslinger


It would be nice to see the answer publicly though.

Okay damn. Trying to figure out my role. If we have another mafia shooting role I could be Gunslinger and that gun would not be fabbed?


But yeah going to wait for gp’s PUBLIC reply. :slight_smile:


Since you have gone from that much reading and trouble I don’t think you’re mafia xD


In case you shoot gunner and he dies and flip as town tag me pls…I might not be able to get back in time I got some stuff.

Edit: idk why you’re stressing on that much, I asked if priest should reveal as in me asking you bitches if I should reveal. You guys said no so I didn’t


It’s as it says in the OP. Any person can attempt to visit.
Also Desi please, you’ve known Gunner for literally years how do you not know she’s a she.


Ho-oh’s explanation is definitely messy, and while I do think the Desox claim is kinda shaky at best, however, there is one thing that stood out for me in what Ho-Oh said, and proves that 100% that Desi is lying.

We assumed that Aaron visited the Priest. Desi claims priest (and is sure of it since he got a confirmation from GP), but Aaron roleblocks the person, because he was the Drunk. We know that the Drunk’s action got through because of this:

Which means Priest should NOT have gotten a confirmation from GP. His play also aligns with what I said about Magi before Ho-Oh came, in that he knows I’m an easy lynch. He can easily sway Magi and Ho-Oh to vote for me. It all makes sense.

Yeah, whatever you do @Ho-Oh , do NOT shoot that gun.

[vote] Desinishon


I mean, technically speaking, the way the Priest works is that they visit themselves, but they learn of the roles that visit them. The Priest’s visit doesn’t actually do anything, so perhaps it didn’t actually prevent him from seeing the roles of others? It’s hard to find any other explanation for what “the church” is, though…


Yeah, they visit themselves, but Drunk can still block the action of visiting themself. He shouldn’t have gotten a notification from GP.


Fuck gender bs I always mix that up.
Drunk action never went through since mafia killed him.
I know for sure now you’re last mafia gunner. Please guys believe me I’m priest. I’ll commit seppuku if I turn out to be mafia/tp and this is classic me. I never lie when I use weeb slang. I literally stole someone’s laptop and they’re chasing me while I’m typing this.

I’m telling the truth. Trust me HO-OH. That’s all I can say. Good night



Time’s up


Night Three
One way or another, this night will determine everything.

Desinishon, the Priest, is dead. He was aligned with the Town.


@Dedenne as The Trickster

@Zoska as The Associate

@Shiny as The Bodyguard

@Specifice as The Journalist

@Johnny as The Gramps

@Conos as The Virgin

@Salzorrah as ???

@Desinishon as The Priest

@vulgar as The Vigilante

@Desox as The Bomb

@Tyler as The Drunk

@Magipika as ???
@Ho-oh as ???




Sorry it’s late, post coming.