Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 3 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 3 [Game Over]


Day Three
Getting a gun didn’t help the Trickster much, he was still defenceless against the murderous ambush that awaited him beyond his door.

The giver of that gun didn’t have a great night either. She burst into the home of her prey, only to find him smiling sedately. He pressed a button and his house exploded in a blazing fireball.

Dedenne, the Trickster, is dead. He was aligned with the Town.
Desox, the Bomb is dead. He was aligned with a Town.
Zoska, the Associate is dead. She was aligned with a Mafia.


@Dedenne as The Trickster

@Zoska as The Associate

@Shiny as The Bodyguard

@Specifice as The Journalist

@Johnny as The Gramps

@Conos as The Virgin

@Salzorrah as ???
@Desinishon as ???

@vulgar as The Vigilante

@Desox as The Bomb

@Tyler as The Drunk

@Magipika as ???
@Ho-oh as ???


Well, shit


I blame Sophie


First off, we know now that the Vig wasn’t the cause of the 2nd death, just because the deaths still kept on going.

We can infer from the phase post that Zoska gave Dedenne the gun, and it does seem that Zoska was the one who maf killed Desox, who killed Zoska as well.

There’s also the fact that there is still the potential of Priest being in the game, yet no one has come forth. I personally think this might be the right time for them to reveal, considering there are only 4 of us, but there is that possibility that no one has visited the Priest, or flavor text has screwed us.




Wow, that was chaotic :dyinglol:

Five people dead in 24 hours, three of them Town and two of them Mafia, and none of them lined up the way we’ve been expecting it to. Neither Johnny nor Zoska were saying a ton before they died so there’s no obvious clues of who they sided with or against, but both of the victims of inactivity that the suspicion was on ended up being Town… so where do we start?

I guess I don’t see vulgar visiting everyone randomly, but if the Vig wasn’t the one responsible for the killings, do we have a Hitman as the last Mafia or some sort of TP Killer role? Although I heard some people suggesting that the Hooker was in the game, which would make some sense with the presence of the Drunk and that flavor text way back.

I don’t think I’m the Priest, but this Day Phase hasn’t given any hints to what the remaining roles might be up to, and my NA’s don’t seem to have been doing anything. Nobody I’ve ever visited has ever said anything either, so that’s anyone’s guess.


The fuck lol

Ok so…

Are we sure there is no fab in this game?


I’m fuckin priest. Why the fuck you guys hate god so much, fuckin visit the church you bitches


How are you sure you’re the Priest tho? Who visited you the past days?


Rabi visited me the day he died. No one else visited me beside that. I got confirmation when gp sent me you were visited by drunk.


I think it’s a tp killing role, I don’t think gp will make mafia that strong with hitman. But it is possible.

Who did you targeted?

But since you weren’t even included in game previous or informed that means you may be town. Still you clapped back fast on Day 1 even though you weren’t informed.

Idk about gunner like everyone pointed out they are repetitive. Magi seems like they were scum hunting from day 1.

I’m scum reading gunner. If I’ve to vote I’ll vote for them.

From my perspective, I’m only town and you 3 are unknown. But from other town perspective if they trust me then they have to choose from only 2 people. So chances of them hitting mafia/tp are more than me. So pls trust me and look for scum.

2t vs 1m vs 1tp ( in worst case scenario, it might not be possible 'cause even if we hit mafia, tp will kill town and win, vice versa)
3t vs 1m
3t vs 1tp
That’s what we going for.


I’m pretty sure there’s no Fabricator in this game. The only person who we’ve seen to be giving out items is the Trickster, which has its counterpart in the Associate, so I don’t think they’d make another false-item giving role. I feel like it would make the most sense for the last one to be the Hooker because of the flavor text. So far I’ve visited Dedenne and Johnny (although I forgot last night because I was kinda busy) but from what it seems neither of them ever indicated that they ever got anything, or at least if it had any effect it wasn’t obvious.

If you’re the Priest, and Nica is something? I guess it’s pretty obvious who I think is sus anyways. It might be a little bit personal because your post took mostly from what I said, and when you weren’t doing that you seemed just kind of uncertain…

Just kind of sounded like you were trying to draw out information, but weren’t quite sure how to do it. You, Zoska, and Johnny also all seemed to be pretty sure that Desox was scum when Dedenne called him out, and although he wasn’t really doing himself any favors we know now that he was Town, so that might be something.

Anyways, [Vote] Salzorrah… if you wanted organize your thoughts then maybe you shouldn’t have copied others to do so.


N0 Specifice, N1 Magipika… N2 was going to be Dedenne but I forgot.

And last night I recieved a gun sooo that’s why I was asking about fabricator being in the game.


At this point it’s most likely to be an Associate gun, if I’m counting correctly, because as the Trickster you can give an item randomly to any random person; since two possible (or three if you can visit yourself) targets could have gotten the item and died with it, and even then there’s only a chance it would be a gun anyways.

In all likelihood Zoska just passed on her last possession to someone who she thought would have a chance of living, seeing as she targeted Desox last night. If it is an Associate’s gun, then the way it works is it only works on non-Mafia members and hits a ‘vest’ if it is shot at Mafia. You can try it out but I don’t think you’ll die from it?

Oh yeah, and nothing happened to me and I didn’t get anything N1, so if that helps narrow anything down…


It wasn’t the Associate’s gun. Zoska gave the gun last night to Dedenne right here:

Now, before anything else, this information may have come too late now, but w/e, I have a single-use night action. I was informed by GP at the start, and I haven’t used it on anyone, and the reason why I haven’t brought it up earlier is simply because I thought that mafia would make me a target knowing that I have a night action that is single use. Take that as you will, but this honestly tells me that I couldn’t be the Hooker, if that was you’re implying.

It’s such a predictable answer from me, but I honestly find Magi to be pretty suss. The major reason why is because I was basically parroting him? I suggested that we should reveal just so we could get information, and hopefully everyone would know their corresponding actions or something, but I was hesitant because of maf, and I doubted that people would follow through on that. It’s also noteworthy that you decide to choose me just because I was the most “scumtell” out of everyone, it’s like it’s an easy lynch imo. But the biggest thing for me that sets all my red flags is that you fail to address that there were still 2 kills today (3 because of bomb), one from mafia, and one from what we assume is TP (which is still alive). You said that Desi is Priest, and Ho-Oh is w/e. So who do you think made that second kill?

I’m also suggesting we should still be wary of Ho-Oh. The only reason why we think she’s town is because of meta reasons, and even so, it was GP forgetting to put her on the list. She has a role at the start, just like everyone is, and with only 4 of us, we should atleast keep the spotlight on everyone.


I thought Dedenne could have potentially been given the Associate’s gun potentially a different night, but looking at that a little harder I could’ve misinterpreted it. I’d still try to be careful though.

You’re saying that having a single-use action is grounds for not being the Hooker? An odd defense, although maybe that’s more grounds for suspicion than I thought. Looking back, the first people to propose the Hooker theory were Desi as a hypothesis, but then Johnny (as Gramps) doubled down on that as one of the few things he said; why would he be so sure of that when it’s just more information on the Mafia? And in fact, agreeing there was a Hooker was one of the few things you didn’t copy from me. I feel like we might’ve been duped about the whole Hooker business entirely.

In retrospect, that line might well have meant that someone tried to kill Aaron when he roleblocked them; there were only two deaths on Day One, but we’ve confirmed that there’s still two killers and vulg would’ve been checking whether his NA did anything, so what accounts for that death?

The only one-use action we’ve seen in prior games is the Strongman, if I recall, but otherwise Town has never had any. If there’s only one Town role we don’t know anymore, and none of the others have been single-use, only visiting or non-visiting, I highly doubt that GP only gave them that privilege. So actually, with this clarified, I think that’s even more affirmative for me.

Are you telling me I shouldn’t go after people I find scum? If you need any reminders, I was the one that thought you were scum to start with, which is what brought it to Dedenne’s attention because it was odd behavior. Unless you just want inconsistency from me, so you can call me out on that instead.

With regards to the TP Killer, I think I’d be more concerned with the Mafia tbh, because unless the TP is the Autocrat, Town still wins if they lynch Mafia, and we can only lynch one person. Your insistence on drawing attention away attention from Mafia and being sus of everyone but the confirmed Priest just looks like you’re backed into a corner to me.

EDIT: Oh, and about your request for information, before you knew Trickster’s visits were random, you seemed awfully concerned with knowing who visited who. It’s kind of obvious that Mafia had the most to gain from that, because it would narrow down Mafia’s idea of who the Trickster was to one or two people, but narrow Town’s pool of suspects to… everyone who was visited? And that would only help us target one Mafia, if you believed what you were saying, but Johnny corrected you on that conveniently fast.


@Ho-Oh shoot gunner…if he is mafia, he will not die and we will lynch him. If he is really town and dies then we will have 2 townies alive ( me, you) against 1 mafia aka magi…

If we mislynched today mafia will win. So this seems best case scenario.


Are we SURE it isn’t fabbed though? Like 100%?

Honestly I get a feeling Salzorrah is TP and either you or Magi are the remaining mafia. So… idk. :confused:


Yes we are



Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how the game was played.
I know now.

[vote] Desinishon

@Magipika @Salzorrah you’re hunting the wrong person.

The he gun is fabbed. I don’t care how. But I KNOW Desi is scum. There may not be a priest! :slight_smile:
Here’s why (don’t mind my messy writing in notepad):
aaron visited mafia n0
specifice visited shiny
vulgar visited conos or shiny, canas was better, note, tell canos. conos. w/e.
desi sus?
hooker is not in the game
one time usage is informed CONV maybe
shiny protected someone mafia targeted???
salzorrah sus
desox visited self
salzorrah = lover = NOT my lover??
prophet nah that’d be silly
paralyzer gp ain’t that crazy
areeee these roles even real or is this wiki stupid
gotta be strongman yo
dude this awful list doesn’t even HAVE hooker lol
desi might be maf
aaron visited desi next night … which means desi was roleblocked if he WAS preist
vulgar killed aaron
specifice mafia
zoska faking priest
“If you guys agree with this I think priest should reveal since there is a chance that doctor is in game.” hmm yea sus af
well dude WHY are you so sus, no CC
there’s defo a priest
desi is cleared.
magi vs salzorrah

“Rabi visited me the day he died. No one else visited me beside that. I got confirmation when gp sent me you were visited by drunk.”