Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 3 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 3 [Game Over]


Ummm so…

I don’t know if I’m actually in this game or not lol? @Glitter

I wrote in earlier in the thread but I don’t see myself in any of the phase change posts…

I only just realised and this is confusing y’all :frowning:


Actually yeah I think he skipped me based on his tag order lmfao…

So going to assume I’m now going to become vanilla as there’s literally no other role left for me.



I definitely agree with Johnny in that Spaget has a great likelihood of visiting Shiny. I feel like it’s in her nature to do that.

I also rechecked the D1 flavor text and I think I understand more of what happened.

We now know it was Aaron (who was the Drunk) who did this. Interestingly, he targeted someone who also targeted Aaron, and by the wording “fuck them over”, I’m guessing it was the Hooker? I’m not sure.

Safe to say this was Spaget reporting on Shiny.

I don’t think someone addressed this yesterday, but I think one of the kills wasn’t intended for Shiny, and Shiny protected them.

Now for the next day:

A joker tried to wandered into mafia territory and left a present behind.

I’m guessing we have a Trickster, and they targeted Mafia? It does fit with the description.

I actually don’t know what this means tho.

Aaron probably visited the Priest? That probably means we do have one, and they know now that they are it.

That’s what I understand.

I don’t agree that Priest should out just yet, not until they have more roles to reveal? Idk, we shouldn’t risk it just because none of us are sure that the doc is even in the game.


That’s a pretty big post, but it’s filled with a lot of stuff that’s already been said… Don’t tell me you don’t read my walls of text either : P

If you think the Priest should reveal solely because there might be a Doctor in game, no. We’re not going to have another one of these loose hypothetical “if I were a Virgin” situations again, and the fact that there seems to be two killers in no way confirms that. Keep in mind that the Priest would be the most likely to know if there were a Doctor, so I’d say leave it up to them for now because it all depends on how much information they’ve collected, just like a Cop.

As for Shiny, I’m still not 100% sure what happened… it could’ve been that Shiny happened to visit the victim as a Bodyguard and died as you proposed, which would make N1 the first Vig kill, or they both died to individual killers both times. That would make the term ’heroic sacrifice’ make less sense, but it feels more likely, so I don’t know.


Shiny probably protected Spaget, Spaget likely reported on Shiny. It’s the same old same old probs.

It’s known we either have a vig, or a third party killing role, or a mafia aligned killing role, like the Hitman. I feel like the vig should know they’re the vig by this point, so they either don’t pay attention to details, and are therefore posting little, or they’re the hitman or another killing role that doesn’t give a damn.

Anyways, Desox and Vulg still aren’t here again.

Also, gr10 thing here, Ho-Oh didn’t know if they were in the game. Because they weren’t @ed. GP clarified in the discord channel she is. So unless she’s evil and conniving, which she really isn’t. She’s not mafia. Actually, last DCYOM I got a message when I was TP, so she wouldn’t be TP either. Like I said, unless she somehow accounted for us noticing that and “clearing her” as a mafia strategy, she has to be confirmed town.

Gunner: Repetitive
Me: Inactive
Magi: Town
Desox: Possible Scum
Vulg: Less possible scum, more likely inactive perhaps???
Johnny: town probably
Desi: idk
Zoska: Town

Hmmm we don’t have a bunch of time so for now,
[vote] Desox


lmao Dedenne is scum again. I visited Desi last night.

[vote] Dedenne


Wait, I’m slow and haven’t been paying attention. How is Dedenne scum from just you visiting Desi when we don’t know our roles? :thonk:


Well I voted once again to see how quick you’d respond and that was decently fast for someone so inactive.

Saying I’m scum is quite a quick to the trigger response when none of us know our roles and my reasons for finding you the most scummy are quite legitimate.


“Me: Inactive” :dyinglol:

I saw the words “how quick you’d respond” and I thought I was in the wrong thread for a second… The return vote seems mostly retaliatory, but he’s said almost nothing (besides a meme) before that despite seeming to have put in NA’s? We unfortunately just don’t know that much, but besides inactivity there’s not many scum leads to go on at all.


Townies don’t usually retaliate in a vote against someone. If they do, they offer a defense as to why its weird for someone to vote against them. Desox did none of this.

And then he just calls me scum for voting him, I probably won’t be changing my vote this round.


I’m supposed to give a defense on why I was inactive? You and others know the answer.

The Desi comment had nothing to do with a defense, it was just what I could give at the moment; and the you’re mafia was a joke. Because you’ve been mafia for the last 50 games or so.

Your post is flawed much more than this. How is vulg “less scum more likely inactive perhaps”? Specially when there’s a clear reason I’m inactive. Care to explain? And Gunner’s repetitive but you’re not pressuring Gunner are you?

Townies don’t usually retaliate in a vote against someone. If they do, they offer a defense as to why its weird for someone to vote against them.

This literally happens all the time what are you on.


OMGUS votes are anti-town at best. Gotta agree with Dedenne, here. Calling out inactive people is a pro-town move in my eyes.


Though, Desox has a point about Vulgar. I’ll [Vote] Vulgar


Ngl your vote post made it seem like you were sure that Dedenne is scum, and I was confused as to how you visiting Desi made a connection to you knowing Desi was scum.

As for me being repetitive, I’m trying to be clear and arrange all the thoughts I have for this game. The more I try to piece together what’s happened, the more informed my decision would be. What you think of me, I don’t know, but what’s for certain is that someone visited mafia last night, and whoever it is, they are the trickster. I’m actually thinking if it’s a good idea if we reveal who we visited last night or not. I’m probably thinking not, there’s a high likelihood of maf finding out who the trickster is, but idk.


Trickster visits are random.


o shit yea you’re right. I thought Trickster only gives out a random item to someone they target, didn’t realize the target is also random. Well, that makes things harder.


Sorry idk?

Johnny said desox has point against vulgar but what point?

Is this the one?

They’re going to get removed from game regardless if they didn’t vote today. If they indeed come back with some argument that’s another thing.

I can understand his retaliation vote but whether anyone sees it as a little soft defense by magi or not, I see it as that

Other thing here is magi putting emphasis on only lead we got “inactive player” which I think is true.

Since Dedenne is sus of desox I don’t see them as maf buddy.

Idk about johnny, OMGUS is anti town and Calling inactive is pro town, doesn’t they cancel each other out since desox did both of them :kappa:

Still desox is out of smoke.

Idk what to think of gunner…Sophie is only looking town to me.

All of you fuckers are hard to read.

Just placeholder vote.

if they come back with something I may change my vote. If not then instead of a mislynch, we voted a person off who was getting removed. Hopefully we will have some kind of info next day.


He did not. You misunderstood so much that I don’t even feel like addressing it.


Well I was right at least for the first part xD I think I misunderstood his reply to ded saying Vulg being inactive is much less scummy as his take on another inactive player.



Vulgar, the Vigilante, is dead. He was aligned with the Town.
Johnny, the Gramps is dead. He was aligned with a Mafia.

@Dedenne as ???
@Zoska as ???

@Shiny as The Bodyguard

@Specifice as The Journalist

@Johnny as The Gramps

@Conos as The Virgin

@Salzorrah as ???
@Desinishon as ???

@vulgar as The Vigilante

@Desox as ???

@Tyler as The Drunk

@Magipika as ???