Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 3 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 3 [Game Over]


Unless Tyler, Desox or vulgar have any info for us, we’re kinda in the dark here…


They wouldn’t report on it either way.

Issue is, it’s kind of hard to get a read on people with inactivity.

I feel if Aaron was mafia he’d be talking though, he’d also be notified when the phase changed.

Desox and Vulg idk. Never played as mafia with them. But we shouldn’t expect anyone to bring any information, only faults in phrases and such.

Editing in: [Vote] Desox


[Vote] Vulgar



[Vote] Dedenne

It’ll balance out.

I tried visiting myself to test the effects of the visit, but got nothing.


Just gonna leave this to chance, cuz I’ve got no reads.

[Lynch] Tyler


Ok [vote] Magipika as a random one.


Hmm this is problematic

Im town and I don’t want to die but I’m fine with it left to chance, but maf can sneak a vote in anytime.

@glitter I can’t tell how much time we have left. If any. It seems we are in overtime by a bit but perhaps I’m calculating wrong. If I’m calculating right though you should give an established time for the phase Chang e when you get on and don’t simply just end it.


Tbf, if Maf does decide to hammer down, there should atleast be one of us to offset that.

Also [vote] Ho-oh. Mostly because of hunch, but theres no basis for it.


If I had any hunches, somebody’s already voted for them at this point… so I’ll just random vote as well.

[Vote] Desinishon


I haven’t heard anything, so I got like, zero information.


Even though ded hadn’t sent any NA last night they seem desperate for some reason to not get lynched. Idk it seems that way to me.

[Vote]Zoska just random voting like everyone.


Aye aye aye, a random vote when we’ve just lost two Town, meaning we could be 4 down by Day 2? Sad times.

[Vote] Abstain - doesn’t say I cant so…


I didn’t knew we can abstain… If we can I would also [Vote]Abstain

Rather than random voting and hunch we should just abstain.



Nobody died. Yeah, fuck that guy.

@Dedenne as ???
@Zoska as ???

@Shiny as The Bodyguard

@Specifice as ???
@Johnny as ???

@Conos as The Virgin

@Salzorrah as ???
@Desinishon as ???
@vulgar as ???
@Desox as ???
@Tyler as ???
@Magipika as ???


Time’s up


A joker tried to wandered into mafia territory and left a present behind. Maybe they wanted to appease them while nobody was home?

A drunk visited his church’s AA program but never made it home.

Meanwhile, someone finally put an end to unwanted snooping.

Tyler, the Drunk, is dead. He was aligned with the Town.
Specifice, the Journalist is dead. She was aligned with the Town.

@Dedenne as ???
@Zoska as ???

@Shiny as The Bodyguard

@Specifice as The Journalist

@Johnny as ???

@Conos as The Virgin

@Salzorrah as ???
@Desinishon as ???
@vulgar as ???
@Desox as ???

@Tyler as The Drunk

@Magipika as ???


I can’t tell if this is hinting at a Priest, hinting at a Driver, or both blobthinkingglare


A Priest has been making regular appearances in the DCYOM games, so that’s probably confirmed. The fact that a ‘joker’ is giving out gifts to mafia makes me think of possibly a Trickster as well? That would make sense in DCYOM but that means anyone could be getting items at this point.

You guys were suggesting we had a Vig yesterday, but if that’s the case then either they still didn’t know their role, or they didn’t learn their lesson. We might also be looking at some sort of Mafia or TP killing role, but with all of these Town deaths it’s not easy to tell. It’s certainly not helping, that’s for sure :wobblurk:

I suppose this means that Spaget must’ve been the ‘reporter’ yesterday and visited Shiny or Canas, which means we might not even have a Cop in this game. The flavor text must’ve been pretty vague though if she didn’t know what she was, either that or she interpreted the system messages she got as her own, apparently Journalist gets those. I guess that would make Aaron the bar-goer as well.

Heck, at this point the only way we can learn our roles at this point may be flavor text and the Priest, but with Shiny as a dead Bodyguard would it even be safe to reveal? If they die before revealing though, we might never know. Despite not lynching yesterday we might still be in a lot of trouble, especially because we’re not getting a lot to go off of besides our dead Town members.


That hint from last day phase was definitely about Spaget. It’s not hard to see Spaget visiting Shiny :dyinglol:


If priest reveal and mafia killed them at night then whoever killed them have 50% chance of turning into traitor. Even if priest dies, they will lose a mafia member but it all comes down to luck.

With bodyguard, I don’t think there is doctor but if there are indeed 2 faction who are killing and not a town vig then there may be a chance of doctor being around. And I don’t think vig will not know they’re killing people after 2 Nights.

What do you guys think about this ^

If you guys agree with this I think priest should reveal since there is a chance that doctor is in game.