Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 3 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 3 [Game Over]


Jesus, what a start for Town :wobblurk:

I haven’t got any info on my attempted NA, so I’m gonna assume I don’t have one. "-.-


Gonna immediately stop you there and say not all role NA’s will give you a report back.

It’s the third game, c’mon :dyinglol:


Well that’s what I meant is that nothing comes mind when I read the flavor text for clues about it.


tfw the game I die n0 is my greatest contribution to town


Looks like we won’t be having any “if I were a Virgin” situations this time around… it looks like Canas won’t be dying from a D1 mislynch but that might’ve helped us in this situation xD

I didn’t get any flavor text myself, but I’ve started to learn that not a lot of roles do from the past, but I did get some stuff from the phase post. Looks to me from “the bar” that we might have a Drunk in this game, and they visited someone who targeted them which is coincidence indeed… and it appears we might have a Cop trying to visit dead people too :eyes:

Shiny’s sacrifice may not be as helpful as it was intended to be, unfortunately… we have no idea how many Mafia or TP or killing roles there are, and since she can’t say who she visited someone might not even know they killed on accident. So overall a night of good and bad luck alike.

Since everyone’s still working on figuring out their roles, I’ll try not to jump to conclusions so quickly like last time :wobbhide: But we’ll see if we have anything weird like the Town-aligned Host from the last game because that threw my thoughts off so badly.

(I’m going to be a little busy during D1 because I’m at my team’s state meet for the weekend, but I’ll check in when I can.)


Canas’s death was the true heroic sacrifice


2 deaths
Heroic sacrifice

My head hurts
I didn’t attempt an NA yesterday at all btw, just in case its a killing action.


Okay, so I’m looking over this again

Like Magi said, sounds like a Drunk who roleblocked the person who visited them. Whether that was a blocking role or killing role we’re not sure.

Mafia had to of been one of the killers last night, so it seems like there was a Cop who visited the same person as another killing role. Could be a Vigilante or some Maf killing role?


the mafia wouldn’t use their second killing role unless they had it every night. So we possibly have a hitman, or more likely a vig, but I guess that’s not me so I’ll be using my NA tomorrow.


They wouldn’t know they had a killing role though, right? I think it’s definitely more likely that if any Mafs have a visiting action that it’s more likely a roleblocker though, so yeah, Vig most likely. No claims of guns, either.


Not at all, the only way they’ll figure out they’re a killing role is when they actually kill someone…

So they should probably use their action against someone they aren’t sure is town or mafia. That way if it’s beneficial it’s not wholly bad and if it’s negative it’s hopefully not a huge loss since powerful roles gotta be careful


I wonder if the Cop got a report when they visit someone who died the same night? If they didn’t, then it might be odd to note that the killing role and the Cop can’t tell each other apart… We could ask GP but I think this is the kind of thing we’re going to have to figure out ourselves.

If that’s the case then we might end up with another set of deaths tonight if we want our Cop to get any information; even if that’s not the case our Cop can’t let the killing role know without claiming, so that’s a bit of a predicament. That’s assuming the killer isn’t some sort of serial killer and is going to kill anyways. I don’t know if any TP role does that like in ToS, I feel like I remember one but I can’t check right now.


I think they would? It says they reported on a corpse. That means that the action was used and they got a report in my eyes.




This is bad. If there is hooker then mafia certainly knows that whoever they blocked previous night have a killing or other action. So flavour text helped mafia big time.

I haven’t gotten any info from my NA at all. I think spaget is right about a vig being in the game rather than hitman.

We get it man.


In the previous game, Shiny had a one-time use ability and she was informed about it. I doubt anyone who has one would use it N0.

As for the OP:

Sounds like Drunk and Hooker to me. Man, what a combo.


Hmm can someone make a list of all roles that don’t receive a report back? We can work from there and determine roughly what roles are in the game.

For me I didn’t hear anything back but I tried to target someone specifically instead of just a random throw out. If we both stay alive later on I can work from there to see if I’m doing anything useful for them lol I know I’m not cop and I’m not vig so that’s two down!


That’s gonna be a huge list. You’ve got all of the protection roles, the roles that give items, the killing roles… It’s gonna be hard to even “roughly” determine what roles we’ve got unless people claim they received an item, or were notified that they were protected (if GP gives them those kinds of notifications).


Don’t forget, you also have to consider all alignments, not just town. It’s pretty hard to pinpoint what role you are.

I agree with what Dedenne said, I don’t think the mafia killed two people. I’m pretty sure what happened was Shiny protecting someone the Maf originally targeted, and basically took the hit, and Canas was killed by probably a third party (serial killer maybe or vig)

I’m also concerned about what Magi said in his first post:

Wouldn’t we want to lynch Canas, since his role only activates when he’s lynched? Maybe I’m just reading into this a bit too deep, it’s probably nothing.

So far, I don’t have any reads on anyone.


Yes? The D1 mislynch reference was a joke, sorry if that confused you ._.

I guess you might be right about that report Dedenne, I think I just got confused with that argument I had in Experimafia about NA’s, but a redundant report does sound more likely.