Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]


Magi pls


Ok I just want to say that I actually dreamed of this game last night & it actually gave me a strategy lmfao.

If I’m not lynched today mafia will assume I’m virgin and kill me overnight so that my death doesn’t stop them from a kill overnight since virgin only counts for lynches.

So I’m gonna encourage you guys to lynch me today - if my hunch is right then we should have a free night tonight and with a free lynch + gun tomorrow we should be sitting good.


What makes you think you’re a virgin? Never saw myself asking that to someone.


I do want to point out still that there a lot of roles that are not Virgin. There are a lot of parallel roles from last round of DYCOM to this one, so there’s a chance there might be a Virgin, but I wouldn’t guarantee it…


A few of us made the assumption that Miller isn’t in the game & I’m defo not penguin/gunsmith so with only mystery roles left - and nothing happened to Canas n0 - it’s fair to say that it’s a good and safe assumption to make. If I’m lynched today and I am virgin then that’s a huge win for town. I would rather us take the risk today by lynching me then tomorrow using a lynch & one of the guns floating around. As long as we can ascertain who is what then we’ll be sitting pretty to win.


There are way too many roles, you could be anything, and if there’s a Virgin, that means there’s a Hooker, which means you could be vanilla by now if the Hooker visited you. Also, I’m pretty sure you’re not town.


It’s because I called her out for trying to claim Vanilla right after I revealed the hint I got. That’s what made me the most suspicious about her. :eyes:


Well let’s assume that for the sake of the argument I am virgin (which would be great). Why not vote me out then Johnny? Unless you know that when I show as town it will show that you are TP / Mafia.


If I’m killed overnight and I am virgin town won’t get a night free of killings. Like why not go for that unless you’re trying to protect yourself lol


If I was mafia, I’d be lynching the shit out of you, because there are 1% chances that you are a Virgin, or less. But just to show you I can do it, I’ll [Lynch]Ho-Oh



Now I can post my reads for when I am lynched:

@Desinishon - town
@Saridlin - town
@Magipika - town
@Ho-Oh - town
@Zoska - mafia
@Conos - town
@Johnny - mafia
@Desox - TP

My thought is if I am lynched today and I am virgin we get a safe night tonight. Shoot Johnny tomorrow - he’ll likely show as mafia then lynch Zoska who still doesn’t seem town to me. Desox is a little too quiet so I’m getting a TP read off him so he would be the next step. Good luck guys if I’m right we should be able to win.


Hmm, I’ll bandwagon on the [Lynch]Ho-oh. The arguments for both sides seem pretty good and we can recover if Ho-oh’s town?
At least it’ll give us good info about Johnny as well.


If I was mafia, what would I get from creating this whole discussion? What would I gain from revealing the hint I got when I could just easily keep it to myself and not draw attention to both me and my apparent mafia teammate?

Let’s say I am mafia, and Johnny is also mafia, and I get the hint Johnny and Ho-Oh do not share the same alignment. I’m already going to know this. There is literally no point for me to even post anything about it.


I feel like Ho-Oh is gambling here. Offering herself to get lynched thinking she’s the virgin doesn’t make any sense to me. There are literally dozens of town roles that don’t have a night action. But well, I guess we’ll find out :smiley:


You’re conveniently a role that can’t do anything @Zoska …even though in reality you aren’t but by saying that nobody can question you.

I know I’m town. Possibly virgin. But hey you may be pitting two town together to try and fuck us up - Johnny might indeed be town and you might be mafia with one of the less active people. If that’s the case then we are fucked. If I am virgin then the penguin should reveal tomorrow (not today just in case I’m not virgin) to confirm whether Zoska really received the info. If penguin confirms that they visited Zoska (meaning they are penguin) it means that Johnny is mafia / TP but doesn’t prove that you’re innocent but it cements Johnny as a bad guy free for shooting.

Either way that’s my plan and I hope it works.


So, you’re relying on information coming from the person you think is mafia? That makes no sense.


I didn’t specifically say my role does nothing. I’ve been trying to perform NA’s every night that haven’t given me any information or done any visible effects to the other players. But that doesn’t mean I’m 100% sure my role doesn’t do anything.


If the Penguin knows Zoska is lying, they should have revealed her already because that would most probably pit us at 5 town, 1 mafia, and 1 TP, or at the very least, we’d take care of the third party as well. So either the one of the two non-participants has this info, or whoever it is hasn’t seen any reason to call Zoska out yet.

Canas and Desinishon still haven’t weighed in, which is sus at worst and unhelpful at best. I don’t think I’m going to change my vote, because at this point I don’t see any major reason to do so, even you do think you’re the Virgin; you’ve got majority vote and that’s all you’ll need to get yourself lynched. Although I still think it’s highly likely that we’re going to end up having to kill Johnny somehow anyways.


Not at all! My death can potentially out two mafia. Even if Zoska isn’t mafia and is TP - like it doesn’t matter. If I am virgin then we are all good. You on the other hand Johnny… if the penguin did visit Zoska, will be outed as TP/mafia when I die so I’m not too sure why you’re feeling comfortable. If I were you I would try and get the lynch off me… unless you are town, Zoska lied to try and get two town members lynched and instead is mafia.

Either way you or Zoska is dead tomorrow when I show as town upon my death today lol depends if town wants to trust Zoska or trust you.

Either way penguin I highly encourage you to visit one of those tonight I pointed out as town as I’m pretty sure they’re good.

So my death is not in vain. It 100% can out either you or Zoska as the bad guy with the help of the penguin (IF I’m virgin). If I’m not virgin we are a little screwed but there is at least one gun in play… and why lynch you when they can just shoot you outright? Like if Zoska did lie I really don’t know why you aren’t worried about being lynched/shot tomorrow but that’s your prerogative.

If Zoska IS mafia and lied then we are truly in fucked territory. But we’ll see.

Although you are very comfortable which makes me think Zoska did lie & is mafia. Fuck me why is the investigating role dead lol whatever, we’ll see how my plan goes. I’m pretty sure you’re trying to play it cool either way.

So in summary, town here’s the situation.

**When I show as town tonight that means that if Zoska was indeed visited by penguin then Johnny is guaranteed as TP or mafia. But if Zoska wasn’t visited by penguin we’ll be down two town. Please do your due diligence - either Zoska AND/OR Johnny are mafia or TP and this is something you should discuss and consider tomorrow **


My reply was to Johhny bra