Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]


I sincerely doubt the Miller is in the game, as I think that’s more of a cop-centric role. There’s still plenty of things out there, like the Bomb and Oracle, but it seems like like they haven’t been killed yet if so. There’s still two unknown Town roles so it’s not like it couldn’t be multiple "-.-


Yeah, exactly. And GP said himself this set up was gonna be crazier. I don’t see Vanilla roles adding to the crazy.


Okay well going to hope that I am indeed virgin though. Although hm I had an idea. If someone has a gun (there’s still a gunsmith left right?) they could shoot Johnny now and lynch me today so that town has the advantage for tomorrow in that they get free reign to try and pick out the remaining while at least one mafia or the TP is out. How does that sound guys?


We could do that, but before anyone gets trigger happy, we should give Johnny a chance to say what he thinks about the situation.


But you went ahead and voted for me before I even got a chance to properly speak or reply but yet you’re willing to wait for Johnny and give him the benefit of the doubt when I’ve been inactive most of the game and legit haven’t been paying attention to the game? Sounds kinda scummy honestly.

ngl if it turns out Johnny is mafia and not TP I’m going to assume you’re mafia too (and everyone remaining should consider looking into Zoska) because you seem very keen on believing Johnny when he hasn’t said a thing.

I get a town read on Magipika & Saridlin fwiw.


The reason I voted for you right away was based on what I’d seen so far. Before calling you out, you said next to nothing to help the town, while Johnny had been helping town since day 1. I was more inclined to vote you because we need to vote somebody. If it turns out that Johnny’s defence is terrible, then I’ll be voting for him. Simple as that.

And as far as roles go, I’m in the same apparent boat as you. I’ve tried using my NA these last 3 nights with no report and no visible effects.


We definitely need to give Johnny a say… I imagine he’d have a lot to say about this when he gets here.

I find it funny though how you went from claiming inno, to accepting to be a martyr for the Town, to assuming we were lynching Johnny, to proposing we shoot him before he can speak. You seem to be moving forward pretty fast, and I don’t know if I should be concerned about that, haha…

And well, voting for you doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dead yet, so don’t freak out xD (it certainly got some sort of response, so I’d say it’s doing it’s job pretty well >.>)

Edit: also thought I’d point out last time I thought you were inactive, you turned out to be backstabbing Santa. So I wouldn’t necessarily use that as a defense >:0

that time I lynched Sari for saying she was either TP or Vanilla


In any game if I’m innocent I’m happy to be lynched if it proves that someone else is mafia so that’s not really a new thing for me. I never assumed y’all were lynching Johnny today. I assumed it was definitely going to be me and then because I’ll show up as town today you can lynch Johnny tomorrow. Like it’s just simple logic that we each have different alignments = I show up as town today = Johnny must not be town. I never said shooting him before he can speak (by now I legit meant as in today, as in the 48 hour period). If Johnny’s town he shouldn’t have any problem being shot if it was to prove I wasn’t town, right?

That’d be because I wasn’t paying attention to the game, forgot to visit people twice and nobody has visited me lol also Johnny could also be TP as well - TP can still help the town as we saw with the TP in the last DCYOM.


Or you can always shoot Johnny tomorrow and get a free lynch tomorrow, like legit either are good by me if I’m indeed virgin lol


To add on to what I was saying about voting for you, I’ve heard your defence and I’m honestly still not convinced. So it could be one of you is mafia and the other is TP for all I know. I’m just trying to help reveal who’s the scummy one in this situation joycancer


That’s ok, seriously. I’m more than ok to be lynched if I’m the virgin, like 100% if I’m lynched that’s a free night for town, and if you shoot Johnny tomorrow that’s a bonus lynch you get - you’ll just have to figure out who the remaining two are. Although I still find you scummy but that’s ok, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow - town knows my thoughts on the matter so I encourage everyone does their due diligence on you tomorrow once I’ve been lynched. I’m not sure on the TP if I’m right on mafia but it’s all good, I have faith you guys can figure it out once I’m lynched.

I’m just going to place a vote on you just because why not, that’s how I feel so that’s how I’ll place.

[vote] Zoska



Perhaps you’re not mafia, since I’ve been wrong before. But I’ll say this conversation has at least given me some idea of what I think you are. We probably won’t be getting much further than we have now, but I’m sure it’ll clear up a bit once we hear both sides.


Your vote makes no sense to me, but okay.


There are a million possibilities, and most of them end up with neither Ho-Oh or me being mafia. I know I’m town so that means Ho-Oh is either third party or mafia.

I know I’m not the creepy girl because I haven’t visited Sari.

On the other hand, I find Magi’s attitude of “Johnny can’t be trusted because he’s a good player” to be stretching. I can’t think why he’d stretch so much just for that. Not to mention he isolated my contributions and tried to discredit them. It is a lot more suspicious that one of those contributions was leading the lynch on the Traitor, which apparently “doesn’t hurt the mafia” ? Well, it does hurt the mafia and I’ll tell you why: literally everybody else ignored the fact that Fawful was very likely the Traitor, if it wasn’t for me, he’d probably still be here. The traitor wins with the mafia and in this case, he knows who the mafia are. If I was mafia, I would’ve tried my best to keep Fawful alive, he meant one more vote in favour of the mafia and would’ve backed me up. Losing the traitor nor only does it mean one less vote, it also means one less unconditional support.

You know what else is suspicious? Magi’s defense for Fawful on Day 1 when I voted against him. I don’t know what else is there to say, I voted the Traitor, Magi built a defense for him.

Also, assume we lynch Ho-Oh today and she flips town, that night mafia kills town. The next day you’d wanna lynch me. Assume you lynch me and I flip third party, that would leave us with:

3 town
2 mafia

Then town loses because that night, mafia kills one more townie. Instead of going with that course of action that will end in the town losing, let’s go with who’s more suspicious as we should be doing.


My claims aren’t that you can’t be trusted because you’re good; I’m saying that what you’ve said could have just as easily been said by a Mafia. I only pointed out your major assertions because I was trying to analyze both you and Ho-Oh completely; if you want me to say the rest, all you did was point out what the Priest does, clarify that the Granny kills everybody (numerous times, I might say) and reduce a Creepy Girl from the doll. All of which could have been said by anybody, and I agree with them all, but you just got to them first.

So, Fawful. First off, he probably wasn’t even aware that he was a Traitor until you pointed it out. Also, Traitors don’t go to mafia meetings; they never have. How can you give unconditional support if you don’t even know who the mafia is? “in this case, he knows who the mafia is.” Yeah right, how would he figure that out? With the role change already being revealed for whatever reason, there would have been no reason to keep him alive anyways, since somebody would come asking eventually.

Now on to your attack on me. What the heck do you mean I built his defense? I literally just gave a slightly deeper look at the possibilities; considered the three Priest ability’s actions, and the possibility that there was a Cultist or Mason. My final conclusion on that was that he was likely third party, and a potential lynch target. That hardly seems like a defense to me. Maybe stop reading between the lines so much and try reading the actual words.

And honestly, your final explanation is self-contradictory in itself. Just look at what you said and tell me this doesn’t just sound incredibly defensive.

If you knew you were Town, why would you even consider calling yourself out as Third Party. The way I see it, if you were really trying to build a defense, then you would have simply pinned Ho-Oh as the Creepy Girl. That’s some inconsistency right there.

So you know what? After Ho-Oh’s defense, I was honestly finding her response a little sus. However, I wasn’t even expecting an offense from you at this point since it probably would’ve been a lot easier to incriminate Ho-Oh. Your opening statement saying that it’s way more likely that neither of you are mafia? Even you should know that’s not even close to true. So I think I’m going to go with your advice and “go with who’s more suspicious”, and [Lynch] Johnny.


Dude, he was turned a Traitor, meaning he was in the mafia chat. He was turned by the Priest.


That’s not a contradiction or inconsistency. Didn’t you read? It’s a simple hypothetical scenario. Using that to build a fake contradiction is really stretching. Which you have been doing for quite a while, so I really don’t need any more indications that you’re scum, or at the very least, not town.



Did you even read the description of Traitor?

Maybe you think that the contradiction is fake, but you don’t seem to be considering any of the options where one of you IS mafia. I don’t need any more evidence at this point, but all I know is that you’re much more sus than Ho-Oh ever made herself.


He was a regular mafia, you know what regular mafia do? Attend meetings. He already knew who the mafia were by the time he was turned a traitor. Hence why you tried to defend him, because you’re mafia. Now that is evidence. Not your weak, impossible situations.


Magi, I told you about this earlier because you thought there was still 3 mafia. Fawful was originally mafia, so unless he was a Hitman or a role along those lines, he was a member of those meetings. Sure, he’d be removed from them as soon as the Priest converted him, but he’d still know who the mafia are and the mafia would know they could still count on him because he needs them to win.



I forgot that the Mafia turned to Traitors and not the Village sided whatevers again. I have nothing to say except I forgot about that again, so you can probably ignore all of the stuff that falls along that line of logic :wobblurk:

EDIT (I thought of something after the fact again, heck): Although, I still came to a similar conclusion since Fawful said his role change out loud. It’s not like his new status was a secret anymore, and like I said, somebody would’ve questioned what he was originally eventually.