Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]


Yeah but he said…
‘Not all of these roles have a visiting action, however much like the last game, I will not be telling you if you are one of those roles, so make sure you attempt to conduct a visit at night regardless.’

That implies vanilla though. Not that they necessarily need to have a report back.


Yes, it implies there could be one, but I still find it extremely unlikely. If I’m wrong about that, then I’m wrong. But that doesn’t change the fact you’re trying to claim Vanilla after I revealed you and Johnny have different alignments. It makes me certain I’m right with my vote.




@Glitter does the post mean that there are vanilla roles that cannot perform any night action at all?

Like I mean I’m literally not penguin or gunsmith that apparently were proven to exist. Penguins come in twos… I haven’t submitted night actions for two days and nothing has changed which therefore = vanilla.

Fwiw I don’t see Johnny coming in here defending himself from being TP or mafia, because you know that means he could be third party (and therefore the creepy doll person) as well if you were indeed visited by the penguin and the penguin said that.

Wait re-reading that post if I’m lynched today we’ll be at:

3 town by tomorrow morning - 2 mafia - 1 TP (unless mafia hit TP instead and 4 town, 0 TP and therefore town would win). But let’s assume that mafia hits town overnight and I’m lynched today. So tomorrow if you guys lynch Johnny it’ll be:

3 town - 2 mafia - 0 TP
3 town - 1 mafia - 1 TP

BUT mafia might hit TP overnight too, which would be awesome. So if Johnny is mafia and isn’t TP then hmmm… if he knows who TP is then he’ll purposely NOT kill them.

So idfk this is complicated but it’s just best to use today to figure out whether Johnny is TP or mafia and then go from there. I’m cool to be lynched to prove that he’s one of the two I just want us to use this time to figure out what alignment he is for when tomorrow comes.


I suppose that if we lynch ho oh today and Johnny tomorrow if ho oh isn’t maf it could work, it does run the risk of one of them being TP and the other town tho.


That’s the thing, I THINK he’s mafia so we should be ok if you guys lynch me today to get the proof that Johnny’s mafia. If he’s third party I apologise but y’all need proof of him being mafia or TP and I’m happy to be the scapegoat. We should defo try and figure out the other mafia today though. I do find Zoska a bit suspicious but she could just be playing town hard.


Hmm, did you ever visit me Ho-oh?
If you didn’t that could prove you’re not TP at least since I had gotten the doll Night 1 and it’s the last third party.

//edit: I’m blind xD


I only visited someone on night zero. I forgot to visit people on both other nights. I posted that I forgot to visit N1 and N2. I can share who I visited N0 but I doubt it would make much difference at this point but it was Canas. As I’m p sure I have no role I don’t think Canas can confirm either way though.


What do you find suspicious about me, exactly? I had information so I provided it. The thing that sealed the deal for me with you is that you immediately started claiming Vanilla when I called out said information. It’s a common mafia tactic, a little obvious though. It’s like you haven’t stopped to think about roles like Miller and Virgin who also don’t have NA’s.


I think if Zos were lying about the alignment clue, then I feel that the Penguin would find it worth their time to reveal that, but I sincerely doubt it as it is way too easily disproven, but honestly I’m not sure if I disagree with her so far. However, I have been wrong about someone being Town before… if you were Town though, I find it much more likely that you’d be something passive like the Virgin or something, not Vanilla.


Ayy, Magi on the same wavelength. Exactly, I have nothing to gain by making up a hint because both Penguins can end that instantly.


No clue what Miller is and I thought Virgin was always a mafia role?

I mean I thought the OP implied vanilla but what does Miller and Virgin do anyway? I remember Virgin was in another game I was playing as mafia but idr what it did but if that’s the case then Canas can hold the clue to what I can do if I’m not vanilla.


They’re town sided passive roles :stuck_out_tongue:

Virgin stops Mafia from killing if they’re lynched, and Miller comes up as Mafia if lynched or investigated.


Does penguin count as investigated then? Because if so that proves that Johnny is mafia or TP if I’m Miller.

If I’m virgin that’s freaking awesome.


Miller is just used as a detriment to town, basically. Evens the playing field.


No, Penguins just give hints.


Like, I didn’t get informed what alignments you are. Just that you’re not on the same team.


Hm. Well if I’m miller you guys probs won’t lynch johnny tomorrow then which means town is fucked. If I’m virgin town should be ok and you guys should be able to safely lynch Johnny tomorrow. Good luck whatever you guys decide. Hopefully I am virgin and that guarantees the town win, yeah?

Which role you guys think gp was more likely to add?


Both tbh, lmao


Well fuck lol going to hope I’m virgin then. If I’m virgin though that’s awesome. Legit that’ll give us another day up our sleeves to guess the TP / remaining mafia after killing off Johnny.