Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]


I can confirm that I have not received any messages about my role changing.

Either there was some role swapping going on and Kitty was not the Granny on N0 when she got the gun, or would it be possible that the GS got insanely lucky and got visited by a Doctor whilst they visited the Granny? Is that a thing that can happen?

Question: if Kitty was the Granny (who does not have a visiting action) when she died, how could the Penguin say she visited me? I guess we could attribute that to the role-swapping maybe? She visited me last night as a different role, then got changed to Granny, then got killed by the Ninja? Unless visit “attempts” count as visits, but I just assumed that roles that try to visit but can’t would just not visit instead.

Also, what role swappers exist that can swap someone to a Granny without dying to the Granny themselves?

Anybody got the second Penguin tip?

@Killed Don’t shoot that thing until people are reasonably confident about someone being scum. Although, now that you’ve mentioned that you have it, if you hold on to it then the mafia might kill you because you have it. At least we probably still have a protective role that could stop you from dying in the night I guess.

Just a heads up that there were four mafia this time and not three, so there could still be a Fabricator or a Saboteur lurking around as well as the Ninja.


I think a role-blocking role would be more likely than swapping tbh, as I can’t think of any role-swappers and there’s many more role-blockers. Snowman seems pretty common in these games?


OK, visiting didn’t work, performing an action on myself didn’t work… I guess I’ll try performing an action on somebody else this time?

Hmm… so why did Kitty die…
I don’t believe the role swapping part nor the Tailor one because it’d require for a player to immediately guess (s)he has that role. Don’t believe it’s sheer luck because the message for the action wouldn’t be as simple as ‘I’m visiting Kitty’, or ‘Performing my action on Kitty’, unless gp is being like really flexible because of the game conditions. I’m p sure it was Ninja based on this.

@Killed don’t shoot that gun, we don’t even know if there’s a fabricator or something. I don’t get that sneaky vote on magipika either, it looks like you just clinging to Desinishon’s post on a null read, which isn’t even scum but null? Explain yourself, please?


A few things:

No, anyone who visits Granny that isn’t invincible, dies.

I think you answered your own question.

Any role that isn’t invincible, dies when they visit the Granny, including roleblockers. Granny does not have an action, therefore can’t be blocked.

Not really, because the role swapper wouldn’t know they’re a role swapper.

I’ll check EM’s role list once again, but the only logical explanation is that Kitty swapped roles with someone.


Killed has been replaced by @Tyler


Well just to clear some things up:

I don’t have a gun, not sure what the hell this guy was doing and if this is affecting any decisions of yours, now is the time to rectify that.

Secondly, I’m going to take a read through this and come back to you guys.

Thirdly, looks like Sari is going to be safe from NKs at least, lest the mafia want a creepy girl win.

Fourthly, [unvote] magipika, the guy’s nuts.






I replaced someone, I gave you some info, what is there not to get :question:


why the replacement. Just that


We’ll ignore the sudden replacement :fufu: that’s down to other forum matters


Well, I was considering voting back at him at the risk of being shot, so I guess you could say that affected my decision somewhat. Thanks for clarifying things, Tyler ;3


So, uh…what should we do from here?


I would guess discuss who seems the most scummy for a lynch then :0?

I honestly have no idea myself, since everyone’s talked at least once a day.


Someone must have some kind of lead right?
I get a town read on Johnny so I’m happy to listen to his thoughts.


There’s like 6.5 hours left in this phase.


So yeah, the third parties are kinda out of the way now, but I wouldn’t like to use it as an excuse to abstain for a day anyways. Like whatever I had on sus reads was killed, kinda, but I can’t know if it was the part of being ‘troll’ and maybe Tyler deserves a chance to build an own read.

I don’t know if it’s flavour text or what but I observed Canas mentioned Kitty visiting TeaLeaf and the death text says Kitty was at home. But it’s like a 99% chance it’s just flavour text, right?

I can’t really read much from D1 because we just steamrolled over Fawful and kinda lacked in content except for Magipika, which I’m not decided how to read yet.


No, there’s still 1 third party alive, i.e the creepy girl. Sari said she was visited by the creepy girl, and the reason Fawful showed up as a third party is that he was converted when the Priest died.

Anyway, everyone is looking pretty good in my eyes. If it sounds I’m grasping at straws here, it’s because I am, but we gotta lynch someone, we can’t NL at this point.

If you isolate Specifice’s posts, her posts contain very little substance and she even the one message where she contributed something. These are all her posts during day two:

This one is in response to either Canas talking about his tip, or Killed voting Magipika, not sure which one.

This is in response to Zoska after she saw the message she deleted.

The posts isolated aren’t a big deal if I’m being honest, but if there’s one thing that sealed the deal for today’s lynch is that she deleted that message. Could be nothing, but it’s the best I’ve got [Lynch] Specifice

One more thing is that she was the last one to vote Fawful.


If I had left the mixed up names comment then it wouldn’t be suspicious? :thonk:

I haven’t said much, because I honestly don’t know who’s looking to be Mafia right now, especially with the little information we have. If TeaLeaf was the last person to see Kitty alive then that’s all I really have any suspicion on. :confused:


So far, I agree that most of the people either seem innocent to me, or they haven’t said enough for me to determine whether they’re guilty or not. Guess it’d be a bandwagon if I voted for Spaget too but your points about the posts aren’t wrong, although they might also be applicable to a few of the others as well, I’ll just [Lynch] Specifice for now as well. (Though being last to lynch Fawful probably doesn’t mean very much because I doubt it helps the mafia if a third party is alive.)

Over the last day or so, I’ve been research on supposed role-swappers as well, and I’ve turned up almost absolutely nothing. I probably might’ve missed something, but as far as I can tell the most likely thing is that maybe Glitter decided a Doctor or protective role visiting the Gunsmith counted as a life saved.

There’s one or two weird theories I came up with as well, but they’re highly unlikely and I doubt that it’s what’s going on right now… One was that the Trickster, which hands out random items to random people, might be able to give the gun without it counting as an actual visit, but I don’t know how common of a role that is so you can probably rule that out. Let’s just say that I don’t think that there’s a role swapper in this game. (Another one was that Kitty was an Actress but Canas’ message and shooting Shiny kind of ruled that out as well, in a plan that would require more people knowing what the heck their roles were.)