Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]


Also suss on killer person named kailler
If priest killed, probably traitor?

Though leaning more on newness and impatience to get results from na


Like me

(Does strikethrough work)
Ok it does


Holy shit, Kitty

Okay, that was an amazing shot, but I’m legit terrified of giving Kitty guns when she does stuff like this joycancer


Lbr anyone who doesnt give penguin info on early days where it usually doesn’t matter is suss to me



If you get probed btw
What happens


Well, shit. Good shot, Chura.

re: probing. Nothing happens, Alien wins when everyone has been probed.


This is a good start. There’s also a 1/3 chance that Fawful is mafia, so I’ll [Lynch] Wrath-o-Los


Dang, that was a quick mafia kill! Although in retrospect it was incredibly sus that Shiny said she received hints but didn’t reveal them… I feel like if Shiny were trying to act innocent she shouldn’t have teased us at all, but it’s too late for that now :wobblurk:

I see your point about the Priest, but honestly I feel like revealing the fact that you had a role change at all is kind of oblivious. If you were a town-sided killer, then as a vanilla townie you just narrow down one less power role for the mafia to target. A mafia turned Traitor just wins with the mafia (although he actually wouldn’t be mafia anymore, so less of a threat?), and a Survivor is just trying to survive, so either way there’s no reason to reveal that either. And announcing being recruited would just make you a target, and with a game that’s supposed to be crazy I wouldn’t put it past Glitter to add in one of those roles. I feel like Fawful might have gone either way, but while we know he’s not mafia he’s very likely to have gone third party… guess that means we should lynch him anyways? We have a day left so I guess I’ll see if any other leads trickle in before finalizing my vote.

On a side note, if there is a Vigilante I guess you can’t really blame them for killing Night 0 since they probably wouldn’t have had any idea >.>


Sorry for my inactivness.

I am with johny. [Lynch] Wrath-o-wos.


It’s day one, lynching Fawful is a far better option than no lynching, or random lynching.

No, but now they know they’re a vigilante. What I meant is they should be careful from now on.


Mm, well the gun has already been fired and we won’t get to know what those Penguin (I think?) hints were if they died with Shiny, so I guess I’ll just leave a vote here tonight since I’ll be pretty busy tomorrow.

[Lynch] Wrath-o-Los

My final comment was just referring to “you’re not supposed to kill N0”, but I understand what you were getting at. ;3


I know. Think about it as “you’re not even supposed to kill N0”.


[Lynch] Wrath-o-los
I agree with the Fawful lynch, if his role has changed due to the priest then it’s pretty likely he’s at least non-town.


I’m a little bit confused about the Priest role, actually. @Glitter, when the Priest is killed during the night, does their 50% chance of changing a killing role directly affect the player that killed them, or does it affect one of the killing roles at random in the game?


[vote] fawfufufu wrath o los

Yeah 1 in 3; 2/3 chance youre not town sounds ok to me. (Also my brain didn’t register wrath o los being fawful for a good 15 minutes rip me)


Not telling.


I mean, I was gonna do this either way [Vote] Wrath-o-Las

I asked out of curiosity because the website doesn’t really make it clear. Even if Fawful turns out to be a Survivor, there’s no telling he wouldn’t turn on town the second things started going south.


Holy shit Kitty lol you’re pretty good with the guns.

Also ok reading back that was odd of Fawful to reveal that info to start with. Either way: [Vote] Wrath-o-Las


I’m sorry but I’m at work, don’t know when day is and i dont want to default die again. So bandwagon it is.

[Vote] Wrath-o-Los


what a wonderful time to have computer problems that prevent me from playing and defending myself :anger:

w/e, [Lynch] Warth-o-Los