Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]


It was an eventful evening to say the least with one tough participant receiving many visitors. Two close acquaintances narrowly missed each other at their doorstep while the third visitor had come a very long way to deliver a very uncomfortable encounter.

Vengeance was in the air though as on their way back to their choice in vehicle, a bullet ended up in the back of their head. They weren’t the only one that god had forsaken though.

Dedenne, the Priest, is dead. They were aligned with the town.
Salzorrah, the Alien, is dead. They were a third party role.

@Salzorrah as the Alien
@Dedenne as the Priest


Wow, vengeance.
Hmm, i am a vanilla.

Everyone please claim. We have to start the game


Oh dang, that’s a lot of information to unpack on Night 1… One thing’s for sure though, unless we have some other sort of cop or maybe a Penguin again, although probably not since it’s different from last time, it is going to be a lot harder to tell what we are with a dead Priest. (Unless maybe there’s two, but I wouldn’t rely on that.)

I didn’t seem to learn anything from my night visit, but I guess the flavor text says a few things that might be helpful. The uncomfortable encounter and the stuff that follows it sounds like it’s talking about the Alien, while I’m not sure what the two acquaintances could be, maybe some sort of related roles? Not sure whether Gunner or Dedenne was the one killed by the mafia, maybe someone knows something about that as well?

Oh, and @Killed, you may not necessarily be a vanilla, but you might have just not gotten any feedback from what your night action did, if you have one. Not sure what you mean by claim though since I doubt most of us can do that anyways :thonk:


Um… why would you ask us to claim in a game where we DON’T know what our roles are? Like legit the only people that can claim from the above are mafia & maybe vigilante (and third party if they’re told?) That comes off as kinda sus that you bring that up straight away.


You gotta make sure to read the opening post more clearly. There are a lot of roles with night actions that don’t give you a report back because they’re either doing something to you or giving you something. I highly doubt there’s a vanilla in this setup when there wasn’t one in the last game. Plus it’s pretty impossible for anyone to reveal their roles when they have no idea what their roles are :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I didn’t get a report back from my NA either, so I don’t have anything to add on that front. I’m looking at this flavour text:

And I’m thinking that possibly a Vigilante shot Dedenne? Whenever I see the word ‘vengeance’ in Mafia, I usually associate it with the Vigilante, and that last sentence about god makes it obvious which victim it was referring to. But if I’m wrong and the mafia did just outright kill Dedenne, then there’s a 50% chance there’s a Traitor lurking about now. Either way, RIP our main way of finding out what our roles are.

No idea about the alien, so we’ve got a possible third killing role to watch out for, as well.


RiP priest

I remembered to do my night action this time but seems like nothing obvious happening.


No info from my NA yet.

I think it’s worth mentioning that the reference to a “vehicle” in the phase post might mean that there is a Driver in the game.

Not sure about this “tough participant” though. Maybe it refers to something like Bodyguard or Strongman, or maybe the Vig that we’re pretty sure is in the game (although the second night kill could be the other 3rd party?)


Im pretty sure that there isn’t a driver, since he’d be dead with this part:


All I know is that my role got changed on Night Zero, unfortunately, so whatever I could learn from my first action isn’t even relevant anymore.


And the Priest died, so that’s no coincidence. Meaning you were 1 of 3 things: Mafia, Vigilante, or third party.

If you were mafia you were turned into a Traitor, meaning you still win with the mafia and that we should kill you. If you were a Vigilante or any town-sided killer, you’re now a vanilla townie, and if you were third party, you’re now a Survivor.

Here’s more info about the Priest

The only other alternative is that you were recruited, but I doubt you’d be so oblivious to reveal that you were recruited like that, so I’m pretty sure your role changed because of the Priest’s dead.

@vig: Please don’t go killing around randomly, you’re not supposed to kill N0.


Okay so I’ve got some news. I was the one who had the…unfortunate visit. I was visited and got hints, but before that I was probed. The hints were someone didn’t visit anyone and then another [User] visited [User] since no one died from those hints I don’t think it’s necessary to reveal names.


Oof, it’s gonna be really hard to learn roles without a Priest -.- I didn’t get any info from my attempt action either.

“one tough participant”
“Two close acquaintances narrowly missed each other at their doorstep”

These two really interest me. Maybe the “tough” part refers to some sort of protection, or maybe there’s a role that’s physically strong? And maybe the “close acquantances” refer to Mafia?


I tried visiting someone and if that worked I don’t know. I’m not gonna say anymore outside of that because I have no more hints really


I got a gun :slight_smile:


Oh god, not again holyhell




Question is, is it an actual gun or a fabricated gun? GP said it was gonna be a crazier game.


Idk lets find out


Pls no, not again



Shiny, the Strongman, is dead. They were aligned with the Mafia