Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]


Ahh, that was such a great game!! Johnny really managed to pull the mafia out of a tough spot there goodness.
Can’t wait till next game :fufu:


I visited people I was just bluffing, I guessed it out on D1.


Alright who recommended killing me in the mafia chat :angery:

GG tho y’all ran in circles hehe


Just assume any and all decisions made by the mafia were Johnny’s doing :stuck_out_tongue:


Yuuup, the mafia mvp this game tbh


Sari did great, too. She remained unsuspected the entirety of the game. Sadly Shiny didn’t get a chance to shine. No pun intended.


For real, I unintentionally made myself sus QAQ