Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]


Ah heck, it was so close in the end, but I don’t think anybody was expecting Canas and Desox to eat the dust on Day Two : O

Fawful completely messed up my sense of what was going on on Day 1, although I’m not sure if he was aware of it… At the time all I knew was I was third party, but I happened to visit him the same night, and when he announced he had a role change Third Party I was convinced that I was a Cultist; except it was too late to save him so that’s why I went ahead with the lynch even though I was sure he was on my side. Didn’t even occur to me that I wasn’t a Cultist until Sari said that she got the doll the next day…

I’m surprised I managed not to die, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to get my doll-person killed; so I would just like to ask Sari what did you do with my doll ahhhhh
I need to know if it died on one of the three players who died last night and I just guessed wrong when I tried to replace it an hour ago :zoomeyes:

Well played everybody! I think by the end I had essentially self-confirmed that Johnny was a Mafia, although I still couldn’t tell whether Sari or Desinishon was the last mafia… It’s a shame the game ended as soon as it did, it would have been a lot more interesting towards the end had Canas or Desox not died so quickly, and I was seriously wondering what would happen if I were to die last night instead of one of the Town.


Man, we did not have luck this game. First night we manage to hit the Priest and that 50% chance wasn’t on our side, next GP fucks up and Shiny dies, and if that wasn’t enough, RNG screwed us over with that alignment hint. I don’t know how, but we did it.

To be fair, she “backed me up” because I was right. Fawful was indeed mafia and had been on the meetings before :smiley:

Anyway, GG everyone. Game was really fun.


I definitely wasn’t. I guess because of their INACTIVITY, SCREEE!!

The irony in that is you were right because of your mafia status XD But it made for entertaining stuff, I loved watching all of this :heart:

Also I’d like to point out I think a creepy toddler girl and a butterfly could’ve taken an old man and a skilled fighter!! WHY DID IT HAVE TO EEENNDDD?


She never passed it on. The vigilante was already dead and we knew there were no guns (the only gun ever given was the one Fawful gave to Kitty when he was the Associate), so Sari keeping the Doll guaranteed that you wouldn’t win.


Gg lmfao
Massive fuck up by gp indeed


Oh man, I didn’t even consider the fact that there was an Associate and not a Gunsmith because Shiny was the one that got shot… So how did Fawful give the gun to Kitty as the Granny on Night Zero? Did he get lucky and Tyler visited him the same night, or did some weird stuff happen with the Priest? Or was there actually a role swapper and I misunderstood what happened?

That’s a shame that it turned out Sari was Mafia then, I wasn’t strategizing at the time for the doll because I thought I was trying to convert people to the Cult; although if I had been Cult (and if it could have been implemented in DCYOM, although looking back it might have been hard since you’re supposed to figure out your roles) I bet it would have been an interesting game.


Chura originally wasn’t the Granny. She started the game as the host and forgot to submit her action. It wasn’t until Night 1 when she targeted TeaLeaf that their roles switched and she became the Granny as Host can’t die.


No, Kitty was the Host on N0 and swapped roles with Tealeaf.


Ah, that’s what I was confused about; is there another name for the Host, because I checked Epicmafia and I can only find information on the Party Host and the third party “Host” role, which isn’t actually a role that does stuff?

Okay, so I read it a bit harder and it appears it does; so for this game, I guess it was chosen to be a town-aligned Host but that was what confused me in the end. Sorry about all of the questions on that front.

Still a pretty fun game overall, had a good time and can’t wait for another one eventually! :fufu:


The host is usually a third party role. Part of why this game was crazier was because I aligned the host with the town to begin with. It was the only role I did that for though. It just fit too well.



Zoska I blame you. :frowning: I was laying out the exact plan we could go with to out Johnny, you shoulda picked up from there that… I was indeed town lol


[Divorce Johnny]

Every god damn time I think he’s innocent; he turns out to be a mafia member. As I was defending him about Fawful, in the back of my head I kept thinking, “but what if he sacrificed Fawful to get trust. Would he be that ballsy?” Yes, as it turns out he would be that ballsy. :angryhyperzoomeyes:

GG everyone. I’m going back to sleep :holyhell:


Gotta make sense to convince people :fufu:

Honestly, even if I was town, I never would’ve gone with your plan :stuck_out_tongue:


gg - _ -

Desox was penguin too and they didn’t visited anyone at all.
I visited shiny and zoska.


Desox visited Shiny Night 0 as well, because Shiny received 2 hints.


Shoulda visited me instead… clearly Zoska cannot be trusted with such information lmfao


Yo, your defence made zero sense to me. It was obvious you were getting flustered, and the fact that you just up and claimed Vanilla as soon as I revealed the information I got. How was I not gonna sus you after that? :stuck_out_tongue:


GP’s post implied vanilla!! I had no choice lmao having not submitted for two days and no awful consequences. Smh Canas coulda confirmed I was town too then!


tbf there’s a lot of town roles that don’t necessarily visit or that don’t receive reports or similar. Virgin, butterfly, dreamer, granny, veteran, oracle etc etc.


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