Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]

Don't Choose Your Own Mafia 2 [Game Over]


The penguin could’ve visited Zoska, but they don’t know the hints they give. So, Zoska could be lying, but that would make it impossible for she and I to be mafia together.


If Zoska is mafia and she’s lying so that we’ll lynch two townies, then the mafia wins, because by the time we lynch Ho-Oh and I, there will only be 1 townie, or 2 if the mafia hits the Creepy Girl, but the mafia still wins.


If Zoska didn’t lie then you’re guaranteed to be TP/Mafia so town has to question should they trust Zoska’s Intel when I’m lynched.

No we are at 5. If I’m virgin we will have four tomorrow. They shoot you - if you show as town they lynch Zoska for lying. That’ll be 2 town - 1 mafia - 1 TP overnight. Then penguin gives hint, someone shoots the mafia and lynches TP. So we can still win. We just need to get lucky if you do flip as town.

But if you flip as mafia or TP our chances are SO much better because hopefully someone will have been given a hint on Zoska and town gets a potentially helpful lynch.


Numbers of assumptions you’re relying on:

1- that you’re a virgin
2- that the person with a gun is a townie (highly doubt it, otherwise they would’ve claimed the gun)
3- that the person you think is mafia is telling the truth.

Also, if you really thought Zoska was mafia, then you wouldn’t think I’m mafia, too.


If mafia has the gun they would shoot me now on the off chance I AM virgin as it’d fuck them up though if I was. So that’s #2 at least.


Here are all the ways your plan could go wrong:

You’re not a virgin, mafia still kills.
Worse, you’re the lightkeeper and votes are annonymous, therefore mafia decides the lynch.
The mafia has the gun, they kill town.
Zoska is lying and 2 townies die.


((Can I just say we should’ve had a game of "Take a shot every time Ho Oh says ‘If I am virgin’ " Because wowza))


we ewrnt ding htat? oops


The fuck, get out of here both of you


I’m not replying anything, Ho Oh, because it’s been one of those days at work and I sincerely do not want to read all these walls of text right now.


That’s uh… 13 shots, if you don’t count the two times “if I’m not virgin” was said…

chugs the entire bottle


Lmfao well I might be virgin…


There has got to be one hell of a night involved if someone is so unsure about their virginity.


[Vote] Ho-oh

it seems like Ho-oh is just desperate so they don’t get lynched but I’m also like them in some regard when I’m town and I’m getting lynched, throwing whatever reads I have before I get lynched
if they turns out to be town, all of those text walls will be worth looking. I might have not participated much but it’s easier to see who have contributed more to town in BTW ho-oh and johnny. So, sorry I’m going with ho-oh lynch.


Times up



Ho-oh, the Keymaker, is dead. They were aligned with the town.
Canas, the Bodyguard, is dead. They were aligned with the town.
Desox, the Penguin, is dead. They were aligned with the town.

@Kitty as the Granny
@Shiny as the Strongman
@Salzorrah as the Alien
@Ho-Oh as the Keymaker
@Conos as the Bodyguard
@Dedenne as the Priest
@Wrath-o-Los as the Traitor
@Specifice as the Vigilante
@TeaLeaf as the Host
@Tyler as the Nurse
@Desox as a Penguin


An old dude and an immigrant broke into the zoo last night and beat one of the animals to death. What a way to end a game.

Desinishon, the Penguin, is dead. They were aligned with the town.
Johnny, Saridlin and Shiny, the Mafia, win!

@Desinishon as a Penguin
@Saridlin as the Gramps
@Magipika as the Creepy Girl
@Kitty as the Granny
@Shiny as the Strongman
@Salzorrah as the Alien
@Ho-Oh as the Keymaker
@Zoska as the Butterfly
@Conos as the Bodyguard
@Dedenne as the Priest
@Wrath-o-Los as the Traitor (formerly the Associate)
@Johnny as the Ninja
@Specifice as the Vigilante
@TeaLeaf as the Host
@Tyler as the Nurse
@Desox as a Penguin

I’m also going to take this moment to apologise to Shiny who shouldn’t have died when Chura shot them. Associate guns aren’t meant to work on mafia members and I forgot that when I put the shot through. Thankfully it didn’t prevent their side from winning.

DCYOM 3 is coming soon!


It’s okay :heart: The game was fun to watch and I just wanna say…

I really would’ve done the same vague hint giving if I were town or mafia! It just felt right since no one died, I didn’t think giving names was necessary LMAO that f-ed me over in the end…

Also Zos…when you were backing up Johnny, I was just waiting to see you forced to eat your words. I’m surprised it turned out to be a game over, though!



Butterfly is a really cool role for games with converters like cults, priests or hosts. It returns all living players to their previous role and alignment when killed.


That would’ve been pretty cool, an interesting role I never knew about ovo