Do you use a password manager?

Do you use a password manager?


As the title says: do you use a password manager? If yes, why? If no, why not?

I do use one, I have started using it two years ago and it’s very useful, it certainly has made my password habits way better. I personally use LastPass and it’s very nice, the app is well done and it auto compiles websites login forms for you! Plus, it’s in the cloud, so I can access it anywhere.


I think so? Something that remembers my passwords automatically usually. It is helpful and I’m glad something like this was invented XD


I don’t think so? At least, I don’t know for sure haha whoops


ngl tho I’m pretty sketched out when browsers or other third party apps save your passwords. That’s just me tho.


I let google save my passwords, though I’d like a better one some day. Ive basically given into google knowing all my information tbh so I’m not really worried.


for bank account stuff yea but not most accounts


Never, always seem to remember every password I have ever made


I use Google’s autofill for passwords, but I don’t let it save any banking information. I always remember those ones.