Do you still buy movie DVDs?

Do you still buy movie DVDs?


Or do you use online services like I do for your entertainment? :fufu:


Our family likes to walk the middle line and get all of our movies at the library, so we don’t have to buy them, but we don’t have online streaming services either ;/


I get all my movies from the darkest corners of the internet, #darkweb #scary #darkwebmysteryboxUNBOXING

But I’m going to be buying movies on blu-ray soon since I finally got a player and a TV for 4k hehe


My family actively uses online services, but we still like to buy dvds for some movies such as any good Ghibli’s and others we know we’ll want to rewatch often. If we do buy DVD’s usually they’re also bluray.


These days DVDs are mere collectibles.


I don’t since Netflix is cheaper in the long run imo, especially with anime.