Do you plan on buying LGPE?

Do you plan on buying LGPE?


Title, and why or why not? If so which version, and if both which one are you playing first?

I’m going to be buying Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, and giving it a whirl. I don’t have any expectation for the games but I wonder what all the cities graphics will look like :zoomeyes:


I’m getting Let’s Go Pikachu. I hope that it won’t be too bad. Pre-release expectations aren’t very high.


Probably not… I’ve got neither the console nor the funds for it, and there’s many things that I’d buy first if I did have a budget for games like this.

From a technical standpoint though, I haven’t quite got the ‘Kanto nostalgia’ that some people are getting out of this game, but that could work either to my advantage or disadvantage if I were essentially playing through a new environment. However, the things that I’ve heard about the game being ‘nerfed for a younger audience’ are also a little bit of a turnoff, I’d much rather play a game from the original series and get to experience each of the new generations of Pokemon than play the equivalent of a remake for kids. I think if I’d want to see the new styles of graphics, I’d see what the other games like USUM have to offer first.


Nah. There are plenty of other games that I actually want to play that I’m saving for right now, and if it’s looking like it’s gonna be what we all expect it to be, then I don’t want my purchase go fuel their profit for it.


Nope. Not only are there other games I feel more interested in to begin with (Etrian Odyssey Nexus, Smash Bros Ultimate, Final Fantasy 12 on Switch), LGPE can’t decide if it wants to be more like Gen 1 or more like GO, and ends up as a mess that looks more like it takes the worst of both rather than trying to amplify their strengths and improve upon them.

Heck, part of me just outright wants to create a scathing autopsy of LGPE after they release.