Do you have an art style?

Do you have an art style?


i’m not very good so i draw in kind of a cartoony style without much shading (and usually only have one shaded hue) and low detail. don’t really want to keep it that way as i get better and learn to add more details. but here’s an example of where i’m at rn


I dont think I’m anywhere near finding out what my style is, primarily because I havent drawn a lot yet. I think I’d go for a cool art style and sometimes cute.

Lala likes daka’s art style too.


Nope. I have no style. Literally none. Nada. Zero. Im jealous of every single one of you with consistent styles. :rage:



I wish I had one, but I don’t draw enough (even though I want to) to have developed one yet. I’m kinda scared to go outside of simple line/color/shade that I’ve been doing. :confused: Until I can do that I can’t really try out other styles that might actually be me.


Even though I do quite a bit of pixel art, I don’t know if I have a specific style beyond “high detail figures.” If it helps at all, I typically use this palette (which you could say is “pastel” or “muddy pastel”)


I think given the short time I’ve been doing art I do have a pretty consistent style. It’s always evolving to an extent as my art improves but the general way my pictures are structured now tends to be pretty much the same.


Photography-wise (becuz photography is art) always bright, bold and with an orange tinge. A lot like the film look but I prefer the golden style and use the sun to create effects rather than fabricate them.


Animeish. I don’t know how I came to the style besides drawing anime crap in middle school but that’s just where it is.


Oh photography wise i love me my vintage / sepia like pastel tones. Its so nice.


Welp my art style is drawings anime charaters im still new with drawings oofie