Do you find it difficult to introduce yourself to other people

Do you find it difficult to introduce yourself to other people


irl and online

If their outfit isn’t compliment-able im going to ask why they’re where i am

For me it’s pretty easy because I was shy for a long time and now it’s just I never want to do that again so I don’t.

Online I just send a hi, or relate to something said in a group chat, or talk about their profile picture and we get the ball rolling, pretty fun, hbu?


I introduce myself to people no problem but I’m not really genuine with people until I get to know them a little better so I can kind of be aloof in new relationships

So I’m like 50/50


Very difficult for me as I’m pretty shy and my social anxiety makes me think trying to socialize is just gonna get me made fun of in some way, irl and online. I usually hover around convos, hoping for a topic I know about and seeing if maybe I can get a small comment in and Mayne get a response. If the group’s too large and/or seems to know each other really well then I don’t even bother, because I don’t really think I have a chance.


Given I struggle to talk about myself, it should be no surprise I suck at self-introductions. Not helping is prior negative experiences promoting my clammy, reserved nature as well (and even outright getting unwarranted sexual harassment over me trying to loosen up some, even from mods (but not here thank gods))


I don’t really have difficulty introducing myself if someone reaches out to me and says hi, but it’s more difficult for me to introduce myself to someone who didn’t initiate a conversation with me or introduce themselves to me first.


It’s really easy for me since the moment I moved to the island where my uni is to study!


my situation is the same as zach’s.

im terrible with introducing myself as far as people who don’t reach out to me first. but if you do? sure why not.


In Person: No, too shy to introduce unless they introduce first and I get to know them a little bit.

Online: No problem, a hi or something and chit chatting.






I find it awkward when first meeting and introdicing myself to new people, but after we find something in common to talk about then I’m fine :slight_smile: I guess the same goes for online, I used to be really comfortable with just starting conversations with people I’d never met but now it’s like ??? What do I say omg



usually its a matter if i want to introduce myself to that person - if i dont want to get to know the person, i dont introduce myself, simple.


I can introduce myself to new people fairly easily, but I find it pretty difficult to engage in conversation with people I just met unless I’m on a sort of social roll where I’m feeling highly charismatic based on a lot of previous positive social engagements with multiple other people. Then I sort of ride that high and lead into an interaction with someone new.