Diancie and Magearna

Diancie and Magearna


With the release of Pokemon X and Y we saw the new fairy type in the games. And along with that new fairy legends. Obviously Xerneas was quite prevalent as one of the most popular, but Diancie and Magearna both received movies showcasing them.

Diancie is Fairy and Rock, and obtained a cool Mega Evolution in ORAS. Magearna on the other hand was released a generation later and debuted in her own movie, a Fairy and Steel type. What do you think of these two mythical pokemon? Competitively, design wise and the like. Is Magearna sort of a copy of Diancie? Or do the two simply look alike?


In all honesty, we can’t exactly know unless we knew what that ancient toymaker’s mindset was when they made Magearna. It could be an attempt to recreate a fairytale pokemon that actually existed and nobody knew about, or it could be a mere coincidence. It could even be a roboticized Diancie, for all we know.


I loved the magerna movie, but idk about Diancie