Detective Pikachu gets first trailer and release date

Detective Pikachu gets first trailer and release date


Detective Pikachu gets first trailer and release date

They're furry, and the lead Pokémon is voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

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I think it’s pretty cool they have Reynolds voicing Pikachu. But tbf the furry Pikachu is going to look very creepy in most scenes. It’s a nice breather though. A lot of older fans are sick of the Franchise atm and many didn’t enjoy the newest movie. I’m not hyped for the next movie in that series, but I am interested to see how this live action one goes.


AAAHHHH, THIS IS GREAT Pokémon in the real world is something I’ve always wanted, and this looks really good so far. Pikachu is definitely fuzzier than I imagined, but regardless the graphics and premise look and sound fantastic. I can’t wait to see it! Also Ryan Reynolds, what an absolute god. :dyinglol:


This movie has a lot of potential, I hope that a compelling and catching story can top it all off. To be fair, I don’t find realistic Pokèmon to be that weird, some things have to obviously be changed from how we are used to see them in the anime in order for them to fit the scenography.

P.S. I never thought I would say this, but Pikachu looks very cute. haha


I wasn’t thrilled when I first heard about this but the trailer actually looks pretty good. I’m not expecting it to be wonderful but I think it’s going to be far from the disaster I was expecting.