Daily Work

Daily Work


Messing around with Filter Forge!!!


some dragon head which is an experiment with shading and what not.
Also, I’m loving all the pieces in this thread!


I like to go onto gaia online and ask for avatars to speed sketch out.


Suggestion of items I should do would be appreciated! I just want to make a ton of small items like this.


I wish I could do pixel art! I adore it but it’s something I could never get right - really not easy imo, with how small the canvas is, and especially when you’re working in monochrome like that, so props.


  • bow/arrow
  • helmet
  • scroll
  • skull
  • treasure chest
  • apple
  • pie
  • apple pie


i second this suggestion


  • feather
  • lock
  • coin

because why not :’)


Really don’t feel like finishing this, so here it goes.

EDIT: Got a little streaming work done on the items! Didn’t get to helmets.


more gb pallet work, farm this time



little sketch i did this morning. hair has been by far the most challenging roadblock for me in artistry, at least in terms of drawing humans… I’m still only halfway there but I hope that in 6 months it’s something that comes far more easily to me.


It’s been a hot minute, been working commissions I can’t/shouldn’t post so publicly.


feelin’ a bit blah lately, so I did a small sketch of just anything



I made slime jigglies because ???




I’ve been practicing with pixel art quite a bit, but haven’t gotten lighting or shadows down quite yet hehe

Was trying to do a sphere/ball-thing for dev-lounge here’s what came out:

Also tried to do a tie fighter for May the 4th!

Was also working with sizes and such trying to find a size that fits me :3


i feel like poo


Got in a DBZ high lately and felt like drawing Goku. Felt like diverging from the official art style a little bit too cuz wynaut. Not exactly the best in Toriyama style faces so did it in a way that I was more comfortable with.


I made this a little earlier in the week, but I didn’t refine it until today, was a nice warmup and gave me some ideas for making a sun in the future~



My warmup from this morning


A regional variant of Ambipom for Dakota’s hack!