Daily Work

Daily Work


Daily Works

How about we all share some of our daily workings? It’s okay if you don’t have work to show everyday, but it’s always good to draw constantly. Big or small, show it here!

I’ll start with some drawings I made this morning!

This is me trying to practice proportions, making my Animal Crossing character with some of their clothing. The other is just another sketch.


Even if it’s something small, just go ahead and show everyone!


Come on guys! I know you have a little sketch in ya! : ) Just a small one!

In today’s daily work, here’s a sequel to sinister looking girl in red.


You can comment here, even if you don’t have something to show daily! What are some of you hopes for drawing or making work more often?

This is a more ambitious sketch that’s probably never going to get turned into something bigger.
Edit: Immediately realize that the annoying hand could have just been holding her skirt.

++ “Best Behavior”


Hi it’s a lil Mimikyu


Ahhhh I love it Juno! You’ve really nailed that shape based lineart less look, while still keeping it fluid and fun. :yellow_heart:


Somtimes I just don’t feel like finishing even a sketch. I thought it might be a nice opportunity to see something in the mid stages.




I love your colour choices on your figures and how loose the brush strokes are, Nina! They give them volume and depth!
This is some random creature I drew today using Drawception’s sandbox mode on mobile without a stylus.


I love it Fafrir! It looks like it’s staring at a fire with those wonderful reds mixed into the blue dragon.

In small sketch land, here’s the bunny I got at gamestop that’s inspiring my writing.

EDIT: Since it’s not been more than like 15hrs.

HI. Experiments.


managed to draw this today i’ve been trying to draw as much as possible this year and while i’m succeeding more than last year it’s still been tough oops.


oh that’s lovely! good job! I hope to see more of your work!

This is from yesterday, but I realize I didn’t post it. Coloring a previous sketch


I love this thread! Everyone’s art looks great.

Here’s something I colored in this morning.

omg I can’t believe how much the system degrades the quality rip


Tried to make less detailed sketches of the FE Bunny Crew so I could sprite them but even the sketch was a challenge.

I’m also making a sprite for a Link To The Past radomizer mod that can be inserted by people. Here’s progress on the sprite sheet so far.



i havent been drawing for a while. mostly been playing with kids craft materials since uhhh thats my job. but did a page of just like that fake calligraphy font kinda thing with a decent pen? a good thing to get my hand moving.


Anna that looks amazing! I have wanted to do handwritten work, but I just can’t work with brush pens like that. It’s a great thing that you can do!

I did a pencil outline, but shoved it through PaintsChainer for fun. I’ll put whatever I actually finish on my portfolio, it’s a good outline.


part of me wants to say these paintings aren’t enough, but the other part of me says I was drawing noting before. so fuck that.
what ever gets me to keep going.
random headshot girls here we go.



I did a bunch of FE face edits yesterday and today, it was fun! You may recognize the witch from the bunny story recently, so just ignore the second one. : )


after 5 years im trying to learn to draw again :frowning: i have a tablet now tho which helps