Cthulhu and the Cult Mafia - Sign Ups

Cthulhu and the Cult Mafia - Sign Ups


Cthulhu and the Cult Mafia

In a small seaside town lives a small community full of all kinds of characters. They lived together quietly for the most part, even attracting a famous star to live among them. But when rumours of a strange creature living in the waters of the town’s beach began to spread, an even stranger cult was made. Will the town be able to stop the cult, or will everyone be converted to worship the creature of the sea?

Game Mechanics

The game will run with a Day and Night Phase. The Day Phase will last for 48 hours, during this time the thread will be open for discussion for players to eventually come to a decision on whom to lynch at the end of the phase. The Night Phase will last for 24 hours, in this time the thread is considered locked and no posts are allowed to be made in it. This is the time you’ll use to make your Night Actions, if you have the ability to make them.

The Rules

  1. All standard rules apply.
  2. Do not share your role PMs with other players.
  3. Do not discuss this game outside of this thread and designated chats.
  4. To write your vote, format it as [Vote] Player Name. Abstaining is allowed; format it as [Vote] Abstain.
  5. Not voting or abstaining for two days will result in you being removed from the game. Try to post at least once per Day Phase.
  6. You may post one death post. However, it cannot contain any information you might have gained throughout the game.
  7. Kill the hecc out of each other.

PM me on the forums or DM on Discord (Zoska #0420) if you have any questions.

The Roles

There will be two factions in this game, with Third Party replacing Mafia as the usual main minority. That’s right, no night killing for you blood thirsty monsters, today. You gotta lynch or yoink a gun to get your murder fix.

The Town

The Innocent faction of the game and the uniformed majority. They win once the Cult is wiped out.

Can choose to visit one player every Night phase to learn that player’s alignment.

Can choose to visit one player every Night phase. That player cannot be converted by the Cult that Night. If the Shrink visits a player who has gone mad from Cthulhu, they cure the player’s madness. If the Shrink visits the Cult Leader or a Cultist, they die.

you know what this doesThey can visit a player during the Night Phase to give a gun with a 50% chance of revealing the shooter when fired.

The creepy person no one paid much attention to until the Cult showed up. They appear as Vanilla Townie to themselves. When investigated by a Cop, they will appear as guilty. When lynched, they will appear as Third Party, and when killed they will be revealed as Miller.

A star that moved to the small town. As soon as Night 0 begins, their role will be revealed to all players.

Can choose to visit one player every Night phase to role block, stopping them from making a Night Action.

Once a game, they can stir up trouble during the Night or Day. Once the town is stirred up they can have an extra lynch.

Vanilla Townie
Just you’re average community members with no special abilities. Only question is, are they really Vanilla, or are they the Miller? :fufu:

The Third Party

A faction with their own tasks to perform to win the game.

Cult Leader
Can choose to visit one player every Night phase to convert them into a Cultist. They cannot convert Cthulhu and will not go mad if they visit. If the Cult Leader dies, all Cult Members will die. The Cult will be able to communicate in their own chat. Wins once the Cult outnumbers the Town.

Once a player is converted, they will become a Cultist. They will lose the abilities of their last role.

Probably a chill dude. If anyone visits Cthulhu, they will go mad. Insane players will be unable to vote and cannot type properly in chat, if they type anything it must be jumbled and gibberish. They can only win with the Cult.

The Players


We stan cthulu




Oh boi, there it is. Can’t wait for some tentacles action.


sure, in.


How could I not be in for this?


Give me the winner role.


I think you have to be capable of winning to get that.


fyi i have won several games without even doing anything and also won TSI so ha


I’ll take another go at it.