Couldn't think of a single moth pun

Couldn't think of a single moth pun


… so instead you get a title telling you i couldn’t.

hey people, i’m moth (or just moll is a-ok if calling me that feels weird), i was cariad on PC and even though i joined this like three months ago i never actually posted at all orz… so here i am! B)

mostly i play videogames and complain about having to do work like any other normal student - leafeon is my favourite pokemon and i’m forever waiting for my sinnoh remake /sobs

nice to meet you all! <333


hey moth! not sure we ever talked but i was rainbow and i’m toga here. welcome to sz! :grin:



…I couldn’t think of anything else to say, lol


Hey Moth! Welcome to SZ, I think I might have known you on PC? I was Dedenne1 if it rings any bells.

Either way I hope to get a chance to chat someday as I’m basically dying during the time it’s taking for a Sinnoh remake :stuck_out_tongue: Also Leafeon is an amazing eeveelution, my fav is Glaceon hehe.

Hope to see you around :3


Don’t think I have seen you on PC but hey! :smiley: