Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


Of course, if he was town he would’ve revealed way back.


Maybe i shouldnt type while other people are typing


It’s more aimed at the people who are still voting for him, despite the fact. Like Tyler, who feels Magi is Town-leaned but is still lynching him.

I’ll just end it there so Kitty can respond.


Wrapping it up in 30.


More like read the sudden messages that arrived while i was reading magis thing but nah dudes keep typing

Or at the very least softed to something.


But I didn’t. Like I said, it won’t make a difference now. I’ll end it there as well, I’m so tired of arguing for no reason xD


Minutes or seconds?


Uh… if that’s true, then do you expect them to abstain and let me get lynched? If they think is town vs town, removing their votes from Magi would give the majority of votes to me, whom they also townread.


if it were seconds would I’ve let you continue?


end purgatory plz I’m on a treadmill




That depends more on who they would look to, I don’t encourage abstaining. We’ll figure it out next phase I guess (looks like Fletch will miss a vote rip.)


make me


It will definitely make a difference, because if you’re town and you die, your role won’t be revealed, meaning the mafia will have another unclaimed role to claim late in the game when everyone starts claiming.


Heeeeck you guys made me go over nine miles, I’m holding you responsible

although i’ll admit it made them go a lot faster


[vote] magi


Yup, that just confirms to me he’s mafia, or at the very least, not town.


:dyinglol: famous last words


This isn’t going anywhere so I’m gonna save you the trouble of beating a dead horse, as noone new to the convo is coming. Day is over.


Code Geass Mafia

Day One - Recap

It was a rather active day with everyone voicing their opinions on who was a possible terrorist. Accusations were thrown back and forth between two individuals and, after some time, most of town decided in favour of one of them. It was thus Magipika who would be charged with acts of terrorism, punishable by death.

Magipika x 5: Johnny, Tyler, Dedenne, Zoska, Kitty

Johnny x 2: Magipika, Specifice

Kitty: jdthebud

Unfortunately, Brittania prides itself on being a constitutional monarchy, and by the order of a higher noble, Magipika was set free and Johnny the Brittanian was the one punished instead.

Magipika x 5: Johnny, Tyler, Dedenne, Zoska, Kitty

Johnny: by higher mandate

Night One will end in around 24 hours, the 16 of November @ 23:00 GMT-3.

  • Zoska as …
  • Johnny as a Brittanian (town)
  • Magipika as …
  • Desinishon as …
  • Conos as …
  • Glitter as a Brittanian (town)
  • Fletch as …
  • Shiny as …
  • Specifice as …
  • Tyler as …
  • jdthebud as …
  • EvilChameleon as …
  • Dedenne as …
  • Kitty as …

For actions or any inquiries DM me over here or at @Desox#738 on Discord.