Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


Alright well I get the planning a future lynch part. Anyways @Zoska we shut up now.





[Vote] Magipika

Like I said earlier this phase, it’s obvious Magi’s chosen to not read what people have been saying. He’s deflected arguments thrown his way without proper explanations, probably hoping to trick people into thinking he’s made a proper response in the essays of wall text that could easily be compiled into a single paragraph and still have the same result. And before someone makes the remark of, “oh, so giant walls of text = mafia”, no, that’s not what I’m saying. So don’t even try to twist it into that. There’s making large, well thought out posts that help draw conclusions, or at the very least help the town in some way. Magi’s posts don’t do that, it’s why there’s been so many comments from people saying they haven’t bothered reading all of it because all it is, is constant summaries of little explanation.

And I haven’t been agreeing with everything. I’ve agreed on you being potentially mafia, I didn’t agree on Kitty being scum for GP dying, or her being scum for not voting for you like Johnny pointed out, I didn’t agree on Aaron being scum because he suggested Canas should shoot the gun he has on a side note, I wouldn’t shoot that shit my dude, and I haven’t agreed with Spaget’s unreasonable defence for you.

So all in all, there’s my stance. Now I gotta go make food.


Im way too dead inside to be reading walls of texts without food in my system

True enough.

I never did encounter that scumtell, and if I did I probably wouldn’t have realized it was lmfao.

I suck at reading jokes :frowning: At the moment, it being in the heat of the walls of texts, and when I did, I saw it as a slip while everyones distracted kinda thing to influence another person. Little scumtells??


Also were those last walls of texts just salt


If it was salt, it’s 24-hour old salt because that’s when I drafted that post; that’s why the references are so far back :wobblurk: Well, I guess I didn’t really expect anyone to read all of my walls of text, but that’s just the way I post. They served their purpose anyhow.

Dedenne, I may be skimming, but the majority of your posts are either addressed to Spaget, or just called me scum, my playstyle different, or to not target Johnny just like Aaron did. If you had comments and questions for me, you’re going to have to refer me to them because I don’t see them.

If you’re too tired to read my posts, I do do my best to respond to people; I might be skimming over the people I find scum, but that’s because I don’t see why I should trust them, and I still try anyways. What “information” do you want me to put in my posts? Because unless you want me to justify everything with “GP died”, what you guys say is all I have. If you have anything better than that, please let me know.

I’m not responding to change people’s minds by now; it’s pretty obvious which way this is going. But at any rate, it’s looking like it’s going to be a bad night for Town.



Also @Fletch I know ya busy, just letting you know that I think you have a little more than an hour left to put in a vote.


On another note, I wonder which role we’re losing tonight…

“Revealing if you’re being bandwagoned, for example, is allowed. Or subtly hinting your roles, but don’t abuse on it, it’s still unfair.”


Felt like getting in one last word because there’s about an hour left, and I’m severely addicted :’)

At this point, I think roleclaiming would just seem desperate; and I don’t think the Mafia needs any more information than they have already. Better they have as little info on Town as possible.

I realize you misinterpreted why I bring up Zombles. Honestly, I thought GP was in charge of that voting strategy, but funny you bring yourself into it. Anyways, from my perspective, if you really are Mafia there’s two courses of action you can take when a Mafia’s being targeted:

Option 1: Take the lynch. The only way to resolve any earlier suspicions would be to distance yourself from the victim and hope you aren’t connected.

Option 2: Fight the lynch. This might require to have all your Mafia vote, but you’d have to. At best, you can make the accuser seem like he’s confused, and hopefully when he flips Town, you can blow it off. That’s what happened in Zombles, and that’s why I brought it up.

Anyways, the only reason I’m willing to suggest this is my own intuition; but reason being, not necessarily because it matches Johnny’s playstyle, but it’s exactly what I would do if I were Mafia. I feel like my explanation that what I’ve done so far this game was about the dumbest course of action a Mafia could take was enough, but apparently obviously brazen investigation is a Mafia play.

Disclaimer: No information in this paragraph, this is just a rant xD I typed this running on a treadmill so give me a rest

Sometimes I wonder how people would react if I gave calm collected summaries instead of paragraphs of rants. I always start nice, but it usually descends into madness like this. Would it be considered normal and Town? Or a deviation from my playstyle and therefore suspicious? I think I tried that in Pokemon Wars once, but it was kind of lame… like I said, I feel they serve their purpose. If not for them, we might still be back at “GP died” and the Kitty WIFOM, for all I know. At least we got everyone’s opinions in the open, salt makes for better discussion :wink:

Martyrdom over boredom I always say :fufu:


Ah, yes, some people think Magi might be town, but they aren’t so sure, are they? If they were, they’d be defending him, now.

Also, funny you should say this because this applies to you and Magi as well. Many people said they thought I was town and you stick with your vote? A bit hypocritical.


Same thing; if I were Mafia and bound to be lynched, don’t you think Spaget would have bailed on me by now? We’re not stupid.


That has nothing to do with anything. She’s sticking with her vote after “many people read me as town”, which according to her, I should not do. Point stands.


Other people read you as Town. I don’t necessarily.

Edit: I wasn’t implying that I thought it was Town vs Town, just that other people did.


And what makes you think I read Magi as Town? lol


What does that even mean :thonk:


You accuse me of sticking with my vote after people townread Magi. You’re doing the same thing with me, but your excuse is that you don’t townread me? So clearly you must have thought I was townreading Magi, otherwise why throw that accusation at all?


“Clearly.” No, I never thought you were Town-reading him, I thought that’d be pretty apparent. :eyes: I mentioned other users who were seeing it that way.

And I’m not “accusing” you of sticking with your vote, you already are sticking with you vote?? Like I can’t accuse you of a fact, can I?


Wrong point; Spaget voted your way because I believe she believed me. If you’re lynching me as Mafia, why are you going after Spaget? If misguided Town is why, why are you lynching me?

It’s easy to back a majority vote, and I’ve already addressed your supporters .You can’t call everyone who backs me even a little sus; it makes sense in the short term, but not the big picture.


And it’s a fact that you did the same thing with me?? Given the same circumstances.

Spaget: Says she’s worried because I stick with my vote on Magi despite many people reading him as town.

Several people townread me
Spaget sticks with her vote

The contradiction there is pretty clear to me.


I have very mixed feelings about this.