Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


Actually, since jd’s the one that said it, that would confirm for him that Kitty isn’t bandwagoning because they’re possibly Town. Why vote for her if you agree with her read?


Gps forcing me to sleep so imma make this quick


@Johnny - i stated my reason why i didnt vote for the main wagon. I see it as a strong town vs (very confused, definitely reaching sometimes) other town. Plus, i felt like i could have made people see the sketchy thing i saw. with a vote. Again, it could be an oversight by aaron but i already said it wasnt conclusive. If i was aiming to kill myself i would have gone in something cooler like surrendering myself to a mafia kill :frowning:

Why should i join a wagon that i dont agree on??? I dont understand this logic???

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Ill be back in like… Five hours…
Inb4 day ends…


It’s a classic scumtell. Wait for the town to start a bandwagon and steer clear of suspicion when the target flips as town.

I guess we’ll see, though, Magi is probably getting lynched today anyway.



Classic scum tell: avoiding a lynch you had absolutely nothing to do with because you disagreed with it, because you expect the person who’s being lynched might be Town.


Oho, temper temper! Less of that.

Anyway, Magi has fallen into the trap of Always Looks Like Scum right now, I’d stop butting heads with Johnny and look elsewhere.
My comment to Canas was a joke as it’s faurly obvious his shooter will kill him.
@Johnny I’m not sure 100%, I think we may be having a large town-only argument.
However at this point I’m worried - ESPECIALLY if Magi flips as Town - that we’ll keep getting this every day and mislynching so I’m having to choose the less likely to be Town out of the two contributors here along with myself, so I’m sticking to my Magi vote.


Nah, that only happens D1 because we have nothing to go on. We’ll have a lot more info on D2 by today’s lynch and the next night kill. Maybe someone will have information because of their night actions as well.


I can see what you’re saying, but I think it’s also more likely that she doesn’t want to vote a Townie, especially since she hasn’t had much chance to catch up with the goings on.

Still a little worried that you’re sticking with a Magi vote after a few people have chimed in about this all seeming like Town vs Town. Also now suspecting Kitty when you were trying to make it seem like you weren’t before. She hasn’t really said anything that brings up red flags to me at least.


Stop butting heads with Johnny and look elsewhere? That’s an odd request, given that you still plan on lynching me despite acknowledging I’m probably misguided Town. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that you wanted me to clear your name before I die so that when I do flip as Town, you look better for it. As if I’d change my viewpoint so easily just because you asked “politely”.

You really want to know my thoughts on everyone? I’ve only gone after you guys because you’re the most suspicious to me; I do have thoughts on the others, but they’re quite a bit shorter. Almost everybody here has declared a scumlean or a ‘misguided Town’ lean on me at some point, so I’d like to think I have one of the more neutral perspectives here.

Canas has the gun, so he’s probably not Mafia. I don’t think Fletch has said very much this game at all; jp thinks it’s just Town v Town, but I don’t know what to think of that, and EC just abstained.

Zoska seems to be just bandwagoning on Johnny’s IIoA suggestion, which we’ve all been guilty of, but has otherwise just been coasting by on “it’s all speculation”, which seems either scum or just passive. I… can’t read Desi. He called out three of you earlier but said it was to gauge reactions; otherwise, I don’t understand what way he’s leaning.

Shiny’s leaning towards inactive players since she can’t get a read on us, but she pretty much echoed my thoughts on the WIFOM and the lack of information, so I’m inclined to believe her. Kitty thinks it might be Town v Town as well, but she at least looked for some information on her own, which signifies she’s at least trying.

Spaget’s the only person who ever believes me, and is actually asking questions instead of criticizing answers. All of which are ignored because she picked the same side as me. And if I know I’m Town, why wouldn’t I trust her?

So given my thoughts, do I have any reason not to want to keep my eyes on somebody who I know is lynching Town, and I’ve found sus since the beginning?


Hi sorry I’m too busy to give a long winded response to this. I don’t think Kitty Is Mafia, I have my reasons for thinking this but it’s possible she’s third party.

Currently though, Magi seems to be scum. For the above reasons I agreed with along with his passive aggressive comments. What I’m still beyond interested in though is Spagets comments. Her comment above doesn’t make much sense to me, along with her last reason for lynching Johnny. A few people chimed in that it seems town v town? The few people being errrr Kitty? And she finds Johnny more suspicious because he brought up concerns on Kitty?

He’s the weird thing, if you’re mafia or TP and you got a lynch going, and yes Magi is the main bandwagon right now, there’s no reason to bring up more evidence. Sure you can continue the onslaught on one person but that makes it seem like you’re leading unless they’re being quite defensive. If Johnny was mafia there is absolutely no reason for him to draw any attention to Kitty unless he couldn’t get Magi lynched.

You’re about to be lynched, the majority of votes are against you, the only reason I see you staying on Johnny is because he has the second most votes and if you can get people to flip you’ll get him lynched instead of you.


Here’s to hoping.

@Specifice I think right now it’s a lot more investigative work done, poking and prodding, see who says what, get people thinking about your potential reads etc.

Stop butting heads with Johnny and look elsewhere? That’s an odd request, given that you still plan on lynching me despite acknowledging I’m probably misguided Town. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that you wanted me to clear your name before I die so that when I do flip as Town, you look better for it. As if I’d change my viewpoint so easily just because you asked “politely”.

I’m saying this because you are digging yourself a massive grave, your spat with Johnny has resulted in a current majority vote for you and people viewing you at the most as misguided Town. I’m still uncertain on alignment and I never said I 100% think you are Town, just that in the “best” case scenario, actually right now having either you or Johnny alive to have this keep potentially happening is not good and Johnny has presented a far better case than you have right now.


What suspicions on Kitty? All I see is him calling her out for not joining a bandwagon that he and Aaron started. But if it pleases you, I can go after somebody else if you want.

Dedenne. You were quiet for the entire argument, but I saw you typing before taking it back just a few minutes after Johnny calls on you, and then Aaron sends his scripted reply soon after, hmm indeed… Don’t think I haven’t been watching carefully. I had some dirt on you that I was saving for this bombshell reveal post near the end, but I’m impatient and I have finals today, so…

Speaking of grouping people together, I think that’s a great idea, so on that note… I left one thing out earlier, that honestly was one of the deciding factors for me, but I decided not to reveal it because there was no reason to antagonize any more people to make my point, but seeing as you’re already voting for me now…

Remember this? I had my eye on this line ever since the first post I made, but I guess I’ll bring it up now. The last part seemed to make sense, but the fact that you basically cleared Johnny and Aaron, in your eyes at least, based on meta information as well? Could be just a coincidence, a reeeeeally suspicious coincidence, but honestly that was the ‘lynchpin’ for my original thoughts. One of the biggest things I was looking for was people acting as a unit; defending each other, being coordinated and having somewhat similar thoughts, and seeming to have so many planned responses that it could’ve been prepared, say, 24 hours in advance. And looking at it overall, after everything you’ve done, the sum of your actions seemed to be have been extremely coordinated as well as of late; I didn’t think it would be so obvious though, so maybe it’s just wrong, but god is it convenient.

I was wondering why, if I thought you were all Mafia, you would put all of your eggs in one basket, and then I was reminded of an eerily familiar situation. Tell me if this rings any bells.

  • Johnny gets killed on Night Zero. (So does some Vanilla, but who cares)
  • GP and Kitty get in a little debate over who would be more likely to have killed Johnny. Unresolved.
  • I notice something peculiar in GP’s argument and point it out.
  • I get in an argument with GP and get voted for by him. I vote back. More votes file in.
  • Three votes on GP: Kitty’s initial pressure vote, my vote, and Spaget’s because nobody else believes me.
  • Oddly, four votes occur on me: Dedenne (Fabricator), GP (Godfather), Shiny (Doctor), and then conveniently when Spaget’s makes it a tie, Sari (Hooker).
  • I cave and allow myself to be voted out as a Vanilla Townie. And GP gets away with murder.

Talk about deja vu. Maybe it is an absolute coincidence, and this time, it’s just Johnny’s lucky day. But there’s only one real way to find out. And this time I’m not giving in.

I don’t need to see the future to know that the second one of you reads this, you’ll say that I’m just revenge posting because they voted for me. And that’s fine with me. I’m just making my ”reaching” connections that nobody else thought to make because they’re too busy trying to stay alive, and I know I came up with this long before any of this went down. And I can see the present to see that it’ll be passed off as reaching Town, but besides Zoska casually agreeing with everything without taking a stance, pretty much everyone else strikes me as independent, albeit indecisive.

What Johnny seems to be quick to overlook is that Mafia is a team effort, and the actions of one would reflect the entire decision of strategy of the team. Instead he’s been singling out people as Mafia and not even stopping to consider the fact that they have to have two other allies. So the fact that he’s been looking only to them for support of his ‘theories’? I’m sure he’ll get a reasonable, thought out response that works very cohesively with his own, because he already knows what it’s going to be.

Don’t we all.


I mean salt is bound to happen eventually :dyinglol:

And what doesn’t make sense about it?? He’s been saying thos whole time that Kitty being Maf was just a “possibility,” we’ve definitely covered that. >_> But now since she’s voted for Tyler now he’s leaning more sus on her, just because of one vote (which has good reasoning in my eyes; whether the gun is real or not it’s not a good idea to shoot so early. It may have been a joke, bit sarcasm doesn’t come across well in text, so idk.)

Kitty and jdthebud mentioned that it seemed Town vs Town, along with Tyler who said we may be having a “town-only argument.” However I am still concerned about jd, because he voted for Kitty for not voting for Johnny or Magi, yet he believes they’re both Town, so idk what reasoning that vote has behind it. When you can, you might wanna backread, there’s a lot. ._.

Uhh, I can’t agree with that. I know you’re talking about Maf or TP but everyone’s better off the more we have to go on, the surer we can be. I don’t really get what this means tbh. Could just be covering bases, but Johnny switched up his position on Kitty a little quickly if you ask me.


This is where we stand right now. There should be still 4 1/2 hours left in the Day phase though.


  • Tyler, Johnny, Dedenne -> Magi (3)
  • Spaget, Magi -> Johnny (2)
  • Kitty -> Tyler (1)
  • jdthebud -> Kitty (1)
  • EC, Shiny, Canas, Desinishon -> abstain
  • Fletch, Zoska -> haven’t voted

Hopefully by next phase we’ll have more to go on, role-wise, and get more convo from the others as well.


I don’t have the energy to read that all thoroughly atm. For the same reason I stopped typing as Johnny @ed me because I was too busy. I already posted earlier that I wouldn’t be as active during this game.

Clearing Johnny and Aaron? With how little we had to go on we discussed GP dying. But we all kind of agreed silently it wasn’t enough to go against her without her commenting. As I said after some time I didn’t think she was mafia anymore. I like to think back to older games and people’s playstyles along with the exact opposite of those playstyles, it helps me get reads.

As for your response, you ignored my comment and question and asked why I was quiet despite me saying why I was earlier. I won’t incriminate you for that, there’s a lot of posts. But you didn’t care to respond to what I said about my thoughts on Johnny’s play. I dont think Johnny is mafia because of that and if you are comparing me and GP leading as mafia Vs Johnny leading as mafia then you’re grouping people together in the meta. Which is where issues come up. Because though I was wiling to risk all of us voting together, Johnny wouldn’t be. I don’t think Aaron would but even I probably wouldn’t in this game because I’m not as active as usual. The only time I take that chance is when I know I can lead a lynch with the people available. That’s the only reason I asked them to vote you because it wouldn’t seem suspicious.

Read my whole post. I don’t see how mafia would be doing better if the town knew more??? In a game where there are very few mafia roles and plenty of town the mafia would want very little info coming out. Aside from yknow who the watcher is and other power roles.

I’ll read up on all of it but that point shouldn’t be confusing :woman_shrugging:


Uhhh that took a moment sorry. But everyone should take note that Fletch has made multiple responses in Zombies mafia and none here yet. I don’t think that makes him suss because like actitivy kills are alive in this game, but weird that he hasn’t replied.

Zoska could be still waiting for more info, everyone to comment. It’s going to get late for our friends in the EU right now.


I’m legit just waiting for you all to shut up so I don’t have to worry about getting to what I think is the end of the thread with all the information and then seeing another giant wall of text :eyes:


It could be a setup for a later lynch, but we’ll see. Zos has been in before making a couple comments and liking others. I got a feeling I know which way she may lynch, but it would be good to start airing your own opinion instead of someone else’s. :eyes: