Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins



Some considerations…

This because I was asked:

  • The abstain thing is just so we all know noone’s playing dumb and so we don’t get Zombly. Think it as in the real world. In most cases abstain can’t win majority, it’s just like a protest vote, and if abstain is the most voted the win goes to the second most voted person.


  • Seems like I could call this “Oversight Mafia” too, because from what I see, I either forgot to add the part about Fabricator being capable of fabbing vests too when I gave Lloyd the capacity to make vests, or I deleted it in between for some reason. Fabbed vests can happen.

Oh, and…

Code Geass Mafia

Day One


A Geass contract between C.C. and someone out of the citizens has already been made. Can you guess who? What a thrilling game!

For actions or any inquiries DM me over here or at @Desox#738 on Discord.


So many posts…someone got geass ability.

I didn’t thought that far ahead like Magi, I just mentioned those to see any kind of reaction. And we did I guess.
I’m not saying you’re scum rabi. Still you provided your defense by mentioning that my posts are just fluff ( which are) in your defense.
I wanted to hear ded’s thought on why it would be too obvious for johnny to kill gp but johnny already gave me answer to that. Still I wanted to hear that from other person’s perspective.
Magi really took apart from there. People’s read of magi as scum got solid with another meta info that they post wall of text when cornered as mafia? Idk I think magi just over analyzed stuff.
Johnny like gp is manipulative player. They can easily sway town. But I don’t think he is scum not yet. 'Cause I don’t think that it’s possible that I hit 2 mafia randomly, im not that lucky. But he defended both(him and rabi) of them. If he was scum he probably would have defended himself. Magi is just looking too deep.
In all of this though

These just says you’re throwing shade on magi and outright agreeing that they’re scum. I know this isn’t much to guarantee a scum read, still.
I’m going to abstain for now.


That’s a bit of a stretch, buddy. I think there’s a possibility Magi is scum because of how far he took things with that one small post, and it was obvious he wasn’t reading what was being said, or rather it looked like he didn’t want to read it. Same with Spaget.

It’s true those posts could’ve contained more, but anything I wanted to say had already been said by Johnny it Aaron. I didn’t want to parrot shit. However, those posts do not show me ‘outright agreeing’ that he’s scum. I was agreeing that the wiki page described what he was doing.



We’ve still got time left, just gonna note that Kitty, jdthebud, Fletch and Zoska haven’t voted yet (unless I missed it.) jd has yet to say anything at all, so idk.

Edit: so far I think it’s…

Tyler, Johnny, Dedenne -> Magipika
Specifice, Magipika -> Johnny
EC, Shiny, Conos, Desinishon -> abstain
Kitty, jdthebud, Fletch, Zoska -> no vote

Besides the last group, those groups are ordered by who voted for each side first to last. I’m finally taking notes for my sanity :dyinglol:


Iirc abstaining wont do anything. (Like idk i think it was here that i read if the majority vote is abstaining then the second most voted thing dies) - edit: read up. It is.

So I’m gonna go with [lynch] aaron/rabi/whatevernamehegoesbyherern bc asking canas to shoot is a bit sketchy sir but nothing conclusive rly

Id go for magi but i dont feel like hes totally scum, just a reaching townie i guess?? Then again i skimmed his long walls of texts i could be wrong.


Yeah abstaining won’t stop a lynch, just wanted to get all the info down. You do have a point there though, since no one’s coming off as straight Maf.


Now I’m torn because I am considering Kitty might be mafia, and perhaps Magipika isn’t mafia.

I was sure she was gonna vote Magipika, and while the point about asking Canas to shoot is a valid one, I think it’s more likely an oversight from Aaron. I can’t think of a single player who would be so sloppy as to blatantly ask someone to shoot a gun (with the knowledge that the gun is rigged). What I think happened is that Kitty might be mafia and isn’t voting Magi because she knows he won’t flip mafia.

It’s not that uncommon for mafia to vote late in the phase and steer clear from wagons.


Alright finally remembered a game I signed up for! lol.

I think Johnny and Magi is Town v Town. The mafia are probably hanging back and eating popcorn right now.

I agree with your point here. Why is she avoiding the main wagons?

[Lynch] Kitty

Also how do you quote someone’s post?


Highlight the text you wanna quote and a “quote” popup will show up.


So what you’re saying is, Aaron said something that made absolutely no sense, and since Kitty called him out for telling Canas to shoot a fabbed gun, she’s more likely to be Mafia again?

Checks out.


Jesus, dude…

You left out the only part that matters, that she’s staying away from the main wagon. Her vote isn’t gonna make a difference and she’d have a much better argument to vote you.


There’s I believe four people (at least, I lost count) who are abstaining today as well. Sending out a vote that doesn’t affect the majorities serves the same purpose, but it lets people know where your opinions lie. Would you much rather Kitty have abstained instead of pointing out something scummy, or is that too risky for you?


I’m now thinking Magi is CC and doesn’t want a possible Lelouch to die. Hence his unreasonable drive to defend Kitty? Hmmmm.


What’s your reason for thinking Aaron made an innocent oversight rather than a scum move? You’re one to talk about unreasonable drives. Why would I try to defend Kitty as CC when I have a majority vote on me, and everyone I interact with is “more suspicious” and would be revealed the minute I die?

Your role implications are reaching just as far as you blame me for.


@Dedenne @Tyler @Desinishon

Thoughts on my last theory?


If it’s like jdthebud said and Johnny/Magi is Town vs Town then why would she go with one of those wagons if she’s reading it the same way?


proceeds to message the two people who voted with him

Literally just dodging my question. Kitty’s actions are at least taking a stance rather than just abstaining. If you think avoiding main wagons is such a sus move, why don’t you pester one of them? Lynching Aaron is at least in the main train of thought.

And you’ve been defending Aaron indirectly far more than you’re willing to admit. That’s more of an unreasonable defense to me.


I am purposefully ignoring you, for the reasons I voted you in the first place. I’d much rather continue this discussion with people who I feel have been reasonable.


Asking people who agree with you isn’t called reasonable discussion, it’s called confirmation bias. Go ask the rest of the public domain instead of pandering to your allies.