Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


I’ll only post the section for Dedenne, because I just rip. you. to. shreds.

"Dedenne: Yesterday I made solid argument after solid argument about Shiny, and it honestly felt like you were just trying to play it off and immediately confirm her as Telepath. You weren’t the only one to do this, but I feel like you were the most prominent, because you didn’t do it just once.

First time you played it off. I gave the lead and then I read this, and it looks like you’re trying to be on my side by believing I received the message, and then put “whisperer/telepath” to make it look like you weren’t sure if Shiny was Town or Mafia, and then towards the end of your post, you say this:

Shiny isn’t in that list of people you weren’t getting town vibes from, meaning you were getting town vibes from her which contradicts what you said earlier in the post.

Second time you played off my lead, added with that “placeholder vote” against Fletch, but I already stated my opinion on that.

Third time. Yes, I’m counting this because this honestly looks like you’re trying to give it attention without giving it too much attention, so you don’t seem suspicious.

This part of your post brought up red flags. Even after Kitty’s post, you tried your absolute best to brush the Shiny situation aside. So much so that after I called out Desi on his post, you jumped straight on him for it with a vote. This is why I’m no longer sure if Desi’s Mafia. Desi made one post that was obviously too focused on me, but compared to the numerous posts and arguments against Shiny and her terrible arguments, Desi’s one long post was enough for you to make a large counter post and vote him? Nah, something doesn’t smell right there."

I was fucking prepared holyhell


thats a fucking storm right there








How annoying…

There were way too many third parties in this game, @Desox


There were only two, JD. Tyler was TURNED INTO TP because maf tried killing him


I mean, there were only two, originally. <_<


oh lol

Well that was really unfortunate then. Town would have won without that


Might not have because Tyler’s death happened from him not voting 2 days in a row


Oh true. I guess Spec being CC screwed us


I don’t see how Spaggy being CC screwed you guys, one of the things was definitely keeping EC alive this long


Problem was we couldn’t waste a lynch on EC, so it wouldn’t have mattered.

We needed to shoot EC but everyone was afraid of the Fabricator.


Yeah, it wasn’t just one TP role that screwed us over. They all did :stuck_out_tongue:


Not wasting a lynch on EC cost town the win, the irony in that XD


I don’t think you understand what he’s saying. He’s actually right, Town needed to lynch mafia to not get outnumbered.


It’s still ironic that even with that in mind, and of course that being right in terms of mafia games, EC (and Spaggy) still won for that exact reason of town not being concerned with lynching EC despite EC killing a townie (whether intentional or not, he says it wasn’t) It’s simply ironic, but ye, best bet could’ve been shooting 'em but the only good gun choice given out was with Kitty


I wiiiiish

But i wanted to try dying via bomb kill and not a fake gun ahaha