Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


I also got a gun… Iirc

@jdthebud i do speak up just whrn im about to sleep and not when im at work smh


K yeah i got a gun so
Theres some weird shit happening


Setting us up for disaster, erm Desi that seems like an odd claim but the issue is that Shiny seems so intent on sending the messages too…but idk your reaction seems off.

Nothing untoward happened to me yesterday, no guns here thankfully! Canas DO NOT FIRE, remember bad guns overwrite good ones


Since you guys are still sus of me and my lynch is certain. I’m just going to shoot canas. If I gun is fabbed I’ll die and you guys can go for canas or someone else. If gun is real and he dies and flip mafia or town we can go from there.

I did my part.


I got guns in my head and they won’t go…
spirits in my head and they won’t go…

[Lynch] Kitty


@Desinishon shoot EC! Not Conos! We can’t afford to lose another town, but we can afford to lose EC.


Would be a total waste of a gun to kill me.


Better than shooting town.


EC doesn’t seem like threat to me. I don’t wanna get lynched so…



Phase over. Wait for post.


Code Geass Mafia

Day Three - Recap

It was a rather lackluster day, probably due to the reduced ammount of players and the cautious approach some people took. But someone has to die after all, even if almost half of the players didn’t even participate in it.

Desinishon x 2: Kitty, jdthebud

Kitty x 2: EvilChameleon, Desinishon

As it was a draw, a coin was tossed, the fairest -and smartest- way of deciding who’d die. Whoever won would live. Desinishon was assigned Head while Kitty Tail.

The result was tails. Goodbye Desinishon the Black Knight.

Also Tyler didn’t vote. He was Third Party.

Tyler: by higher mandate

Only 5 remain, 1 bad guy hiding somewhere.

Night Three will end in around 24 hours, the 22th of November @ 00:00 GMT-3.

  • Zoska as a Brittanian (town)
  • Johnny as a Brittanian (town)
  • Magipika as a Brittanian (town)
  • Desinishon as Black Knight (mafia)
  • Conos as …
  • Glitter as a Brittanian (town)
  • Fletch as Brittanian (town)
  • Shiny as Black Knight (mafia)
  • Specifice as a Third Party
  • Tyler as a Third Party
  • jdthebud as …
  • EvilChameleon as …
  • Dedenne as …
  • Kitty as …

For actions or any inquiries DM me over here or at @Desox#738 on Discord.


Code Geass Mafia


What an explosive finish.

This night, the remaining terrorist didn’t pick the right target, as Nina turned out to be awake at home playing with her table. Too late for Dedenne to realise he bombed it, as annoying Kitty the bomb wasn’t the best of ideas…

The mafia has been eliminated. Town wins!

Was what I would say if it weren’t for EvilChameleon the autocrat, who runs away with town’s win.

Also, Specifice was C.C. all the time, and was killed by no one else but Shiny the Godfather herself, so another win for third party!


EvilChameleon wins!

Specifice wins!

*: the OG one, Tyler technically turned into Third Party but you get it.

So yeah, game over, here’s the roles:

  • Zoska as Lloyd the Gunsmith
  • Johnny as a Nunally the Telepath
  • Magipika as a Schneizel the Governor
  • Desinishon as Diethard the Spy
  • Conos as Guilford the Bodyguard
  • Glitter as a Brittanian Noble
  • Fletch as Brittanian Noble
  • Shiny as Lelouch the Godfather
  • Specifice as C.C. the invented Third Party
  • Tyler as Suzaku the Turncoat turned Traitor
  • jdthebud as Villeta the Watcher
  • EvilChameleon as King Charles the Autocrat
  • Dedenne as Rakshata the Fabricator
  • Kitty as Nina the Bomb

Fun facts:

  1. If I didn’t force Canas to vote, Mafia would’ve probably won, as Canas carelessness and not-readingness turned out to be the final nail in Shiny’s coffin.
  2. Or probably not. Did you know Shiny had TWO GEASSES (yes, Spaget gave Shiny, of all people, an extra Geass) and Dedenne a gun but they kept saving them? That proved fatal to them. They decided to -quote- ‘make Tyler drown in tea sis’, but Tyler was Turncoat of all people.
  3. I had never seen a game when Third Party itself as an unit won.

So yeah, thanks for playing the game. Expect a less power-charged game next time, as this proved ¿kinda? accurate to source but kinda unbalanced. The geass was broken and when Spaget gave an extra one to Shiny I had to improvise a one phase cooldown or it could’ve tore the game apart or something by day two.


fucking kitty



Well fuck


None of us realised the Mafia didn’t kill Day 2. :dyinglol:


thats how we figured out aaron was traitor


I’m still upset I never got to post that storm I wrote out


Post it now