Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


Ok I’m gonna get fucking modkilled and kicked from the forum and discord if I don’t vote and SHiny has been pretty supicious so sorry @Shiny
Vote Shiny


@Conos I feel like you’re just looking at the last votes and deciding on my vote which is…weird.

I’ll [Vote]Tyler because he’s lead on voting out Magi then stayed quiet almost the whole day phase on D2, staying under the radar. Then, on top of that even though it’s crucial to not mislynch, he chooses to abstain.


Code Geass Mafia

Day Two - Recap

No time to do flavour text. Stuff happened.

Shiny x 3: Conos, Kitty, Zoska

Tyler x 2: EvilChameleon, Shiny

Desinishon: Dedenne

Zoska: Desinishon

In a game where there seemed to be too many options to choose from, the majority chose the correct person. Shiny the Black Knight was punished for acts of terrorism.

Also, this happened.

Fletch: by higher HIGHER mandate

Night Two will end in around 24 hours, the 20th of November @ 00:00 GMT-3.

  • Zoska as …
  • Johnny as a Brittanian (town)
  • Magipika as a Brittanian (town)
  • Desinishon as …
  • Conos as …
  • Glitter as a Brittanian (town)
  • Fletch as Brittanian (town)
  • Shiny as Black Knight (town)
  • Specifice as a Third Party
  • Tyler as …
  • jdthebud as …
  • EvilChameleon as …
  • Dedenne as …
  • Kitty as …

For actions or any inquiries DM me over here or at @Desox#738 on Discord.


Drinks tea with my Queen in purgatory



Code Geass Mafia

Day Three

Citing a famous Brittanian


Zoska may be dead, but a storm is certainly brewing because of her.

Day Three will end in around 48 hours, the 21th of November @ 23:45 GMT-3.

  • Zoska as a Brittanian (town)
  • Johnny as a Brittanian (town)
  • Magipika as a Brittanian (town)
  • Desinishon as …
  • Conos as …
  • Glitter as a Brittanian (town)
  • Fletch as Brittanian (town)
  • Shiny as Black Knight (town)
  • Specifice as a Third Party
  • Tyler as …
  • jdthebud as …
  • EvilChameleon as …
  • Dedenne as …
  • Kitty as …

For actions or any inquiries DM me over here or at @Desox#738 on Discord.


So, uh, this game is over, right?


No, you win when all mafs die.

EDIT: It’s annoying rules mafia wooo.


If not that I don’t know why the question.

There’s 2 mafia members to 4 town.


Hi, id just like to say that i suss read desi for defending shiny with that really smooth excuse for a “whisperers can abstain too smh its completely possible”

Im at work i cant do shit rn

[Vote] desdesdesi


Me too. [Vote] Desinishon

Also, I got a message last night…looks like the telepath/whisperer is still around?

Also we are going to need to lynch EC at some point…but we need to lynch mafia today otherwise we won’t get a chance.


Seriously guys I was having ISP issues and I couldn’t post much previous day. I just summed up my whole read and posted it. And your read of me certainly got stronger 'cause I was leaning scum on Sophie other than rabi, ded from day 1 that’s because from their 5 posts on day 1, 3 were agreeing with johnny and 1 was throwing shade at me, last one was their reason for voting…which I already said was looking scum to me.

Sophie said not to twist their vote as wall of text = mafia, on contrary they were taking wall of text as their base reasoning for their vote on magi.
That’s what tip me off.
When magi flipped town my scum read on them became strong.
On other hand Ded was interacting with others and really looked like scum hunting, rabi was same and i like post where he mentioned his reasoning about keeping his vote on magi despite them being little town where Sophie outright voted cause they were sure Magi was scum.

But then all shiny chaos happened and I was still on day 1 state and voted Sophie and left…

Onto accusing me on defending shiny?[quote=“Desinishon, post:255, topic:2885”]
You’re going for shiny for that message they sent last night? Yea they could be mafia.
I don’t know where I defended shiny? I was waiting for her mafia buddy to help her out 'cause I was nunally. I was planning on coming before phase ends but my internet issue didn’t got resolved.


What did they say?


You’re claiming Nunally? If so, list your actions and content if possible.

I’m not going to say until Desi reveals his actions since I think he just claimed Nunally.


Sorry I’m quite busy, but I’d repeat the questions asked before and urge you to to respond to my vote for you. If you are nunally why didn’t you vote for Shiny when she claimed nunally?


If they helped her we might have narrowed them down.

I visited Kitty N0. And I didn’t visited anyone N1 'cause I didn’t have access to internet. I visited you this night.

I don’t think softing the word will get me out so let me check with desox if i can reveal full message that i sent to you guys…

To kitty: “I hope I’ve hit a fellow townie! I’ll keep a eye on your reads! If I feel that you’re town I’ll reveal myself to you by using word Dart in one of my post.”

To JD: “I’m unsure of who to trust, but you seem to be town to me. I will reveal myself by using the word Dart in one of my posts. I’m unsure of what else to say that hasn’t been said by me and others”

That’s pretty much it.[quote=“jdthebud, post:293, topic:2885”]
If so, list your actions and content if possible.


Ok Desi, that is the message I got, although that still doesn’t mean you are Nunnally, as there’s still a potential Whisperer out there.


Since kitty was getting pushed by shiny, I think they’re clear townie. I revealed everything. I don’t want us to lose. I think you guys are giving canas free pass to much. Because it’s very odd to me that he is always inactive in every game but isn’t in this one. It might be possible he is just trying to improve his activness. But he didn’t even missed voting one time I think. I also got a gun last night. Idk if its fab or not so I’m holding on to it for now.


Canas did say he got a gun N0 and N1. I think he got a real gun night 0 and a fake one night 1.


I also have a gun btw, if that wasn’t apparent. That’s from N1 for those who didn’t read up.

Sorry I can’t offer much analysis right now as it’s 3am (lol. I’m pulling a kitty) but I’m not sure I find Canas overly suspicious. I mean saying he’s active is quite thr stretch imo. Enough to not be modkilled thankfully if he’s town.

Also so Desi is confirmed Whisperer or Telepath, the question is was Shiny whisperer?


@Dedenne He certainly implied he was, but I don’t think he listed his visits and actions, so he could have been faking it, which I think is the case. I think Desi is the whisperer.

Also, if you think the gun is real, shoot EC. He adds nothing at this point.

@Kitty @Conos @Tyler It would be really good if you guys could speak up.