Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


I’d refrain from using that gun just yet.


Just going to throw my vote down here so I don’t forget…

[Vote] Tyler


Ok, I understand Dedenne’s vote for Fletch since afk and shit, but I honestly think voting Fletch is somewhat of an easy maf play if that makes sense, and I don’t think we are able to afford risking an afk vore.
I feel like Kitty brought up some good points in D1, but honestly d1 is such a mess that it’s hard to analyze lmao.


You must not have read up that it’s not a true vote and I was expecting him to come out if he was scum. He’s going to be modkilled there’s no reason to vote for him.

I think we should all take this into account which is why I’ve delayed and waited for more people to speak up.


I also might as well mention that I got a gun as well. But I won’t be using it. Who the fuck would ever give me a gun :dyinglol:

But yeah hold off on using it we’re in a precarious situation.

Kitty said she received a message N0, Shiny claimed abstain N0. I don’t understand TOS mafia so I don’t know why the whisperer would abstain but if Kitty’s message was indeed from the whisperer that would mean it was from Johnny or GP right? This is assuming the actual whisperer is dead if we believe Shiny is lying since we should have gotten a Counter Claim already unless it’s like, Fletch.

@Tyler still haven’t heard more from you.

To quote the exact same thing Desi quoted in his post for Zoska. It’s not really saying sorry for thrashing you. There’s no sorry there. It’s literally saying what we were all thinking that he wasn’t touching on points said and wanted to focus on his hits toward Johnny, and Aaron and Me. The 3 people that voted him.

Speaking of large posts that help draw “conclusions” yours isnt all that helpful. You focus on the Magi lynch yet you chose to implicate Zoska. You’re null on me eventhough I agreed with Johnny just like Zos. But more importantly you find Aarons reasons making sense? His reasons were the same as me and Zoska.

You say the mafia were trying to blend in Vs Magi, and that’s possible since Johnny made some good points and it was a large bandwagon. But if I’m correct Aaron actually started the vote off thinking Johnny’s points were enough to bring Magi down as scum. You don’t mention any of this. I’m not saying Aaron is mafia but what you’re saying here is so fully focused on Zoska you fail to mention anyone else.

And in doing so you don’t give any thoughts on Fletch JD, Me hardly, and Tyler hardly.

Your gut feeling here is just a feeling for someone who realizes we have to lynch correctly today. Any townie would try to establish reads on everyone and consider all options and at least make them visible in their posts. Your gunning for Zoska is quite blatant and I feel like it’s scummy.

I’d like to see what Aaron has to say but in case I don’t get back on today since we have about 12 hours or so I’m going to
[vote] Desi


Code Geass Mafia

Day Two - Nagging

@Fletch, @Shiny and @Conos must vote today or will die.

9 hours and 16 minutes remain



[Vote] Desi because you…are making no sense. My reasoning makes sense whereas Sophie and Dedenne don’t when they basically used the same string of logic??? Your wall of text has a Substantiality Value of zero, mate. Please provide something more solid so I don’t have to go on a mislead with hunt again…

Day One wasn’t an overly big mess, just Magi imo crushed under the pressure of a few players and POTENTIALLY trying to Governor himself out of the situation, although this seems almost confirmed because he was in a tight spot and not ready to lose, considering his alignment on death. Johnny was then confirmed town when flipped over, I am town myself and that leaves…I’ll come back to that.

@Shiny considering your claim, please can you say who you have messaged? That way if anything, we can find out who our potential Whisperer could be too.


The fact you’re not posting despite being asked now twice about your role I believe makes me worry a little bit, the only thing not 100% setting this in stone is no CC currently (inactives please sort your shite out thanks xx), however let’s put that Telepath to good use, let’s roll the dice.

[Unvote] Desi
[Vote] Shiny


I already answered your question, sorry for answering late its weekend and I’ve been busy. Like I said before though, I didn’t whisper anyone on n0 because of no information. N1 I whispered Zos.

I can understand that being Telepath I have my counterpart Whisperer but… if I was mafia, I’d most likely be jumping on bandwagons than abstaining, even a lesser vote. I didn’t want to take a side because both Johnny and Magi looked town to me.
For one thing, Magi usually makes large paragraphs, that’s just how he likes to play. He was pointing out who could’ve picked GP as their first kill, who would find them the biggest threat. He made the mistake of taking a thing Johnny said out of proportion but he knew that would get Johnny on him and like Magi said, why would he purposely bring that attention on himself if he were Mafia?
Johnny seemed town to me as well, he saw Magi’s large playstyle as a little too fluff-filled and not helpful enough. He compared it to WIFOM and so on, thinking that Magi was only trying to seem town.
I even tried pointing out how bad a mislynch would be

I could’ve easily tried blending in with voting for either of those votes but I knew it’d be better for mafia than town.

@Tyler It’s crucial we don’t have a mislynch today, we shouldn’t make lynches on who doesn’t respond right away or isn’t posting at all, that doesn’t mean they’re certainly scum they could just be busy


Apart from both my votes have been on people I’m suss of, not inactive people. So yes as much as I agree mislynching can be quite bad, a lot of what has been put before me seems like…a lot of words for the sake of words.

Magi made the mistake of doing something, yet knew it would get the attention onto him? If that was the case, he should’ve tried clearing his name rather than just butting heads, as it was very apparent Johnny wasn’t going to back down, especially as it was TvT.

You COULD have blended, you COULD have wagoned, but you and I both know these are fairly standard Mafia tactics, so why would you do that knowing it’d get you pipped?

@Zoska I mean at this point, did you receive a message yesterday? That way I can at least clear Shiny depending on your answer.

[Unvote] Shiny
[Vote] Abstain

Changing this in the event I’m away when it changes and I mislynch Townie.


[Zoska avatar] replying…

:eyes: :cold_sweat:




Yes, she did, but that doesn’t clear her at all. Especially when her message was literally her trying to recruit me into lynching against Kitty for reasons that make zero sense. I highly doubt a Telepath would message someone purely to try and start a lynch. If it’s allowed, I’ll even paste the whole message so you can see for yourself (@Desox I need confirmation if this is allowed).

Also, did anyone not read Kitty’s post?

This sounds more like something an actual Telepath would say, and Shiny’s already admitted to abstaining N0. I’m convinced she’s the Whisperer. She tried to get me to start a bandwagon or join a bandwagon and she failed. At this point, I’m leaning more on the actual Telepath being dead.


Ah shiet, right OK. Ok so with this in mind, it seems that the two roles:

N0 - One messaged Kitty, the other (Shiny atm) abstained.
N1 - One messaged Zoska (Shiny atm), the other currently has “abstained” but is probably presumed dead or at best inactive (although going from active to inactive seems off).


The dots seem to show that noone yet has actually needed to do anything to “prove” to Kitty who they are, whilst Shiny messaged noone N0 and then proceeded to try and start a bandwagon, against a heavy contender in yesterday’s argument AND also someone who has claimed a message and prodded about the Telepath claim itself.

Why join a wagon when you can try and start one, right? Looks like it crashed and burned.


Yeah, Magi should’ve tried focusing on clearing but I’m not sure if he figured he could’ve changed course then with Johnny on his tail. I’m not Magi, so I can’t really speak for him there.

I could have done that, but now you’re saying if I voted for either of them then that’d show I’m mafia, but avoiding doing that is also mafia? Not having a reason to abstain but abstaining anyway makes more sense of being mafia. I saw them both as town so that’s why I abstained and I didn’t have much else to go on to vote for anyone else.

Also Zos I was sharing a susread with you, I didn’t vote for Kitty so I’m not sure how that could be trying to recruit.

I don’t get how trying to watch out for scum is a scummy move?

To me, I thought Kitty’s play yesterday was something odd and I was trying to keep in mind the possible frame job from earlier frame job that day. I know frame jobs have happened before where they were set on purpose so that it could help the person being framed look innocent. So with that in mind, also for the fact that she voted for Magi without much else to add was weird to me.


You didn’t need to vote for Kitty to recruit me. The message you sent was the whole point in that. I’ve even stated several times that it looks like a plan to try and get someone else to start a bandwagon.

Except no one said that? Aaron didn’t even mention Magi in his post so I don’t understand why you keep bringing him up, :thonk:


I’d encourage for you to put it in your own words, else it loses the joke.



That’s how I took what Tyler was saying to me, if that’s not what he meant then I misunderstood. I kept bringing Magi up because we only have today and yesterday to go off of, I brought Magi up as explaining why I didn’t vote for him, and in Tyler’s post before yours he mentions Magi, so that’s why I brought him up then but only briefly