Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


It’s not a true vote I’d LIKE Fletch to come out and talk hence no explanation. But that’ll hardly work now.


Hmm, kind of unfortunate but I guess you are now guaranteed to survive as long as Lelouch role is alive. So I would recommend taking advantage of that to make reads and call out people.

Anyway, are you still suspicious of Kitty? My read on her is a bit better now since I find her posts to be from a town perspective but obviously that’s not proof of anything.


More so that I was listing her as a possible suspect but that’s why I didn’t straight up vote for her. I was only a bit suspicious of her for the odd playing choice but it does have an explanation for it, I just want to be sure I keep my eyes open for everything.

Speaking of keeping my eyes open, so it’s probably confirmed EC is Autocrat by now but I have this question…

I can understand being a TP and wanting town to win instead of yourself but then why would you kill Magi? He dropped those hints that he was the Governor before the phase ended.

Mm, I suppose if anything it’s more clear after the fact.


Technically I didn’t kill him, he killed himself.

I just didn’t protest when he was about to kick the chair out from underneath himself.


Wait, how are you completely sure she’s the Telepath? Because I sure as hell am not. No one is bothering to think about this :dyinglol:

We know for certain that the Whisperer is alive because no Mafia members have died yet, while there’s three dead Townies with unknown roles. Heck, there’s even a slim possibility Magi wasn’t Governor. So how do we know the real Telepath isn’t dead? Easy.

Did anyone else receive an anonymous message last night? Because if no one has, that’s a good possibility that the Telepath is already dead. You’re all accepting Shiny as the real Telepath way too easily, especially when her reasoning for finding Kitty scum doesn’t make much sense.

Also what? No he didn’t. I even made a post about this right at the beginning of this day phase quoting some of his final posts. He never once hinted or softclaimed his role because “he didn’t want to give the mafia information”, so I’m not sure where these hints you’re talking about are coming from.


You do realize Whisperer could easily abstain from whispering to anyone, right? That’s a common tactic in Town of Salem, too. A mafia member could choose to abstain from killing/using their other NAs in order to put someone else at risk and in the spotlight. It’s true that there are dead towns that were unclaimed but that doesn’t mean I have any less reason to be Telepath.

He did. It’s probably more noticeable in hindsight.

Also, how could not see that? Spaggy was TP (guessing CC if what EC says is true, don’t know why he’d claim a TP so) and Magi was town, and Magi’s vote won over it. No one else thought Johnny was sus, not sus enough to use their Geass so soon.

I don’t really think anyone else could be Governor with the reasons I posted.


But what does the Whisperer gain from abstaining their NA? The Telepath would never voluntarily abstain so neither would the Whisperer, that’d be allowing Town confirmed information to float about without trouble, and that’s something the mafia doesn’t want. The Whisperer exists to mess with the Telepath, abstaining from their NA doesn’t put anyone at risk. Imagine the Fabricator abstaining from their NA, it just wouldn’t happen. There’s…also so much wrong with the last part of that paragraph. There’s less chance of you being the Telepath because 3 townies are dead. That’s less roles active in this game.

Not to mention you whispered to me in hopes I’d agree with your weak reasoning to scum reading Kitty, which you’ve now dropped with little argument. Why bother to whisper to me in the first place if you weren’t so sure? Sounds like your plan to get me to start a bandwagon didn’t go so well.

Also, reread my post. I never said Magi wasn’t the Governor. I’m pretty sure he was the Governor, I commented on the fact that there’s a slim chance he isn’t because we don’t 100% know the roles of the dead.

Ngl, that post Magi made was like 5 minutes before the phase ended. If it was a hint, it was bad and it was way too late.


I’m not entirely convinced; who did you whisper/telepathically call to the previous nights?


Fair enough about Shiny not being confirmed, but he would risk either a CC or someone coming forward with a message from the real Telepath.


I don’t see why they would NEED to use it N0? For one thing, that’s why I didn’t visit anyone n0. I wasn’t sure what I could say to anyone, I had no information or anything. (To answer Kitty, too)

Whisperer would benefit from abstaining because it could set Telepath up for being caught. Like this scenario where you outed me. Telepath is in a dangerous spot because they’re the only one with a mirrored role. So far my role as Telepath has just been speculation. Implying that a role never needs to abstain from their role isn’t exactly true because you don’t always need to use your NA (say like even abstaining one, possibly two nights wouldn’t hurt if you feel it’s not necessary) and as for mafia it could lead to someone else looking sus.

What confirmed information could you give n0? Or even n1, that’s why my message was only speculation. Three towns are dead but there is still 7 towns alive? I don’t think that’s that great of a reason to use in this case, personally.

I never said I dropped my reasoning to finding Kitty suspicious? I never outright voted her because I wasn’t 100% sure on my reading and was open to everyone’s thoughts. Whispering to you was to give you my thoughts, if I was hoping for a bandwagon I would’ve voted with my first post. (Time to nap cause aahh)


You dont; you could just answer that you abstained and that counts as a valid action.


I did answer that as well


Hi yes hello I was a bit busy tonight

Uhhhh I’m still busy and I can’t read up on all that but.
I don’t think Aaron is Mafia
Fletch is about to be modkilled
Canas hasn’t said anything

Is what I’ve been thinking about. Mainly because Aaron hasn’t said anything but I don’t find that suss since he WOULD say something if he’s mafia.

I don’t know what to say about the Shiny situation without looking up. It doesn’t look like we have anyone claiming to be the actual telepath against her. Of course they could be dead and we don’t know and she could be whisperer?

Anyways we really need more thoughts, won’t get anywhere with the few people we have.
@Conos @Desinishon @Tyler have any of you received messages? I don’t think it’ll hurt anyone to reveal.


Please can we have some new input, because I’m giving Town a lifeline when we have nothing else to go on.

I didn’t say they would need it night 0. Logic would assume there’s no point in both roles using that ability because they have 0 information to give out. I’m talking about after.


Sorry guys! I’m having issues with my ISP. Onto with discussion…I refuse to believe that there wasn’t any mafia sweeping vote in magi lynch.

Other than blaming magi for not claiming role, you guys have provided nothing…

I’m not dragging rabi into this because only his reason for voting or not taking vote off magi made sense to me. Leaning town.

Still, you really have become a bad player. Rasengan xD

Next Dedenne other than your reason for not voting johnny, being too obvious to kill gp i got nothing. Idk why you were voting magi? Null on them.

Kitty: idk what to think of them. They voted rabi first. Then changed to magi due to being pressurized by others I guess? Not scum I think.

Who is your top scum reads and town reads?

Sophie…All you did was to agree with johnny and when I called you out for it your response was that you didn’t want to parrot same shit since your opinion got voiced with johnny and rabi’s post. Your reasoning for lynching magi was

It was very easy for Mafia to blend in yesterday since it was town v town.

This is saying I’m sorry for thrashing you but I’m not at the same time. You guys can read and make it out about this post by yourself.
That was for previous day.

You’re going for shiny for that message they sent last night? Yea they could be mafia.
3 town are dead. I think Johnny was bomb 'cause he was kind of baiting mafia by being so sure that a vest has been send on N0 ( hinting he was GS/bs)
That leaves GP since magi was governor. Since shiny said that they had not sent any message N0 and no one claimed that they got any message previous night, last day so GP might be nunllay or other role. But Whisperer might also have abstained from sending their NA N0, we just have to wait and see if someone got any message or for CC.

Still you really seemed hard set from the very start ( unless you’re nunllay?)


Even if ec is helping us Our town count is still 6t vs 3m.
If we mislynch it’ll be 5t vs 3m and since EC used his geass that means mafia still have geass kill combined with NK, we lose in worst case scenario. In best case scenario we lynch a mafia or even if we mislynch, mafia hit someone with vest or bomb is still alive and they hit him.
So Mafia will try best to lynch a town today. I’m going to go with my gut and go for

conos may also be a townie since he got a gun last day which was probably fake.
As for fletch I think he is probably a vanilla. Being that always kill interest in game for some players so that might be reason for inactivity but he should still post. I might be wrong but these are my thoughts.

Sorry for long post but idk if I’ll able to post again.


Sorry i uh
I watched a movie
Ill reread later i swear but

I just wanna say i feel like its weird having the telepath “out” without any cc from the whisperer/telepath at all


Yes, I agreed with Johnny because his posts made sense. Magi didn’t do himself any favours the previous day phase, it was hard to believe he was Town. I’m not going to continue explaining this. You call me out on this, but Dedenne did the exact same thing and all you have to say to him is

So, your reasoning, or your “gut feeling” doesn’t really make any sense. Especially when you agreed there’s a chance Shiny could be mafia.

I don’t think Town realises how bad the situation is about to become if we don’t lynch right today. There’s 6 townies. If we mislynch today, we’ll be down to 5 plus we’ll possibly lose Fletch this phase if he doesn’t vote. That’s down to a possible 4. Then the mafia gets their kill this night phase. That takes us down to a possible 3 vs 3 vs 1. Which leaves me with zero hope for the next day phase with how inactive the town’s been, and that’s honestly starting to annoy me, because I’m pretty sure the main people I’m arguing with are mafia.


Ok I’m gonna read the entire day and post my thoughts later, also I got another gun :eyes:


Ok so
This for me
Rings bells

@Shiny - for you to mention that tactic implicates that its possible that the mafia whisperer is a town of salem player. Also for @Desinishon to back this up so smooth is honestly odd.

Yes, its possible for whisperer to abstain n0. Its completely possible, but theres no reason for it. Whisperer wont be implicated by the mafia. If it was telepath, it would be understandable. But whisperer? No. Unless said whisperer overthinks, and you have mentioned it in your suspicions about me.

That said, I received a message from someone n0 actually. Just said theyll keep an eye on my reads and they will reveal who they are to me if they think im fellow town. Said message i think is from the actual telepath, who i am assuming isnt you, as you did abstain n0.


[Vote] Shiny


I find its a routine for me to post before sleeping
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