Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


Yeah because mafia will go for more high profile players like gunsmith etc. But this also has a positive because EC is often mislynched and he would have been easy for mafia to go after with him not being as active due to third party and his weird actions :dyinglol:


You always like to put things on me that are blatantly false.

“Not as active because he’s third party”

I have the same amount of activity in every game I play.


Not really you usually tend to say more. And you usually get quite defensive when anyone scum reads you but I guess that’s omitted by the softclaim.


I’m suing you for slander and hearsay.


Smh I can’t afford this I simply meant you are equally as active and there was nothing suspicious of your actions good sir.


Alright, I’ll make some calls and maybe if my lawyers are feeling generous they won’t press charges.






You need to refine these reads a bit. Your only scumreads - me and EC are both wrong.

Also, I admittedly did skim most of D1 (mostly since there were so many walls of text), but I thought Kitty was mafia trying to avoid suspicion by not voting for Magi even though she had been involved in the discussion a lot, and I was trying to find an alternative to lynching Magi or Johnny.


I mean, I’ve placed a possible lead on Shiny and so far everyone’s kind of just swept it under the rug. Literally only Dedenne commented on it. :woman_shrugging:


I mean I wasn’t really wrong about EC. I said I didnt get town reads from him and he wasn’t town.

I don’t know why I should fully revise my read on you when all I have to go on is your word? :thinking:

I’m still shook since this had been a busy day phase, so my eyes are on what Zos said about Shiny and you but let’s try

[vote] Fletch


I am town-adjacent.


Wait what? This post doesn’t make sense. Why vote for Fletch when he’s barely said a word? If he doesn’t vote this day phase, he’s just going to die anyway. I’d understand if you said you weren’t convinced about what I said, but that’s not the case. You even said you believed it. So why the almost arbitrary vote on Fletch?

hecc, Shiny was even typing for a solid 30 minutes after I made that post, so either she became busy and couldn’t continue, or she’s actually the Whisperer and just couldn’t think of a good excuse


No, sorry Zos. I stopped responding because I felt that if I tried continuing that back and forth, it would’ve just looked defensive with me not understanding your vote. I’m not good at getting my point across whether I’m mafia or not and I’m definitely not so I wanted to try not responding and waiting. (Also, got in an argument in rl so my mood for mafia kinda died rn)

Anywho, my opinion on Kitty still kind of stands and I just lost interest for the time because of what I stated before. I ended up deciding on waiting to see other’s input down the line. I didn’t wanna repeat myself since what I had wasn’t a lot to go on, I don’t have an investigative role so I wouldn’t have a lot of points atm. Thats all (For now, anyway) I’ma go back to waiting for other’s posts again cause my mood is still…meh right now.


That’s…not really a great defence, but okay.


Just explaining the truth ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Wait, you didn’t comment about me calling you out for being Whisperer/Telepath. Is that you claiming Telepath? :thonk:


Yes, I wouldn’t of chosen to claim my role D2 but seeing as I have no choice now…


Welp, I’m gonna keep my vote for the same reasoning. But my eyes are also lingering on Dedenne atm. blobglarezoom


Well, I friggin don’t get his Fletch vote either :dyinglol: