Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


At first I thought he was claiming Amnesiac until I realised there’s no Amnesiac :thonk:

Also yeah, should also say that what we say against people here isn’t personal. It’s just, if you seem scummy to people, then they’re gonna call you out on it. We’re all friendly murderers here :zoomeyes:


@EvilChameleon don’t you leave after saying that

It’s weird to claim autocrat? Like you’re against the town


Alright well there’s only two Geass users and then CC can give a Geass. I’m assuming since you said you’re claiming you are a Geass user and that you’re not mafia since you wouldn’t reveal mafia. I think…

So you’re Autocrat, you made Magipika hang himself?


Isn’t the Autocrat against everybody? They win if the Mafia are wiped out, but steal that win from Town, so it might just be EC doesn’t…care?

This is assuming EC’s soft claiming the Autocrat as well as guessing his play, because trying to understand EC’s motives is impossible :dyinglol:

Either way, I don’t think we should waste a lynch on a third party role when not a single mafia is down, yet.


I think ecs claiming villager bc he doesnt know stuff


Well yeah, it’s kind of like you as kimono girl I guess :dyinglol:

Once we kill 1 mafia we’d have to kill autocrat because Geass + Guns + Lynch could equal an autocrat win.

I have no freaking clue behind those motives though.


Wait no i read his post wrong


Im sorry im a dumbass at 1am
I should sleep


Except the town could win with me angryhyperzoomeyes


Lmfao rip

It’s kind of the opposite cause I think CC wins if Lelouch kills her and that doesn’t intrude on a mafia or town win?

So potentially since Spaget was the mafias kill she could have been killed by Lelouch and already won if she was CC which is almost baciwlly possibly confirmed by ECs softclaim.


Lynching me would be such a pointless move. It’s better to let the mafia take me out instead, I had a vested interest in protecting the town, and I failed.


Ohhhhhh, okay, I finally understand EC’s madness. Don’t worry, Kitty. I derped just like you :dyinglol:


I understand nothing so I’m derping harder


Thank fuck


I’m pretty sure he was referring to this post, Dedenne. holyhell


D e r p

Kitty is the most woke and its 1am for her



Why would EC claim autocrat? That just ruins his win condition. Mafia has no reason to kill him either since he’s a third party and doesn’t count for town numbers, right?


Because no one understands the true reasons behind EC’s actions. Also, if he is Autocrat, he’s going to want Town to win either way, meaning that’s one more vote against Mafia which could easily tip things in Town’s favour.


But you’re probably right. Now that he’s stated that, Mafia probably aren’t going to kill him until they absolutely need to.