Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


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Code Geass Mafia

Day Two

Don’t have time to do flavour text

Magipika the Brittanian was found hanging over a noose and Specifice the Third Partier was found over a pond of blood.

Day Two will end in 48 hours, the 19th of November 00:00 GMT-3

  • Zoska as …
  • Johnny as a Brittanian (town)
  • Magipika as a Brittanian (town)
  • Desinishon as …
  • Conos as …
  • Glitter as a Brittanian (town)
  • Fletch as …
  • Shiny as …
  • Specifice as a Third Party
  • Tyler as …
  • jdthebud as …
  • EvilChameleon as …
  • Dedenne as …
  • Kitty as …

For actions or any inquiries DM me over here or at @Desox#738 on Discord.


It seems the guilt was too much for Magipika.

Even though he was innocent.




How the fuck


Geass user


Am I right in thinking that Magipika was our Governor?


Im guessing yeah


Telling us you were the Governor would’ve made all the difference :wat:


What the fuck

I literally asked him to role claim but he was so set that Johnny was mafia


Welcome to Bad Town Plays


Can we not rag on one person for one little thing from a supposed-to-be fun game, guys? Lol it’s getting a little overplayed and just seems rude…

Anyway. So…we lost two people last night. Basically the ones that were on the same side but…ironically enough, not the same alignment to my surprise. I’m not sure if either mafia or TP would use their one geass to kill Magi but given the hint given by Magi at the last second, they were sure he was mafia. Speaking of things at last second… Kitty voted against him last second, which is a bit odd.

My reads at the moment are
Kitty: Most scum to me so far, she voted for Magi at the absolute last minute and hasn’t been much of a help other than that.
Tyler seems to be leaning a bit town on me, Zos as well but it’s only the beginning of day two. The both of them were adamant Magi was mafia but he wasn’t. Usually I’d suspect more of a mafia play with that but Johnny turned out town, so it could be the same for these two. Dedenne’s read on Spaggy seemed to be a little more right since she was TP so I’m getting more of a town vibe as well, he’s scum hunting. I’m also leaning town on Canas because he got a most likely fabbed gun N0.

I have null reads on Desi, JD, and Fletch. Mostly because they’re the quietest (JD especially)


Idk about anyone else but I’m not specifically tagging on one person, also people are going to comment on stuff like that in maf games


Not sure how it was odd. Had she changed her vote randomly at the last minute, then yeah, I’d agree with this. But the last few messages Magi sent seriously didn’t help his case. If he hadn’t of died the night before…

these 3 posts would have immediately made me vote for him again because holy shit this was damning. No way a Townie would normally act like this. His excuses for not role claiming made no sense. He messed up.

Also, thank you for making this post. It’s made a little bird I received last night much clearer :fufu:


Idk about the last minute thing, i was literally in the heat of the magi refusing to soft and that was red flags for me. I voted because it was suspicious, like how I did so for aaron.

I have suss reads on JD primarily because of the fact that he does understand what i said before that it was town vs town but still voted for me because i didnt join in the (town town) wagon before. Its confusing, and gives mixed messages.

But thats how it works :0


I suppose it’s just odd to me because I could be overthinking it for Kitty.
The votes against Magi as a whole still seem a bit odd to me since he always played the way he has before, that’s why I’m looking at Kitty as well because she isn’t playing how she usually does. At least to me.
While I do admit he could’ve claimed Governor, I don’t think that could’ve saved him from being killed which is proooobably why he didn’t claim, anyway? I’m guessing Watcher was killed because if I was Watcher I would’ve been on Magi last night, I was sure he was going to be attacked last night :c

It’s still sus to me since it COULD be a way for mafia to latch onto a vote to be sure it gets voted for and look town while doing it but that’s why I haven’t voted for you, yet. I’m trying to look at all my options here and place everything out there for everyone.

It shouldn’t :c That’s no fun


To add onto my post, I’ve just realised I can reveal messages I received during the night phase :dyinglol:

I received an anonymous message the night before, claiming that their only scum read is Kitty, and that it’s odd for her to be so quiet and not aggressive in the game. They also went onto say that it was weird that Kitty changed her vote to Magi last minute before the phase change.

Who does this remind you of?

So that pretty much reveals Shiny is either Telepath or Whisperer, but at this point I think she’s our Whisperer. This doesn’t feel like a Telepath trying to help town by reaching out, this feels like a mafia member trying to recruit someone they know who isn’t quiet to try and start a bandwagon, or follow one.


This isn’t the first time he’s been mislynched as town because of his playstyle, so I’m not sure why they would seem odd.

I’m gonna finish this off with a [Vote] Shiny.


Nothing here is really meant to be taken personally. Even the constant barrage of scumcalling and such is never meant to mean “you’re a bad player” or anything like that.

Magi was governor, we fucked up on that, but it could have gone either way cause Johnny and Magi were at eachother throats.

Current thoughts on everyone:
Fletch: hasn’t said a word
JD: Quiet but is here. Didn’t add much to discussion and either didn’t read up on what Kitty said or wanted to incriminate her? Kind of stating the obvious today.
Kitty: wasn’t overly defensive with the “likely to kill Glitter” accusation. I don’t think she’s mafia at all, pretty sure of that. Hasn’t really shown to be scummy.
Zoska: went along with Johnny’s vote just like me for the same reasons. Her message sounds real so I believe she got it.
Shiny: didn’t say much D1, but is attracting uneccesary attention d2. I kind of understand her meaning with Kitty changing votes last second but if you read up it seems to have reason to it? Possible if not highly likely whisperer/telepath
Aaron: same league as Johnny, casted his vote against magi for the same reasons and we both prodded Magi to defend himself and he didn’t. Town
Canas: got a gun N0, quiet but that’s as usual. Not much to say
EC: more quiet than usual, but nothing unexpected said.
Desi: kind of defended Magi? Moreso threw focus on the most experienced players of the game.

So really the only people I don’t have town vibes from are EC, Desi, Canas?, Fletch and JD. And that’s mostly due to a lack of posting. Of them all I’m most suspicious of JD and EC. Both were here but added little to the conversation, and EC is usually much more active in mafia while JD I’m pretty sure is a veteran but only wanted to clarify Magi as governor.

Also, I think it’s possible Spaget was CC but we shouldn’t rule out her as the Autocrat since her death happened after Magis.


I mean, I straight up revealed who I was with my first post in this day phase.


You did? Nani


I’m not following, are you saying you’re autocrat?