Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins

Code Geass Mafia - Third Party wins


Code Geass Mafia


Basically I just wanted to host my first mafia game ever on SZ, and had an experimental game on the works but due to time constraints and the number of games being currently played, I decided to go with plain old mafia. But I still wanted for it to have its own, unique touch, and to celebrate Code Geass appearing on Netflix, and a possible season three occurring, I chose it as theme.

I’m almost dead at the running games, some of them I think are in the finishing stages, so I thought it’d be better to post it now and we get prepared. No rush on the actual starting date.

Even though some fancy introduction about what the hell Code Geass is would help this read a bit better, for the time being I just can’t get around to writing one that looks good, so I’ll just paste this one I borrowed from here.


After invading Japan using giant robot weapons called Knightmares, the powerful Empire of Britannia takes over the country and renames it “Area 11” and its people, “Elevens.” In the socially stratified society, the Japanese are forced to live poor, suppressed lives while the Briannians are respected and live lavishly. Although rebel groups of Japanese do rise up, they are usually crushed by Britannia forces.

When his mother is assassinated, former prince of Britannia Lelouch renounces his entitlement to the throne and accuses his unconcerned father, the king of Britannia, of leaving his mother defenseless. After being banished to Japan along with his sister Nunnally (who became blind and unable to walk after getting caught up in their mother’s violent assassination), Lelouch swears to his best friend Suzaku that he will destroy Britannia some day. Years later, while hiding out in Area 11 and attending the Britannian school Ashford Academy, Lelouch accidentally gets caught up in a terrorist raid on a military secret; that “secret” ends up being a mysterious girl named C.C., and when Lelouch unwittingly discovers her, she grants him the power of Geass, which allows him to control anyone just by looking into their eyes. At the same time, Lelouch also discovers that Suzaku is now working for the Britannia military, the very military that Lelouch is hoping to destroy.

With the power of Geass now at his disposal, Lelouch creates his own rebel group called Order of the Black Nights. Giving himself the alias “Zero” and keeping his true identity a secret, Lelouch and his rebel group set out to destroy the Empire of Britannia and restore the rights of the Japanese. Suzaku also wishes to put an end to Britannia’s oppressive reign, but unlike Lelouch, he believes it should be done in the least destructive way - by justly following the rules and rising up to a position of power where one can make a difference. This conflict of ideals causes the former best friends to become enemies. No matter how much destruction he causes or even if he has to take the lives of others along the way, Lelouch is determined to use his rebel group and his Geass power to destroy the unjust society and create the peaceful world that his sister Nunnally desires.


It’s your standard mafia game. There will be two game phases: the Day, and the Night. The former will last 48 hours while the latter will last 24 hours. These are not set in stone due to time constraints. Were a phase be considered extended, the players would be notified about it. If not, the phase will be considered as over at the time established in the previous phase change, so any votes after it won’t count.

There are three factions in this game: the mafia, the town, and the third party.

Roles marked as [Geass User] can use the Geass ability once to force another player to kill another player, visit another player, or use his/her special ability on someone else (were this player to be using his/her ability already, it will be redirected).

  • You can order Player X to kill Player Y.
    • You can order Player X to kill himself, if you wish.
  • You can order Player X to perform his action on Player Y.
  • You can order Player X to visit Player Y.

Factions & Roles

All role descriptions are available over at Epicmafia.

Black Knights: a terrorist organisation searching the rebirth of Japan. But, at which cost?
The mafia

Lelouch (Godfather) - Lives a double life as Zero, leader of the Black Nights. [Geass User]
Loses if Nunally dies. CC loses if he dies.

Kallen (Strongman) - The ace of the Black Nights. As a talented pilot, Kallen won’t be stopped until their objectives are met. Thus, once in the game, she can hack through someones protection.

Rakshata (Fabricator) - Head of the Black Nights’ R&D Department, she has become so good at reverse engineering Britannian technology, she can make counterfeit weapons that look legitimate.

Diethard (Whisperer) - An admirer of Zero and his performance in front of the masses, Diethard acts as a Britannian spy, spreading misinformation throughout their ranks.

The Brittanian population:
The town

Schneizel (Governor) - The only one out of Lelouch’s siblings capable of thwarting his plans. Thus, he can override a lynch once in the game

Nunally (Telepath) - Can’t see nor walk, but can still voice her concerns with others.
Lelouch loses if she dies.

Lloyd (Gunsmith/Blacksmith) - A master engineer, can build powerful weaponry/armor with the appropriate resources.

Guilford (Bodyguard) - Known as the Spearhead of the Empire, he would do anything to protect his patron.

Villeta Nu (Watcher) - A shrewd investigator, she’s always on the watch.

Nina (Bomb) - Also known as table lover. Developed the most powerful bomb ever conceived. Don’t piss her off, she’s trigger happy.

Suzaku (Turncoat) - Is he with the empire, is he with the japanese? He seemed to be with the latter, but nobody really knows anymore.

Brittanian Villager (Villager) x 2 - You thought status meant all? Well it doesn’t, you don’t know anything and can’t do anything than vote either.

The Third Party: they have their own objectives

King Charles (Autocrat) - The powerful head of the Empire. Wins if all of the resistance is annihilated, but to the detriment of everyone else. [Geass User]

CC - She doesn’t care about the war, all she wants is for her contract to be fulfilled. May grant the Geass ability to another player once, but everyone will know about it (being granted, not to who).
Wins if Lelouch kills her, loses if Lelouch dies.


  • All Mafia Hub and Safari Zone rules apply.
  • Discussing this game outside this thread or specified chats is not allowed. PM sharing is forbidden, too.
  • Vote format is [Lynch] Player. Abstaining is allowed under [Abstain].
  • Not voting or abstaining for two consecutive days will count as a death. You will be notified of it the day before that may happen.
  • A death post is allowed. It may contain no information pertaining to the game.
  • Game actions are to be submitted via PM or to Desox#8738 on Discord.


Sign ups are done.

  • Zoska as …
  • Johnny as …
  • Magipika as …
  • Desinishon as …
  • Conos as …
  • Glitter as …
  • Fletch as …
  • Shiny as …
  • Specifice as …
  • Tyler as …
  • jdthebud as …
  • EvilChameleon as …
  • Dedenne as …
  • Kitty as …






I haven’t seen Code Geass, but I’d be willing to look into it for this :zoomeyes:








Sure I’ll bite


Ayyyy Im in




signup for code goose from tyler


I’m in. Hopefully I don’t forget about this one lol.


Hello, sign me up please!


The Post is edited and I am restored


Hello I want to join this game.
EDIT: Canas is sick and bad at this game so he asked me to replace him so he doesn’t get his fragile ego shattered, please remove him.




Sign ups close in around 48 minutes seeing the minimum threshold has being achieved.

EDIT: Sign ups closed


Role PMs were sent, Night Zero will begin in 30 minutes


Code Geass Mafia

Night Zero

A few considerations as the game begins. Read them, please, because I’ll only warn once about them.


It’s mainly about what I call the handicap of town:

  • Guilford, the Bodyguard, has been removed from the setup in favour of a vanilla town player. If not, town would be full of power roles and that would not have been fair for other factions. A ‘protective’ role now exists in Lloyd being able to hand out a vest, but whoever has the role has to decide whether to give a gun or a vest that night.
    • This actually kills town, so it’s been revised. Disregard.
  • Mass role revealing is not allowed until -if I even- I declare so. Why? In this game, the town already begins with an advantage against the other factions, and a massclaim would just mean game over for others.
    • Even after -if I even- I say so, it’s discouraged unless it’s a last resource. It’s not fair for the other factions.
    • Revealing if you’re being bandwagoned, for example, is allowed. Or subtly hinting your roles, but don’t abuse on it, it’s still unfair.

In the same light, deaths will not reveal roles but alignments.

And now the game begins.

Night Zero will end in a bit more than 24 hours, the 13 of November @ 23:00 GMT-3.

  • Zoska as …
  • Johnny as …
  • Magipika as …
  • Desinishon as …
  • Conos as …
  • Glitter as …
  • Fletch as …
  • Shiny as …
  • Specifice as …
  • Tyler as …
  • jdthebud as …
  • EvilChameleon as …
  • Dedenne as …
  • Kitty as …

For actions or any inquiries DM me over here or at @Desox#738 on Discord.


Well, this is embarrassing, I’ll have to do a re-roll. Whoever got two role messages disregard the first role.