Clue Mafia - Game Over

Clue Mafia - Game Over

Game Over

Whoops I forgot we only got to 11 players not 12. So the game is actually over now. Congrats to the mafia, Dedenne, EvilChameleon, Canas and Ho-oh on the win.

Fear the Kitty.


Lol amazing game, Kitty was too dangerous to leave alive, yes Forever had a gun to use during the day


I was the one that shot Kitty, so I won the game for us!!! :slight_smile: Props to Dedenne for being amazing af and telling me what to do but still… my gun did it!


just want to say


thank you


It was funny as hell because people would have overthought the hidden roles :joy:


I was an useful member of the mafia team lmao.
ggs guys


Gunner we were going to get you killed next x


Wait what ITS OVER


@Dedenne I wanted yall to kill me coz I was virgin smh


smh my plans


If we didn’t have a role with a gun Dedenne and EC were 100% going to die


I had plans to save one of us, but if Kitty didn’t die it would have had to be EC


I was very keen to blame you with the gun @Salzorrah lol


i was gonna say something about dedenne being super fishy in his post but didnt bring it up

also held myself off in talking coz i wanted to

god this was a mess

dedenne was so obvious, and ec as well. Nica was a close scumcall for me as well just because she seemed so confused of the game.


Can’t believe it took so long for someone to remember that vig doesn’t shoot at day


I’m always dumb tho… so like… I can go either way lol

and 100% my questions were 100% because I am actually kinda dumb.


I was the doc, that’s about it


Oh no, Kitty! Damn, what a mess, haha. If only we could’ve gone on longer I wonder how we would’ve done, cuz Dede and EC were getting suspicious as hell.

I was indeed town btw! And I had no ability. ;_;


Sorry about the short game, I forgot to rebalance when we started with one less player.


tfw I was recruiting Canas and then Dedenne


Lol doomed