Clue Mafia - Game Over

Clue Mafia - Game Over


I mean, I thought I was pretty clear that this is a standard game.


To be fair, standards can introduce some interesting alternate roles/role combos, but I digress

Regardless we have confirmation that Specifice is town in that case


Second and third to bandwagon on an inactive player.

Who gives a hoot if they were town? They were inactive, they were going anyway, bye bye!


second and third is enough to get the fourth and next ones immediately just hopping in because of the sudden train that formed.

asking the fourth person would just basically elicit a response that “well the other three did it”.

and again, the fact that you guys hopped on next to it without even questioning anything. also ec’s rage vote mmmm doesnt that scream mafia defending fellow mafia to you. :heart:


Do I smell a Chainsaw Defense :thonk:


If you think I’m defending a fellow mafia member, fine, but you still haven’t answered… why are you defending an inactive player who just so happened to be town?


I’m not saying anything EC is saying isn’t suspicious, it might be out of defense but I rather talk facts and expected feelings instead of the current vote.

But my vote was simple, a person is inactive and isn’t contributing to anything which either screams inactive townie or hidden mafia, but either way we had literally no other leads from anyone, which was better than abstaining from voting since we don’t want the mafia to get an extra kill in




im attacking the bandwagon


You mean the “bandwagon” on

checks notes

an inactive player?


theres also others ways fam. you could have also tried to read the current players who were posting and added another option to the current list of votes but instead you seconded it and started the domino effect

also ec come on you can do better than that


I’m sorry to everyone in the town who has to read this, but idk Kitty your reasoning is suspicious, and EC might be suspicious as well, or he might just be raging, but I’ll roleclaim if y’all really thing I’m mafia


It’s impossible within the rules of any mafia game to bandwagon on an inactive player. That’s just not how it works. You’ve been playing mafia longer than me, right? YOU can do better than that weak nonsense.


you should know bandwagons are easy mafia hoppers then :slight_smile:

and mafia starters :wink:


A shot rang out and Colonel Mustard dropped to the ground in a pool of blood.

“IT WAS DEDENNE!!!” Someone screamed.

Kitty, Colonel Mustard, is dead. They were the Hunter, a town-aligned role.


Well fuck



The Last Will and Testament of Colonel Mustard

EC and Dedenne

:wink: :wink: :wink:


Why the hell didn’t she claim she was targeted I wouldn’t have shot her

Also yeah hi I’m the vig

Kitty your will is lovely


At this rate I’m beginning to suspect that Maf will have a clean sweep. Regardless, doc’s work over the night phase was just undone. Kinda surprised to have a daykilling Vig, but welp

So… where are our leads now? Well, I doubt town has a daykiller role, so that rules out Dedenne. Up to them on if they want to state that they have more than one bullet or not so Doc can throw their cover over them (or do some hazing regarding that) or on someone who isn’t a glorified townie now, though.

I will state that I feel more sus towards EC due to ragevoting and having a reasoning that amounts to “DEFENDING INACTIVITY!” when sometimes the Cop plays less actively to make it harder for the Maf to get a good read on them. Of course, Kaito also didn’t say anything, which is the main reason I’m not going for a vote right now honestly.


I have no suspicions of you or Spaget and no read on gunner since they’re not here atm and everything EC said was suss, even if he was possibly trying to defend me? I mean that was a lot of rage but I didn’t see any actual information in any of it beyond his expectation to lynch based on activity. Im sorry I killed Kitty now but I didn’t see the reasoning behind her vote.

And “who gives a hoot if they’re town” kind of just screams scum

[vote] EC