Clue Mafia - Game Over

Clue Mafia - Game Over


you tried to pin the blame on a celebrity. how could you?

[vote] dedenne


Bandwagons are common, and when we had literally nothing else to go on I don’t see the reasoning, nor did I actually say spaget or anyone else was to blame, I just didn’t see your reasoning, it’s like you’re looking for a way to make me seem suspicious.

And with your reasoning for activity not contributing much at all that would indite you considering you contributed no reasoning Day 1 and now you’re just looking for a way to make a bandwagon on me eh?

I hate to place defensive votes, but this just seems like an active maf tactic so

[vote] kitty


It doesn’t really seem like we got many leads, unfortunately. While I’ll give Specifice some doubt, I feel it’s more likely we’ll get a pro-town celebrity than a non-town.

Furthermore, while this may be my first time playing in this group, my previous experiences indicated that Mafia generally tries to carry some level of activity and tries to haze town into bad lynches. Given our current information, I feel like it’s be better to do this.

[Vote] Dedenne


Are you really trying to kick someone out for bandwagoning on an inactive player? Hell outta here.


just to clear this up

celebrities are town role, and their color box is green. i 100% believe that spaget is town.

also, @EvilChameleon pushing the bandwagon and trying to pin the blame on a celebrity. yes.


you didn’t answer me, but i see you just want to push the pinning aspect eventhough I never said anyone was to blame, and I myself am pretty sure Spaget is town from my read on her.

You yourself however, it just gets more suspicious hun :thonk:


a pretty standard 12 person game of mafia
im pretty sure this means no weird mafia aligned celebrities or anything similar to that.


is this not pinning? why would you involve an obvious town to the mix if not an attempt to pin the blame on someone else?



[Vote] Kitty


Okay so I understand this… I never really played Clue lmfao except for literally once three weeks ago where we knocked over the-

Wait no. I played Guess Who. That’s… a different game. Okay so! What does a celebrity do? Like why is being a celebrity a big deal? Sry I never played Clue so I can only assume based on the short amount of time I played Guess Who vs four year olds.


is that a rage vote :wink:


Celebrity’s thing is that their role is revealed at the start, that’s about it. Sometimes they also shut down the day phase for a round if they die, sometimes they’re hidden but have that shutdown thing too.


Because they were involved in the vote and they voted first? If you thought that spaget was town why didn’t you say in your reasoning, “I’m suspicious of Dedenne and EC, they hopped on real quick (eventhough i didn’t) and Spaget is obviously town”

So no it was not pinning anything on spaget, you’re really just looking for a way to twist my words, eventhough I was just looking for clarification, and when I looked you got quite defensive and voted for me, so you understand my suspicions


celebrity in mafia is a town role. basically you know who they are at the start of the game.

and ec, thank you for giving me all i need to hammer my vote on dedenne and you down <3


because it was mentioned in n0 that spaget was the celebrity. “specifice is the celebrity! holy shit theyre famous!!” //non verbatim, fuck mobile typing tbh

i feel like that didnt need to be mentioned twice.


It wasn’t mentioned until after I started questioning


from night zero


Honestly, I feel like I have a bigger scum read on Dedenne than Kitty. Even ignoring EC, they feel incredibly defensive and redirect-y to aim votes at them even though all that was stated was “I suspect EC and Dedenne” and no votes were cast.

Again, while I’m not ruling out an interesting godfather/celebrity hybrid, I’m still leveraging more on Specifice being a pro-town that just decided to go after a silent person (which is honestly a fairly viable strategy, as even cops tend to be somewhat active).


Well I didn’t know that oops

So all you really had to say was suss of EC and Dedenne because they were second and third to bandwagon, though it’s still strange you mentioned nobody else.


when you say standard you mean traditional roles and alignments right? no naku games or anything